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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from still FRG occupied Germany, dear patriots!

Welcome to the Julian New Year!

Are you all still here? Yes? Good! I am also still here. So that was nothing with the thesis that we are moving to another timeline, the Julian timeline. You see, it’s another assumption that doesn’t come true. But we know this by now from many sources. Slowly we should have understood it, right? That everything that happens is event-related and it does not occur on a certain date. The only thing that makes sense to me is the “17”. It occurs so often in these days, weeks and months that it is mathematically impossible that it could be coincidence.

Year deltas at “Q”, figuring out days, times of posts and drops, length of videos, these are all just attempts at decoding, just attempts. It is like in science. There, too, many things are “discovered” by doing experiments.

That’s how I’ve been doing it for the last few years. I have made attempts, with which sources, with which informants my heart and my gut feeling go into resonance. At first it was only the belly, as is so common with men, but more and more the heart became active as a “tensor”. Either a warm, comforting feeling or the “ice-cold little hand” that wants to embrace the heart. In the abdomen it is a pleasant tingling, like being in love or cramping pain. Without the many experiments, which were also a kind of training program, it would not work the way it does now. As “test objects” I took (unfortunately) the daily messages of the gNN, or the translations. Here I knew, after months of hoping, after months of disappointment, that they couldn’t be right, no matter who wrote there or what was written there. So that was my “proof” for what could not be right.

Normally, that would be enough. If I got a stomach ache while reading or watching it, or if the ice-cold hand came, I knew something was wrong. But I still took on the counterpart in further attempts. I read messages that I could verify as truth, “felt” into it and had the counterpart. At the beginning a disaster, because I first had to find true news, later it went better. As proof I took then own experiences or reports, which I had witnessed. With all these tests, with true news, with false information, I had to be careful to remain neutral. That was and is the most difficult with the whole thing!

Because it always pushes the wishful thinking and the hope into the foreground. And that gets worse and worse the longer it goes on. That’s why this is still so violently triggered (by whoever). Hope dies last, as the saying goes. Yes, it does. But faith never dies. So if we believe in a new world and in change, and in addition believe that nobody can know when something will happen, don’t we feel better? At least better than if we hope every day that it will be tomorrow? Let’s take the example of exchange dates.

We all hope for tomorrow. I admit, this still happens to me from time to time today, not consciously, but unconsciously. Because we’re all running on fumes by now, aren’t we? Some have given up, many are getting bored, even more just can’t take it anymore, etc. . The Alliance knows and sees this. It also knows that many are beginning to question The Alliance. Be it admitted casualties, be it admitted damage from natural disasters, be it the continuation of the show where people are still getting hurt financially or health wise. The understanding of it all is fading like snow in the sun. And even I don’t know how to assess it or explain it to anyone anymore. We can’t explain everything by the fact that there are soul plans that the victims made before.

But what if The Alliance is waiting for certain people? Or has to wait? Maybe some, crucial people are not yet finished with their documents, or are still fixated on wrong projects, or do not have ZIM or currencies yet, but have brilliant ideas. Maybe certain people still have to rethink, from EGO to HUMANITARIAN? Not for nothing, this has been topic number one for months and is highlighted again and again.

Is it perhaps also still too uncertain for our conversion dates? Just look around! Take Germany as an example: Although the streets are getting more and more crowded and more and more people are expressing their displeasure by taking a walk, many of our fellow human beings are doing far too well here. Despite all assumptions of the patriots, the supply of goods has not yet collapsed. Stocks that have been built up now have to be replenished. At increased prices. Constellis employees (“police”) still oppose their fellow human beings, offices, courts, administrations still continue their illegal game, bailiffs still roam the occupied lands. And we want to exchange money? How long do we have them and what do we do with them now? If the exchange came tomorrow, could you get on a plane the day after tomorrow to buy real estate? Somewhere in Germany or in the world? Or can we get on a train to go somewhere? What accounts would the exchanged money go into? The QFS is only 80% active, so opening an account in the QFS is impossible. So it would go to existing accounts, and how many of you have sole access to them? I know it: NOBODY!!!

In the plane can be a vaccinated pilot, the plane crashes. A vaccinated train driver can sit in the train, the train crashes, you are injured or killed. You are driving a car, a vaccinated truck driver has a heart attack, has an accident, you are in the middle of it. And even if none of that happens, how safe are you, here today, or tomorrow with your exchanged money?

Perhaps The Alliance, in addition to waiting for safe exchange dates, is also waiting for enlightenment from those who say that nothing is happening. Is nothing really happening? Who of you had Kazakhstan “on the radar” before it went bang? There was nothing, nothing at all to be noticed or read about it in advance. It came as a complete surprise. And today the conjectures start again, what could have happened there. In the MSM the usual, they just can’t help it, in the alternative media it is also suspected from A to Z. In reality, The Alliance has taken an important piece from the opponent’s board in this grandiose chess game. Maybe even the black queen.

The Alliance permanently puts the remaining members of the Deep State, the middle and lower levels in CHESS. And they can only go out of the CHESS so far. They lose one important figure after another. If a possible war between a “NATO” and Russia or a fake alien invasion by Blue Beam has been in all the media for weeks, will such a thing come? Or is The Alliance just showing that it knows the playbook, is basically prepared for these scenarios? So there are black figures on the board, seemingly threatening, and elsewhere black is losing other figures. And just because we don’t see, read, or hear about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Like Kazakhstan.

The art of war is on everyone’s lips for a reason. One important phrase from this should give us faith and confidence: Don’t start a war if you haven’t won it first. To me, this means that the game of chess was already won before both parties sat down at the table. The Alliance knew the Deep State’s playing style and tactics, and because of that, it had already won. It has been taking pieces out of the game from top to bottom, worldwide, and continues to pull off this plan, point by point, step by step. One chess after the other, one escape out of there after the other. And along the way, there’s a show going on with a lot of actors, extras, and a wake-up program. And no matter what else happens to each of us or to all of us, it all serves a purpose. We can grasp that, but we don’t have to. We must only continue to trust that everything must soon have an end. Everything has once an end (only the sausage has two). Above all, we should believe and trust that we will not get the old world again. And only a little we will take from it into the new world, but we will be rewarded with a lot of new things.

As difficult as it may be for all of us, let us continue to persevere, let us remain in trust and faith. The new year has begun, we will soon officially come to this timeline. Until then, nothing is as it seems. And nothing can stop what is coming. The best is yet to come, believe with me in it!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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