(Reader: Rambo) The 20th?


Reader Post | By Rambo


The puzzle known as the “Q” drops, has always been a challenge to decipher.  Nobody has ever been able to definitively “call it” at any particular phase of this operation because they are not meant to be, only theorized.  But if this has always been a “Project Looking Glass” operation (I’d go look into that if you don’t know what that is) then wouldn’t someone know exactly when then?  My contention is that, “YES”, they do.  And who is “they”?  The Military Intelligence apparatus known as “Q”, and the operation they call it, is “THE PLAN”.

One of the drops we’ve been following for a long time is the 11.3 “Law of War” manual which is based on the International Codes of War from the Geneva Convention, which is set in stone for all countries to follow.  And one thing that has ALWAYS been followed by Trump and the “Q” team, is the law.  It has to be done, everything, “by the book”.  The Democrats (and some Republicans) are puppets, traitors to a foreign occupier, China.  They all colluded together to steal the election and this is an act of war.

Now the good stuff.  Did you know that according to that manual, after one year’s time, the obligation to the Geneva Convention will expire?  And what was that date?  Well, it was the day that Joe Biden became what’s known as a “belligerent occupier” and the territory he occupied was the United States of America, which occurred on 1/20/21.  The day of his inauguration.  What???  Yep.  The one year “occupation” ends on Thursday of this week.  Whoopsie.

When this date expires, Code 11.3 will go into effect and the military has all legal rights to take over the country.  

“Military was the only way” – “Q”

“Military saves the world” – “Q”


Did you know that virtually every state has the National Guard called up under “State of Emergency” directives as of this moment, which I don’t know about you, but it sure makes me go, Hmmm.

If you’re dialed in to all the intel information, we know that there is the initial “takedown” which kickstarts this whole entire operation, and from there, the SHTF!!  Fake WW3 scenario for all the Drones to be brought to the precipice, “Lest we forget”.

What we’re watching is a sting operation of the highest order, choreographed and performed to precision.  But is this the one potential time frame that we can honestly point to, our first moment in time that allows us to finally drop our shoulders and say, “finally”!!!  I wish I could tell you that it is, but I can’t.  

But one thing for me is, it sure looks to be the BEST we’ve got at this moment!

Sidenote:  Did you all see during Trump’s speech yesterday, at the bottom of the screen were the words “NESARA/GESARA”?

And with the rumors from a couple of the “gurus” stating that “….we’re on a specific schedule at this point….”, I’m not going to lie, I’ll be looking very intently on how this week progresses, and I think you should too.




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