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01/28/2022 To Protect and to serve

To Protect and to Serve

“To Protect and to Serve” is the vow our police, our politicians, our doctors, and our military take. Is this in evidence with any of these entities “in Service” today? Take a straw poll and ask anyone around you. Ask people you work with or live near whether related or not; do you believe these people “protect and serve?” Who exactly do these people protect and serve?

A legitimate question, and one with the answer clearly (and sadly) demonstrated over and over again. They serve the elite, or whoever has a hammer, or is holding “the Goods,” as in blackmail. The sort of thing that delivers a rigged election with 81 million votes for the loser and no Court in the Land adjudicating the exhaustively, potentially dangerous research into fraudulent votes delivered in every questionable state.

Proof of danger is January 6th with Biden Administration now throwing “Sedition” into their lexicon. Even working on an election is a slippery slope. Normal people have a lot to be pissed off about. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard spot here in the Land of the Free. No country anywhere in the world is safe from the taint of this rot and corruption.

The threat of war, always the Cabal’s go-to-theme, is now looming large, affecting every nation.




o Russia is threatening to usurp Ukraine.
o China is threatening to usurp Taiwan.
o Iran is threatening Israel with Iran-backed Houthi forces in Yemen.

In every one of these countries the current president’s son, Hunter Biden is accused of pay-for-play. There’s obvious corruption and cover-up when no one in mass media reports the tale of arrest and subsequent trial.

That the US is “back in” and supporting the Paris Agreement puts the US clearly in the path of the Globalists. They want the US subjugated, chipped and submissive. They want our guns. They want the “Patriots” in the US following Marxist Socialist principles and the Constitution set aside. This is what Obama agreed to, and now Biden has followed suit.

CABAL 101 is to:
1) Create Color-Race-War, civil wars
2) Inflate the currency, make it worthless
3) Create border wars, allowing undocumented aliens to overrun the border, including gangs and criminals
4) Release criminals from the prisons to make it more unsafe
5) Spread fear and distrust

This can’t be allowed to continue.

We Do Not Comply.

The US is the Land of the Free, the Shining Camelot. The US Constitution is perfect and inviolate, standing for FREEDOM. We the People do not accede to the perverse Soros, Schwab, plot to steal our souls, our Faith, and our future. We do not accept the Paris Agreement, a Treaty that was a breach of the Constitution right from the start. It never should have been accepted. We the People seek the Restoration of this Sovereign Republic under NESARA. This has been underway for the past several years and this is a CULMINATING MOMENT.




• To all who have broken their vows to Protect and to Serve, Nuremberg 2.0 is coming fast.
• To all who truly Protect and Serve, we honor the Blessings of your service. We stand beside you. We are here now, ready to support your actions.

We know that you exist, we just don’t know how to support you and all of our Fellow Patriots. Except to make this public plea. This Telegram Channel is a great example of shared communications where it’s possible to ask for what you want and get a reply.

To net/net, here’s what we want:
1) Evidence IN THE BANK, that USN is now available,
2) PROOF that Biden/Harris is history, and,

WE ARE READY for a Global Shift to Freedom and to Protect and to Serve. We are ready, willing and able to Stand for Freedom.
Today/tomorrow is a perfect day to demonstrate everything that we’ve prayed for. It’s especially time to put away the criminals.

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