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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

Let me begin by saying that I’m not trying to stir up any hatred but for me, I am just venting a little of the big cheese talk – What I can tell you is.

It doesn’t matter what you think! – Let me come back to this… It does seem rather rude of me to say this however, I’ll explain:

Let us begin with the 4-10-20 appearance – Is it him or not??? The Truth is that the truth was not told to you. Whoever claims NE SARA or Ge SARA is lying to you just because you read it… Wrong – It has to be announced ‘worldwide’. Forget the Bull Chit people telling you “Oh it’s each country doing their own annoucements – Wrong. It must be Globally & Universally as you have the Quantum Announcement that needs to happen – One consciousness Quantum state that works in tandem with the QFS, QVS, Quantum every correct ‘ cleansed’ system including Quantum telecommunications. The Energy or moreso usage of energy i.e. utility still requires energy as in our energy. How can the consciousness of the Quantum state not begin at the same time – the same time invokement as it is a complete change over… In other words – The Intel folks out there tell you about 5D. Well, are you one foot in 3D & the other in 5D? “It’s all or nothing baby!!!”

All at the same time – so forget the glued hair toupée or the air signals or the perfect teeth – That person is an actor, like we ‘ALL are ACTORS’. Yes, we are all actors / actresses in this pantomime that’s being going on for centuries however when everyone is spoken to telepathically… Yep, that is when ‘Apocolypse from X-Men’ – check the IMBD movie use’s Dr Charles Zavier to speak to the world…. That is when we will know the Code has been activated…

So, it must be announced Globally for all countries to be in sync – at the same time… No one country is above the other, no governent not its people….

BTW – One year approaching for Bye Bye Actor / CGI Pres…. Also, What about these Audits…. All I would say is do a Kazak job & take over your country – Why else did he / she / it want to take your guns away… Take back the country… See pretty soon then what the NG are there for


I switch now to the UK – with the Criminal  Police Investigation & also the International Criminal Court… This is the case brought up RE: V axe | Jib Jabba

Bottom line – The Police i.e. the real one’s who swore Oath as per the Office of the Constable – You are duty bound to serve the people, to protect the people. That is Why the real police will close down vaccination centres. The fake police – minions are the fare collectors with fake power in a uniform. BTW – The Public i.e. People can arrest & serve notice – That is allowed as you have the right i.e. Citizen’s Arrest. When one vaccination centre is closed down – the rest will follow… Expect all that breaking news to be ‘Fact Checked’ or even ‘Trash canned’ straight away… It won’t make Mainstream – They’ll throw up some other News garbage instead…




So, remember that when it comes to the Police, not all co-operate & that is because the narrative needs to spread the Daemon… How else to do solve the problems which nobody wants to admit. Why else does the Media not tell truth – Tell Lie Vision…

In the UK – This can be seen as those ‘scamming’ the benefit system or not paying their taxes or over populating the country be it with births or even influx of immigrants. That is what they want you to think however it does need reform however the reform needs to be actually those right at the top –

OK, now – Not-Prince Andy – On a programme on Public channel – ITV last night (19th Jan, Tuesday)- It aired talking about Mr GE, Ms GM & ex-HRH Prince ‘QE2 fav son’ And drew… Yes – You stripped of the Royality & Military affliations. You are a Public Citizen now Boy! The Public can now see – you are guilty…

You can find it on ITV Player (use a VPN to be able to watch it) . 9pm: ITV 1 – It’s 1 hour long… (Program title removed as correct spelling may trigger)

Still with the UK here & ex PM Tony Blair who actually is really – Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Was actually arrested in 1983 & appeared in court in 1983 at Bow Street Magistrates Court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man; little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police…

I mention his name as… The Intel Guru’s wrote last week I believed that in the UK (after Boris Johnnyson is whacked) Ker Starmer (leader of the opposition – Labour Party, who also was in charge of the Crown Prosecution Service who failed in the ‘Jimmy Saville’ scandal) will take over. Let me tell you that when Keir Starmer was a Wig wearing Black Robe person – He allowed ex PM Tony Blair (Anthony Charles Lynton Blair) to go free so he wasn’t convicted…

Do you see a pattern here? So whoever is feeding you that information – doesn’t understand the facts. If that is therefore true as per Guru statement then the D|S is still in power & all this pantomime is not about the liberation from these daemon, draconian ages… It is further into the ‘rabbit hole’. You see, this is a prison plain, a foraging plain, a power plain – it will always be that & we are not at the top of the food chain… It is a simulation & only way to sort this is to reboot the whole plain – that means completely cleansing & wiping out billions. Sorry to say, I agree – Just don’t hate me. It is inevitable as no space ship is gonna come to collect the 5D one’s & take them away, no more than ‘Med Beds’ are going to reverse the ‘V axe | Jib Jabba’…

Whom do you think these concentration camps are being made for? Whom – It is for the Vax | xed… Yes, to round up the sheep & keep them contained. It called SHITMO… Sorry, gotta laugh lol…

Right so final rant about the UK – Big Ben at New Years – It did ring… The Intel Guru saying it didn’t ring – I know someone that was there, they heard it. Not some really well audio playing over the speakers but someone who heard it ring many times before… They know the sound. It did ring so granted if it was watched from the Tell Lie Vision as they will have played a repeat of the audio file for the chimes…





Now, the only other item I want to say about is – Tennis…  Joke o Vich (DJokovich) or more so “Joke of it” – Yes, hopefully this was a Wake Up & he was used to show you via the Media – What for it, “Truth”. Problem is, he drinks the blo odd… Yep so watch that space as the shot will kill him too… I did hear that he actually is next gen, hybrid, non humane… Well, Let’s just say he gets ‘served’….


It doesn’t matter what you think! So I too also my apply the same to myself – It doesn’t matter What I think… The distractions are just that, distractions… The timeline isn’t linear nor is it real time. It is a minimum of Three months behind, if you waiting for the RV – then Twenty plus years behind….

Put your faith & belief into God be it Jesus or Jehovah, put conscious thought & energy into the right, true, honest, good God of Light & Love. Let the almighty true, prime creators deal with what is going on & raise that frequency before raising that vibration… Let’s forget the happenings of this that is all the forefront of our thoughts, let us remove what we think to begin to focus & think about the ‘One’.

Peace, Love & Victory


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