(Reader: Juan) Important Situation Report from Anna Von Reitz


Reader Post | By Juan

Here is the Situation Report

This just posted by Paul Stramer, who works closely with Anna von Reitz.   Her Situation Report goes down the rabbit hole in ways that all of the other, warm fuzzy ‘intel’ and innuendo don’t even come close to addressing.  Although there are many things that could have been said or disclosed about the Church and Monarchies (”vine and the fruit”) and the Bloodline Families, etc. etc., she does touch on two of many ”Hoards” that have been aggregated by ????? for purposes that are under ”cloud” of title, gross misrepresentation, non-disclosure, fraud by artifice and scheme, extortion, mal-feasance / misfeasance / non-feasance, all manner of procedural and document manipulations, etc. etc. etc. 

IN SHORT, even though I do not and will not ever agree, that the Earth’s natural ”resources” were gained / acquired by any means ”free from taking”, and / or aggregated / amassed by those (patriarchal Families) who in the past or even now control or are alleged to have lawful right, title, and interest to them, I  do not agree with any ”plan” to further extort and mis-use gold, silver, other monetary metals in any form, or backing any fictitious form (i.e. digital / crypto / bi-nary / electronic / nano) credit System; nor the related use of in-ground ”commodities” still in ”deep vault” (in-ground but placed on-registry of incorporated ”nation-states” by New World Powers or Old World Powers posing as New World Ethicists, under ”color” of “official means”.)

If what Anna is reporting below is true, correct, and near-enough to be generally-complete as a Summary to render a further ”Presumptive Conclusion” upon, then, this whole business of an alleged Earth or Galactic “Alliance” of Special ”White Hat” – (bankrupt / insolvent / bought-and-paid-for U.S. and ”Multi-jurisdictional” Military and related world-wide ‘oh-so-special’ Affiliations, is all simply more Deep Cover of a different ‘scheme’ / ‘schematic’ or ‘Veil’ which has been used for centuries (at the very least) and / or millennia (now historically-documented) to manifest an elaborate ”glossy” Control Grid by and for the ”mutual accord” and ”benefit” of SECRETIVE PRIVATE ”CO-PARTY” COMPLICIT ”INTERESTS”, none of which are intended to ever reach the Light of Consciousness, Awareness, and Agreement with Free-Will Discernment of Living People of Earth.

I ask that you assure this post below and my words be posted, because we are being led down yet into another ‘dark warren’ that defies most of our ability to discern or even to imagine, yet-alone to describe; and which further deeply defies any clean, clear, certainty of bona fide accountability for acts / actions / terms / conditions / provisions / programs / agendas being implemented via strategic (war-game equivalency), contrived, deceptive, obfuscated, ”colorable”,  covert and false / fraudulent means as-if for or on behalf of Living People worldwide.  Meanwhile, the sure ”sign” of this ”metaphor for Peace” and a “new Golden Age” is the complete destruction of the Earth’s energetic and elemental Bodies, and capacity to sustain ‘Life’ as it has manifest by the Creator – Creation to Be….even when having been made subject to and object of all manner of gross atrocities and mal-intent by psycho-phanatic ”sub-intelligences” posing as ”god-like” wanna-be ”creators” and ”holders” of all as it pertains to this planet and elsewhere.

I may be ‘spinning’ Anna’s intent too tightly as pertains to her below Situation Update, but, for this one, which I Am, what she is critically-pointing to, is yet another game of ”Let’s Play Shill” (my words); which is yet another progressive fraud scheme by ”carry-over” by ”those who Own and those who Control” and ”those who know”; and, whereby, ordinary Living People are lo(bot)omized  or made into “Matrix Bio-Bots” via the engineered intricacies of the ”ultra-secret” Covid BIG PHARMA – SECRET MILITARY weapons program, i.e. nano-graphene / black goo / bio – chemical / mRNA / DNA modification (GMO-creating) ”operating System” to ”interface with A.I. (Central Control) via ”5G” Cell Tower and Satellite ”coverage” for ”every square foot” of the Earth’s surface. 




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