Canadian Public Founding Documents Request


Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 19, 2022

Beloved Ones:

Herein I use Ontario as an example for any one of the provinces or territories, and this key:

FD, Founding Documents for a country, province, state, city or town; stating the purpose and method of governance

AI, Articles of Incorporation issued by a sovereign jurisdiction authorizing a CORPORATION to operate under its ALL CAPITAL letters name within its jurisdiction and subject to its laws

SR, Shareholders’ Registry for a CORPORATION

BNA, the British North America Act, the Founding Document for Canada

Canada, the sovereign country created under the BNA

CANADA, the CANADA CORPORATION acting as government for Canada

Ontario, the sovereign province of Canada


US, United States of America

FDs are public, for example, copies of the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution are easily found. FDs for Canada include the BNA. The BNA document is public, easily found and provides the legal basis for our military, police and legal systems. FDs can be cited in open court. Ontario has a Provincial Charter for its own FD. Any amendments made to the BNA become part of the set of public FDs, like The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or in the US with its constitutional amendments, such as the famous Fifth Amendment. To change the scope or the powers of existing FDs another FD must be added to the set.

Lawyers, licensed accountants and the millions of Canadians who own a private CORPORATION know that FDs are the AI and SR (corporate name in all capital letters), and those must be shown to open a bank account and to tax and other authorities. For a private corporation only the shareholder(s) and its agents and assigns have access to FDs or can authorize access for others.

I cannot find the public AIs and the SRs for CANADA or ONTARIO on their websites or anywhere. Those FDs made amendments to the BNA and Ontario’s provincial charter. Further, if the shareholders were public trusts with Canadians or Ontarians as beneficiaries, then those trust documents would be public FDs; I have found no evidence of such a trust.

I expect CANADA to be incorporated in Canada so that Canadian law applies, and the shareholder to be Canada; and ONTARIO to be incorporated in Ontario, and the shareholder to be Ontario. In its jurisdiction a sovereign country or province controls corporations by issuing, regulating and canceling them. I expect those same powers to have been passed on to CANADA and ONTARIO. However, if CANADA or ONTARIO were incorporated elsewhere, for example England, then they lost at least some of their sovereign powers since they are subject to English law. If CANADA was incorporated in England, then when CANADA has dealings with another English corporation, say, 369 INC., then CANADA can only apply English law, even in Canada, since CANADA’s laws are bylaws applying only inside CANADA and 369 INC. follows its own bylaws (valid under English law). Even with good cause, CANADA might not be able to evict the international 369 INC. from Canada. Such a lessening of powers and change in direction away from the BNA and Ontario’s original charter required the creation of additional FDs giving explanation. The AI for CANADA should give a purpose, self-evident in its wording, of how the change to corporate governance is expected to result in a greater benefit to Canadians.

I have my original Ontario identification, my Record of Birth, signed by the birth doctor; my parents wrote my name in the upper-case lower-case format as attached. I remember my parents paying for and scrambling to get my ALL CAPITAL letters ONTARIO birth certificate or else I would not have been eligible to join the NORTH BAY Minor Hockey League. So instead of the simpler ‘parent signs for minor for North Bay, Ontario’ it became ‘parent signs for PARENT which signs for MINOR for NORTH BAY the subsidiary corporation for ONTARIO’. The AI for ONTARIO should give a purpose, self-evident in its wording, of how the change to corporate governance is expected to result in a greater benefit to Ontarians.

I wish to review our governments’ FDs. If any Canadian or Ontarian or other person has any (copies) of the AIs or SRs, please post them or somehow make them available to all Canadians and the world. I expect every Canadian lawyer saw these in their textbooks or studied copies of them during their first corporate law class or at least asked about them since it’s not a big thinking leap to know CANADA and ONTARIO must have their own AIs. Further, I expect police (public professional investigators) and military personnel to have access to copies, perhaps posted proudly at their work locations.

Grant Ouellette


North Bay, Ontario, Canada


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