US Threatens MILORAD DODIC Over Bosnia Commemoration


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 12, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Russia and China attended the Bosnia commemoration condemned by the US as though the US hands were clean.  They wre not clean as can be seen in the article in footnote one. What is interesting was the US purposely bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999 during the 78 day bombing campaign when China was weak and it is now a more powerful economy than that of the US. Might makes right in Washington, D. C.:

The deep state meeting I attended during the bombing of Belgrade for 78 days I had vigorously opposed as it would wake up Russia militarily and was a war crime. Number one of the deep state introduced the telephone conference by bragging about the accuracy of the precision US missile that had purposely targeted the Chinese Embassy. He had not cleared it with us and I was shocked. I criticized this action but he said China was aiding Serbia through their Embassy Communications and we had to teach them a lesson.  The US advised the Chinese it was an accident.

Number one after graduating from Princeton went to Australia as an aide to General Charles Willoughby who was the intelligence chief of General Douglas MacArthur. He sat behind General Willoughby at staff meetings supervised by MacArthur. Soon he was sent to join Wild Bill Donovan in London to join the OSS becoming a colleague of Bill Casey and passed from OSS to CIA.  He later married a fabulously rich heiress, and ran a major company.  He rose to be number one in the deep state above the President .  

In the 1990s Russia was in chaos and too weak to stop the US and NATO rape of their slavic ally Yugoslavia who though it was once an Anglo-Saxon ally backing Tito’s guerrilla force against the German Army tying down 22 divisions that might have made the difference at Moscow in the winter of 1941, it did not matter anymore in 1999. Russia now is the strongest military power in the world. Serbia again threatens the underbelly of NATO in a war that might break out within 30 days in Europe while Russia masses troops on the Ukrainian border and prepares for a mass mobilization. Serbia appears to be Russia’s flanking answer to Kazakhstan.  

The German BND and the US CIA raped Yugoslavia in the 1990s as related in footnote one article below creating the ethnic unrest Sudetenland style. The KGB officer that sat next to Slobodan Milosevic at the Dayton meeting advised him to yield as Russia was on its knees not being in a position to help but would be back on its feet soon. At one meeting Helmut Kohl asked what party he represented and he replied Israel which made a very favorable impression on Kohl.  The Belgrade bombing for 78 days was the last straw for Russia and it remilitarized in a massive effort first to build defensive missiles between 2000 and 2008 to defend against an attack on Moscow as on Belgrade, and then launched a massive 12 year modernization of its entire army. I met with the KGB officer in Banja Luka some years ago and he was quite old having served under Stalin who was his hero and had dealt extensively with Richard Holbrook who was nothing but a gopher.  President Vladimir Putin awarded him a gold watch for his services in an official ceremony.  No one had a right in the US from the President on down to make any decisions on Serbia but the deep state committee.  

U.S. calls for probe into banned Bosnian Serb commemoration

U.S. calls for probe into banned Bosnian Serb commemoration

The United States on Tuesday urged Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities to investigate reports that banned ceremon…

Footnote one:

Sleep Walking into a New World War | Operation Disclosure Official

David Lifschultz


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