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Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 15, 2022

Baba Vanga known for her astounding predictions and prophecies over decades, that have become astoundingly accurate, also spoke of the great concerns of ‘virtual reality’. 

Baba was born in 1911 and died in 1996 at the age of 85 years old. However, she left behind some revealing accounts she states will occur in the future. We are already starting to witness some of them in current times.

Note that not all predictions that even Nostradamus, have come true because of the awareness and alert signals that were sent out, that brought about major changes to try where fate is not there, to stop the  catastrophe. Unfortunately, where abuse has taken place, the consequences are now evidently seen through many ways including nature fighting back.

Regarding VIRTUAL REALITY, it never occurred to me that there would be those that will find themselves lost in technology, that they forget the natural elements of life are the true existence of all of life. It was when we watched Saratoga Ocean Video about Virtual Reality and the concerns of Metaverse, that led us to consider maybe putting the video out there for others to take note of major concerns.

But what took affect to take that action was that suddenly to our surprise we discover MAINSTREAM is coming out with concerns about Vitual Reality. We are very aware right now how some are imploding, self destructing and corrupt pulling each other down to try to cover their own crimes at no avail. I thought this would be the perfect time then to put out there what I contemplated at first.

Baba Vanga prophesied  that virtual reality will take over lives, sending those addicted to technology  such as computers and devices, into a downward spiral. Although Baba predicted that virtual reality will take over lives, we ARE witnessing right now the great awakenings occurring throughout the world, hence rising of consciousness. We are in fact, in times of Ascension!

The concern of the virtual reality is that there will be those who will confuse fantasy and reality. We have seen evidence of that when young people who have played endless hours on computer games, were given positions, where they thought they were still playing a game on computer dropping drones of bombs onto villages and towns and children and women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to discover later that they were actually KILLING in real life behind a desk and participating in a real war.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these soldiers working in administration committed suicide. Many of us are aware of this from a few years back. Administration by the way is a waste of resources and tax payers money. 

“Suddenly, the metaverse, seems a little less appealing.”

27.43 Minutes  ​

“The major timeline split that we have been talking about for so long is now visible! It is an actual physical reality that is coming up over the horizon. What I’m going to show you in this video is going to completely blow your mind! The controllers have been unfolding a masterplan for humanity right under our noses for years. I’m going to reveal how the metaverse is actually at the heart of this plan, and how the controllers are plotting to create their very own “new earth” (and have even already begun). This information is not for the faint-hearted!….

Video “has some extremely significant information about the approaching timeline split. This is so REAL……’s something that you can actually see for yourself. You do not have to merely “believe” me. The evidence is physical and it’s real. 

At the end of the video, I share 4 things that we can start doing right now to protect ourselves, preserve our souls, and stay on a higher timeline…..

This is an extremely significant video because I am going to show you how the ever-elusive timeline split has now become visible! And when I say visible, I mean physically real. I’m not talking about some kind of invisible “download” in my consciousness that you just have to believe. When I saw it, it literally blew my mind! 

I’m pretty sure that you will also be shocked when you see this. You are going to find out what has really been going on behind the scenes, while we are all so focused on the so-called “news”.”   Saratoga Ocean

What I would like to add is that during the lockdowns, it forced people to actually utilise technology practically 24/7. And in that time, it brought many to a stir-crazy state. Meaning forced into using technology to connect with love ones and life outside of the four walls. This actually rather than sending many to the desire for such technology, it sent them the opposite way towards the desperation for human contact again and nature.

So would you say in a way, traumatic that these past two years have been in so many ways, where on one side you have the devil wanting to have you lose your way, it was actually Universal Laws a Blessing IN disguise that began the domino effect or or butterfly effect of the Great Awakening occurring.

Oh and although I am witnessing the little devils buying up every town and land with tax payers and crimes committed money, in hope that will control and destruct in the process natural sacred areas,  I think they forget something valuable………………….LIFE, LIGHT, UNIVERSE AND!!!! NATURE ARE A POWERFUL FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative

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