(Reader: Charmaine E) Constantly Being Hit with Fears from all Sides


Reader Post | By Charmaine E

Whether we are getting news or information sourced from left/right, Democrat/ Republican, dark/light, good/evil, one thing that seems to be present in all at some level,  is FEAR and confusion.   It seems both sides try to get our loyalty from fear mongering and scaring us a lot of the time. That’s not to say bad things aren’t happening,  but there must be some good things happening too that we can hear/see more about to help give us confidence and a sound mind that we’re not going crazy.   Insiders may know what’s really going on, but that’s not the bulk of the global population.   There are so many contradictions including on the patriot/white hat side. For instance you hear that we’re going to have a new smaller government, one-party system with good people very soon,   and then you watch a very recent republican  rally about elections in 2022 and 2024 and it makes you feel like that’s how long we have to wait for the next RIGGED  two-party elections, only I don’t think that we can, there’s not enough time before we could be destroyed and there is no way to win!  How about those in authority that say take the jab and boosters because it’s good for you, but not really others say, as it may be turning you into an A-I sub-human and killing you slowly and painfully with all kinds of awful things and if you’re not dead already,  you will be in 2 to 3 years if you’re lucky!  There are a lot of other difficult things we are  told that could  happen  to us and we are strong enough to handle it but again, more difficult when not knowing what, how, when therefore,  the element of surprise and readiness has been there a long time and is stressing.  I think that we need to  hear/see  a lot more often from reliable sources/Intel about the good things that are coming our way, not only to offset fear, frustration and loss of hope, but to gain momentum to clear the pathway to light and Ascension. 

Besides the fact that evil/darkness literally feeds off of our FEAR,  I think it would be better for us to be in a position where we are raising our vibrations and moving constantly towards a positive timeline forward.  We could use some reliable proof, a rope to hang onto,  while we pull ourselves up and those along with us that want to go. There’s obviously going to be two different paths to take,  but I don’t see FEAR on the timeline for a glorious future and that is what people need to hear about and strive towards. I hear  all the time how this has to be done to wake people up. At the same time you could say it’s also scaring the daylights out of others who are awake who might lose their hope or worse, give up or are dying waiting. Then there’s those who think they’re going crazy because they don’t know what the truth really is.

It seems a bit cruel to know that there are medical technologies that are being held onto that apparently the white hats have some control over and that people are suffering horribly from sicknesses, near death situations and other things that could so enhance the quality of life and yet we still have to wait. Would it have been better not knowing about these things in advance because we now know what we’re missing, just like the hundreds of years that we’ve not known they were there?  I really believe these technologies are there and will help us , but it’s really hard to keep telling people it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s almost here and then it’s not, along with most everything else.    Again,  I realize we are in a war of epic proportions with all that has to be done.  Timing is very important with all the evil present. Technologies cannot get into the wrong hands again,  but we need to get it together hopefully soon as people are suffering out here. Not only the ones that don’t know what’s going on because they are not awake yet,  but the rest of us that have an idea and are still patiently waiting for something to happen,  so we know we’re on the right track and we can all finally have a healthy quality of life! 

I’m sure most everything in this unseen war is very complicated and a lot of things that we don’t and shouldn’t know are happening and  must be completed.  I am forever grateful and pray for those persons/entities in our world and off world that have given themselves to help us.  Now we need to help ourselves, pull up our vibrational socks and stay in a place where you really want to live and that includes in your mind right now. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real and the more we stay away from that, the more we will ascend and move into the life in a new beautiful,  loving world.  I don’t think any of the Ascended Masters (Yeshua/Jesus) incarnated, used fear tactics to move mountains and to shift peoples minds no matter how bad things were. They always proclaimed wisdom, hope, faith, truth and love. There are some reading this that will disagree with me, but I’m going to stay in a higher timeline, stay out of fear and help others towards that beautiful new life/world.  I pray we are close to it and hope you’re coming with me!   Much love to you all !

Remember,  you attract what you give your thoughts to, choose unconditional love and pure light from our Prime Creator/ God!

Charmaine E


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