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January 10, 2022

January 10, 2022: Tweaking the Illusion; Fine Tuning and Higher Resolution [videos]

“What we call reality is in fact nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination.”
~ Terence McKenna

We’re not going to get caught up in the drama around many of the colourful developments involving alt news people and celebrities as that leads to arguments and negativity because nothing [and no one] is what it seems, but there are plenty of other fascinating events unfolding. People in the truther community may seem to be on our side, but are not. The good guys and the bad guys both get taken out and the unsuspecting get taken in. That’s an “info war”. Some day we’ll find out who’s who in the zoo.

This is the latest JFK Jr. update from Trevor Winchell’s website, for what it’s worth. If it’s not clear, you can read it here.

I think a very interesting profile has crystalized around Phil G and his comms have been flying on Telegram… like this one:


Cirsten Weldon, broadcaster, speaker, RIP


Phil also said the following on Telegram:

Just a polite request:
Please stop with the sharing of the rumor that Cirsten W. is still alive, and has faked her death.
Even if it may be true, you should not be participating in such a rumor, just in case it’s false.
Cirsten was a Patriot, regardless of what was negatively written about her. Absolutely none of the defamatory statements I’ve read about her have been proven. They are simply slanderous, exactly how I am slandered on a daily basis.
If you are wrong about her death being faked, can you imagine what that sharing of disinformation is doing to her family?
Please just stop, until it is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. It’s very disingenuous and troubling for me to watch.

Who else left? Bob Saget—and there’s a lot of negative press behind that one. Just sayin’.

We have comms from Donald Trump Jr, as well, highlighted by KimShady referring to Q post 1228.

What if—while everyone thinks Trump won’t be able to tell the truth until Feb. 21 when his new Truth Social app goes live—he gets his Twitter account back—because it’s really the white hats controlling everything??? What if? What if the snoozers get red pilled this month?

Scott Mowry summed up this past week in his email update by saying that “later” there will be so much happening on a global scale it will all seem to be happening at once. We get that impression already so it’s going to be a wild and crazy place on planet Earth/Terra in the near future. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I believe it was clear from the recent activity in Kazakhstan that a major operation took place. Arrests, fires, oustings from the old regime, etc. Cleaning house. The media tried to spin it but it was obvious if you innerstand what’s going on. QUEen Romana posted the following video on Telegram.

You may wanna watch this
Kazakhstan  may not be what ya think, media is lying about the reason of uprising, or do you believe them ?
The Revolution will not be televised

The deep state is panicked and continue to use their media to vilify the patriots and awakened; carefully massaging public opinion.

Kevin Annett of Vancouver, Canada is no stranger to detention and death threats. He’s already had his life destroyed for his decades of work exposing the genocide of the indigenous in Canada and the Human trafficking. His 8 min. update is an eye opener and harbinger of future events. Fortunately the vile threats from Robert David Steele a couple of years ago were not executed.

Pfizer, China indicted for genocide as Kevin Annett dodges assassination


Some are talking about extreme food shortages, and urging everyone to stock up on supplies with a couple of weeks’ worth, at least. The plan has been to starve us out and force ‘zombies’ to go bananas, swarm our homes searching for food, etc. etc. Will it happen? No idea. Perhaps in some areas. City folk are supposedly at higher risk than rural locations. I’m seeing photos supposedly from Canada, the US, and the UK with empty shelves in food stores—not that those are confirmation.

There is this today, as well. Link to Telegram. Regardless of what you believe will happen or is possible, I would hope you’ve stocked up a little, just in case. It’s never a bad idea, but in times of war it’s just prudent. The future is unpredictable and we need to take responsibility for our own welfare.

I would stock up on supplies to last at least 2 weeks

As we fine tune the illusion to bring our reality into focus, we are forced to expand our thinking. I happened upon these interesting posts and I’m just throwing them out there without comment as I don’t pretend to know. Watch the brief sky video below. Our reality is far more exciting than most of us imagine.

Interesting photo here, too.

Here are some things to contemplate as we get a grip on the nature of our true reality.

How to Jump Timelines: Mastering Quantum Reality


We just can’t resist. What—you didn’t know this “movie” is a comedy?

We’re seeing “likes” from some new subscribers and that’s always a good thing so perhaps we’re getting some new eyes on. The Great Awakening is in full swing!

Signing off for now. Be sure to peruse the comments below each post for nuggets left by the crew. [other learned subscribers]

Tomorrow will be another exciting day, I’ve no doubt.  ~ BP


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