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Reader Post | By The Rogue Program

While I do empathize for any hardships anyone is experiencing these days as I read this post I feel I am reading something written by someone who has some serious unplugging from the matrix that needs to be done. For years I have heard people loosely say they are “starving” or “need something to eat or they’re going to pass out” when the truth is it’s never the case when you look at them. So if we’re starving I’m afraid I’m going to need pictures to go along with that. Visit a third world country in Africa where children and families are truly starving and even covered in flies waiting for them to die. That’s starving. I am not sure where you are writing from but you mention food stamps and not qualifying which doesn’t add up if we are truly starving. We don’t let people starve in the United States. I have never seen one person starving in my entire life here with the exception of maybe some self inflicted starving where a person is hooked on meth or crack in which it is self induced and they have exchanged their money for food for drugs instead. The United States is spoiled when it comes to food and even the most downtrodden Americans can find enough to eat on their worst day if they want to take it. There are soup kitchens and food pantries all over this country. The typical American has been disillusioned as to the frequency and amount of food a person needs to survive. They have also had the worst possible foods placed before them first that all too often keep them hungry and continuing to eat more than they need. You mentioned things like hot dogs and tortillas. You’re right, these are garbage, and not things I consider food. Meats are necessarily a rite of passage either. Fast food isn’t real food either and wouldn’t recommend anyone ever eat it. I would recommend things rich in healthy protein and fats like nuts, healthy oils such as olive oil, and eggs. Avoid standard cooking oils to which heat is the extraction method. They’re rancid on the shelf and practically motor oil. Also items like fresh produce that provide rich and adequate nutrition and can greatly reduce the frequency of your eating habits. Limit dairy to skimmed products such as cheese. And don’t buy shredded cheese they add starch to it for appearance in the package. Buy whole ingredients without lots of added ingredients and cook and prepare your own meals. No cellophane in the microwave nonsense. The food pyramid and eating three meals a day is a bag of lies that the matrix gave you during your indoctrination growing up in school. People need to be avoiding the refined carbohydrates like flour and sugar that they are intentionally putting in everything to keep your hunger more similar to that of a drug addiction than anyone knows. We also purposely grow two of the most horrible crops for people to live on that they put in everything which is corn and soybeans. The grocery store is a gauntlet to find quality food and a price we pay for being dependent on a store for our food. Nobody is telling us we cannot grow our own food either. I would also add that many cultures around the world practice regular fasting and some denominations of faith fast for a month out of the year. Yes a whole month. The intestines are 25 feet long so until they’re empty nobody is starving and this certainly isn’t the typical person today unless one practices intermittent fasting. I am a 175lb man and eat very healthy for around 120-140 a month from what I’d consider a budget grocery store. I intermittently fast regularly as well and I am anything but starving. It’s all about choices so until I can see what’s in someone’s shopping cart and a total health and activity picture I cannot be sure someone is starving by reading the article this is in reply to. I see everyone else’s shopping cart at the store though and many are full of things I would never put in my body and those pushing them are in poor health. We have to remember corporations are at war with Americans and they have truly weaponized food against us and the grocery store and many of the products in it certainly are not our friend. Those corporations at the top also have stake in the pharmaceutical and medical sector and it’s all a massively devised plot to make us terribly dependent on them. They want to sell everyone lots of toilet paper too which they did a fantastic job of last year when everyone panic bought it all. Made me curious of how much I use which ended up being about 1 roll per month. In the last 15 years I have probably cut my food bill to a third of what I used to spend. I also haven’t had to visit a physician or so much as taken an aspirin during all those years either because my immune system is at peak performance. I have watched many get cough, colds, and flus for years while I do not, even with exposure to those who do. People would be very surprised at what ailments can be alleviated with diet alone and this is something the matrix has also done a great job at lying to everyone about. Migraines, type two diabetes, body aches, skin problems, all the new conditions in the last 30 years they sell a pill for, I could go on and on. It’s a vicious cycle if one let’s the powers that be take a hold of it. As I said earlier……..this is the matrix. Once you can finally see it, you cannot unsee it. So forgive me if I sound cold because I am not. I actually care greatly for the health of the masses and see it needs help. Best wishes and health on your journey and hopes you make the revelations you need to push back against the system. They don’t make it easy.

The Rogue Program


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