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January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022: January Going Out with a Bang Via the Largest Convoy in Human History [videos]

January may be over, but 2022 is just getting started. January was an eventful month, full of surprises and bringing tears for many reasons and we expect February to surpass it in terms of the general awakening of the populace, unity, initiatives to reclaim our sovereignty, the exposure of truth, revelations about the crimes committed by the establishment, the end of many forms of tyranny, and much more.

Yes, we know the enemy will attempt to hijack this event and turn it into a “virtual bloodbath” and to turn gullible people against those who speak out and stand up for not only their rights, but also ours. At our recent peaceful patriot demonstrations there have been many cases of “agents provocateurs”. At least the Canadians know how to pronounce it.

I’m seeing fake news on Twitter saying there was violence and hateful rhetoric in Ottawa. Saying it doesn’t make it so. The police were standing around all weekend doing nothing but allowing the People to do what they needed to do—because it was peaceful and lawful and they’re GLAD they’re there.

Unfortunately, the enemy has had ample time to organize an army of bots and trolls to flood social media with lies about violence and how the police aren’t arresting anyone because they don’t have the manpower to do it—absolute bull roar. If there is violence, it won’t be the Patriots causing it—that is for sure.

Words of advice to the brilliant co-creators out there…




The shift in consciousness is happening. Labour pains have started for Earth 2.0. A whole new world awaits! Keep your thoughts positive & focused on what we want to see in our new reality. Co-create the world, rise above any fear, & manifest love. Link to Telegram

The synergy of this event will blow any expectations out of the water if my feeling is correct. It’s beyond 3D now. This movement has taken on a life of its own and the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Don’t micro-manage. Just watch!

Link to Telegram for this meme.

The giant convoy ignited a firestorm and suddenly ordinary citizens are willing to go out in the cold in the dead of a biting Canadian winter and stand up for their rights. The chill evaporated when the call of Humanity went out and ignited a fire in the hearts of real people everywhere. Canada came alive! Who saw that coming? Link to Telegram and Calgary protestors—quite a few! They may not have been able to go to Ottawa but they’re keeping the home fires burning.

[Forwarded from 𝗥𝗔𝗚𝗘 𝗔𝗚𝗔𝗜𝗡𝗦𝗧 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗩𝗔𝗖𝗖𝗜𝗡𝗘 (AK Mac)]
[ Video ]
While Ottawa anti-mandate protestors cause gridlock in front of Parliament, Calgary marches.

Richard Citizen Journalist tells us 20K US truckers went to Ottawa. Link to Telegram.

20,000 plus American truckers have crossed into Canada heading to Ottawa

And on Sunday afternoon…

Hearing there are at least two more pretty large convoys on their way into Ottawa.
— Traditional Canadian Girl (@canadiangirls99) January 30, 2022

I checked on this CTV poll and it seems fairly realistic. “Is it time for the Trucker’s protest to end?”

We don’t need to know exact figures. We can SEE what is happening. We can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it and smell it. We can taste the sweet victory that is ours, and we can smell the stench of fear in the evil regime making their inevitable but protracted exit.




This ain’t over—it’s just getting started, and I DON’T believe Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson will get his wish. That was yesterday that I wrote that—Sunday, and this morning the truckers and protestors are still in Ottawa standing behind their declaration and demands.

We also get this news—which will NOT surprise the crew in the least.

That declaration has more significance than some know, so here’s your decode.

Actually, we have conflicting information about the whereabouts of our fearful leader; that he’s at Harrington Lake, and that he’s on Lynn Road in Tofino, BC. Link to Telegram.

If you doubt the multi-dimensional significance of the Truckers for Freedom movement, have a listen to Gene in the interview below where he discusses the energetic power of all those trucks and vehicles traveling the leylines of our planet—which accounts for the rapid adoption of the strategy in other nations. It’s going to be electric!

We remind everyone not to judge the situation based on what you see and hear. There is far more going on behind the scenes and in other realms that we are unaware of. We’ve got this.

The entire interview is excellent as Gene speaks on many fascinating topics and shows us images of a portal that opened as well as “chronochrome” as opposed to adrenochrome. I’ve not heard of it and can’t find anything. The trucker convoys and the leyline portion begins around the 16 minute mark.

Gene Decode | DUMBS News Artificial Intelligence Nuclear Submarine Special Ops | The Galactic Talk

The disinformation is thick and we caution everyone not to buy into this kind of fake news. We knew this was coming. This is information warfare in an information war. Get used to it. Link to Telegram.

Make this viral: They are putting up fake videos and and say that this happens in Ottawa now! It is not even snow in this video. Not to worry, these cheap lies won’t work.
Follow us on… to diseminate info there on telegram and organise, this is a way to help us – this is from truckers for freedom on GETTR

Whilst the celebrations continue in Canada, many are still focused on their goals here in America where they are addressing objective number one: protecting the children.




These plucky folks let the Scottsdale Unified School District Board have it between the eyes. Demands made, promises will be kept. Ron Watkins is stepping up in a big way to get this done—and the subject material is not welcomed. The Arizona swamp is getting drained.

I thought Wendy Rogers was the bomb, but what’s this?

The above could easily get by as an “okay” sign but this? From a former military jet pilot?

The media and their theatrical productions are exposed again and again and we remind everyone not to believe everything they see or hear in the media. Great effort goes into keeping the narrative and the illusion in place. The experienced awakened ones learned this years ago but with so many new people looking for the truth, we want to help them discern what they encounter day to day because the truth is often found in murky waters.

Perpetuating the lockdowns, the fear, the stripping of freedoms is the goal of the globalist controllers but their grip on many governments is slipping.

In Mexico, there is a selection of Wu Flu remedies available to purchase at the airport, while here in Arizona we have to get prescriptions from out-of-state doctors sometimes just to get these life-saving products—and forget about asking the local hospital for them. They won’t even provide an IV of high-dose Vitamin C. It’s not about curing anyone. It’s about keeping the threat and death count going. We need a new governor. Link to Telegram.

For those who have not yet realized…

The whole world should have the option of buying hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and a z-pack at the local corner store, but the psychopaths in power used the legacy media, big tech, and a captured medical system to shutdown all cheap and effective treatments.

Instead of using generic, repurposed antivirals, anti-inflammatories, anti-coagulants, and antibiotics, the globalist regime closed down small businesses, shredded fundamental human rights, and created a fraudulent $100 billion mRNA vaccine industry.

Their solution to an infectious disease was an authoritarian biomedical-surveillance state built around a subscription service to a deadly and ineffective experimental gene therapy shot.

Blocking early treatment, locking down the world, and mandating a deadly experimental mRNA shot are all crimes against humanity.

The world is united to take down the control structure strangling our civilization. The threatening truth from Alberta at the Montana border is…

There is some discussion going on now between the Truckers and the RCMP as the roads between the US and Canada were blocked and earlier, the police weren’t willing to negotiate. The truckers explain in this video clip. Link to Telegram.

Queen Romana is heading to the capital taking the same route as the convoy. Link to Telegram.




Itinerary for Queen Romana’s “Peace and Prosperity ” Convoy to Ottawa.

Please, keep in mind this schedule can change at any moment.

Feb. 3. 2022 (Ottawa local time)
1) Arrive in Ottawa @1:00 pm
2) @1:30 pm Queen Romana addresses the We The People
3) @3:00 pm, Queen Romana hoists the Kingdom of Canada Flag with We The People.

Agent A1 talked about it, and Queen Romana asked admins to remove “staged” videos from her Telegram channel so… take it with a grain of salt.

I heard the GoFundMe total is over $9Million now and the truckers/protestors can afford to occupy Ottawa for 4 – 6 years. Just passing on what I saw.

I just came upon this German language Telegram channel some of you may wish to follow for current real news if English is not your thing. Link to Telegram.

Dr. Ryan Cole speaks of the staggering increase in cancers in the video linked below. He sees it in Humans; many of us also see it in our animal friends. It is alarming and we have heard from some in the medical field that there are intentionally cancer-causing agents in vaccines—for Humans and animals.

What appears to be happening is that the vaccines attack the immune system, opening the door for cancers to proliferate at an accelerated rate. Six months ago we were enjoying a healthy life. What kind of evil was seething just below the surface we don’t know, but just under two months after my dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer he was gone.

We found out too late—and that is partially due to the weeks it takes to get veterinary appointments because of the scamdemic. It’s also probably due to the fact that veterinarians push vaccines for Big Pharma and America makes it difficult to have a pet that hasn’t been vaccinated due to all the fear-mongering about the diseases they could catch. Meanwhile, we continue to wait for this nightmare on Earth to end.

If you think there isn’t an organized plot to make us sick and kill us while the psychopaths profit hugely, you’re in denial.

Listen to this short video clip about cancer and the related autoimmune conditions prevalent now. Link to Telegram.

For those who view the pickle we’re in from a purely one-dimensional aspect, you need to innerstand the Big Picture. We are where we are because we have been the prey of advanced species for a very long time. We are no match for them and had to have help to get to the point we now find ourselves—just to survive.

Alex Collier explains in this 11-minute video clip from many years ago. Obviously, little was done back then and so things have come to a head and we must be informed. Many people “don’t believe in ETs”. For crying out loud—they are at the very root of our problem! As he says, the apathy has to stop. Humanity has to wake up and acknowledge the threat to vanquish the enemy. Link to Telegram.




Alex Collier talks about the Reptilian ET’s which he refers them to the ‘Alpha Draconians’

Next weekend should be interesting in Ottawa and around the world as truckers everywhere unite to raise the awareness of Humanity and give them the courage to stand up for their rights.

The average person has been bludgeoned with lies, fear-inducing propaganda, and manipulated with fake science for two years. They have no idea what the truth is any more. It has to end.

I will leave you with a smile. Link to Telegram.

Until next time. ~ BP


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