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Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 31, 2021

2022 – The Year of Discernment

My personal journey of awakening began in the mid 90’s with the reading of the following line in a book on metaphysics: “You create your own reality.”

Something within me instantly recognized that this was not only true, but the only way it could be. What followed was reading not only the metaphysics section of the various bookstores I inhabited, but also what was often right next to it, the occult section, which included a great deal of material on secret societies and their interconnection back through time. 

It was good preparation for the era we are in today. Like many others, I keyed off of 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar as a historical crossroads. Some were upset that the event aspect of 2012 did not come to pass like many of the well known prognosticators who were merchandising that event through their books had claimed that it would.

When you plunge down the rabbit hole away from official narratives, you become a voyager whose internal guidance becomes paramount. Sometimes you have to pick a concept up and hold it in your hand, looking at it from many angles, while you consult your intuition as to how much truth is inherent in this idea. And truth can also be malleable, according to the observer, in the classic Rashomon sense.

In our community there is a great deal of dubious bullshit mixed in with the healthy fertilizer with which we are growing the conceptions of our emerging new world. The ‘world war’ we are in the process of transcending has been an information war, so it stands to reason that enormous amounts of information, disinformation and misinformation would be colliding with each other in a bombardment of realities which could leave the well-meaning rabbit quite confused about which hole is which in the journey from dark to light. 

Sometimes it is good to return to foundational principles to find one’s bearing. Lightworkers can be just as prone to fantasy thinking as those who look solely to the mainstream media and Hollywood for their version of the truth. When you add linear thinking (and a linear view of history) versus multidimensional perceiving and a multidimensional view of history, it can complicate the story far further than the average 3D rabbit can wrap their head around.

Flat Earth is one of these concepts. Yes, it is a psy-op. And not one of the positive kinds. A psy-op doesn’t necessarily have to be “bad” — as I often term Q as a psy-op counter to the psy-op of the mainstream media. When you start with the first cause that you create your own reality, psychological operations become the main arsenal of weaponry in the war for human minds.




You will notice in many of the Flat Earth presentations, and some are quite well crafted, the flat earth ‘proofs’ come after a great deal of material on subjects like sophisticated cathedral architecture and other energy-harnessing buildings, as well as mud floods, timeline shiftings, world’s fairs, and other material that has nothing to do with flat earth per se, but which is nevertheless fascinating and makes up the better part of these so-called flat earth presentations. The technique of presenting revelatory truths right up to a key point, then directing that built-up currency into a different channel is a tried and true approach of occult skullduggery. Most major organized religions have used the same approach, with the Luciferian Vatican using this method to co-opt the revelatory teachings of Christ.

That said, the Flat Earth presentations, and many of the other things floating around, are all instructive in their own way and they all work as exercises to build up the muscles of discernment. 

The topic of JFK jr. is another one. Now, I am not saying that I have any special information on that topic. It is certainly possible that he may have faked his own death in 1999. I would not rule it out completely, however I would caution against seeing JFk jr. everywhere you look just because some people have social media accounts making posts in his name. The same goes for any social media account in which an essentially anonymous figure can make any claims under the sun, in the classic LARP-ing style. I’m not saying no good information can come through those channels, but a lot of fishhooking of gullible people can likewise also occur. 

That is why a figure like Donald J. Trump has been so important. He did simply make statements as an anonymous figure on-line and then never back them up in the sphere of the so-called real world. He was the opposite of anonymous. He was an extremely well known public figure with a lot to lose that then went into the bloodsport arena of politics at the highest level and won, against all odds, when the entire entrenched system was against him. It was as much of a miracle in its own ways as the Continental Army winning the Revolutionary War. 

Now, as far as LARP-ing goes, it’s not so black and white. In one sense, we are all larping our way through life a little bit, in that we do live action role play our lives, but we also exist in a consensus reality where certain parameters are in place so that we can inter associate in a shared reality. The new forms of media have opened up an avenue whereby the general public can compete with the mainstream media in terms of presenting their own versions of what is occuring in the world, as well as merchandising those presentations. It opens up the spectrum regarding what is real and what is pure flight of fancy, as well as everything in between. 

Regarding Q, the aforementioned questions were both presented in the famous open forum:

Is the Earth Flat?
Q: No.

Is JFK jr. alive?
Q: No.       

Some will claim that “misinformation is necessary” to steer away from the succinctness of these answers. People will believe what they want to believe, all the while we are also trying to discern what is really happening in the fog of war. People choose the sources of information they gravitate to and tend to rely on those sources, though they also will drop away from following certain sources after a fashion. They sometimes drop away from the entire movement, as well.




How many former staunch Trump supporters have dropped off the Trump train since the election “loss” or since his vaccine statements? Some are even convinced that he was controlled opposition from the start. Many patriots or former patriots are now in-fighting with each other instead of focusing on the big picture, which is the inevitable awakening of humanity into a new age. The energy of this new age is present in its nascent state already to this day. You should be able to feel it. The “Biden” administration is there as a placeholder only. They are not really in power, beyond in a merely temporary and cosmetic way. Discernment is as important as ever when you navigate a hall of mirrors.

Like our founding fathers, who warned us about the central banks, and JFK who warned us about infiltration instead of invasion, the Trump Alliance is contending with the old world occult financial system and the intelligence & business operations that have been built up to sustain that system. That includes both Hollywood and the medical cartels. An overnight switch of something so ingrained is simply not possible– however it is moving at “warp speed.”

As a Commander-in-Chief, Trump and his Alliance had to mitigate the Cabal’s plan, which was a mass death bio-weapon and the chaos that would engender, as well as both a civil war and a new world war, which would then translate into their long awaited New World Order– with far less people around, to be managed in their newly unveiled A.I. technocracy. 

Covid from the start was meant to be much more deadly, and due to the Alliance’s counter (likely from releasing a wild strain that spread faster and was nowhere near as troublesome) the Cabal plan was mitigated. The same goes for the vaccine. There are multiple versions of it out there, none of which are mandatory, and the Cabal plan in terms of the vaxx is going nowhere like it was intended because of what the Trump alliance has done to counter it. We already know that false numbers have been put out there from the start on Covid, but on our side there is also a lot of fear mongering on the vaxx and many doomsdayers, looking to throw Trump under the bus for mentioning vaccine success in a positive way and taking credit for it. 

Now, I have not taken any vaccines and have no intention to. But with Trump having been in office for four years, and knowing full well that both the election fraud and the Covid/Vaxx push was coming, do you really think that DJT and his Alliance, who defeated the entrenched powers to take the power of the US Presidency in 2016 against all odds, would have no counter attack planned for this? Everything that has happened will be used to good effect in the end. 

The grave that the Cabal has dug for humanity, they will crawl into. And pull the dirt over themselves. 

The Cabal will be defeated, humanity will be freed, and a new financial system instituted, yet it will not happen in a chaotic way that leads to the devastation of innocent lives. Many of the concerns of Covid and in particular the vaxx will be mitigated with good medicine like HCQ and the incoming advanced healing tech, however people were also given free choice in which road they took. No one can say that information was not out there to explore as they made their choices. And in the end, prayer is still the most powerful and effective tool. It can work miracles, in co-creation with God, where sincere hearts are involved. 

I mentioned that I began my journey of awakening with the phrase “you create your own reality.” But the higher calling is when you actively co-create with God by choosing to do God’s will. Then you will find any hand-wringing about what is happening in this world will fall away. If you have the intent to do God’s will sincerely, even if things are unclear to you sometimes about where you are, you will always find that there is no concern so great that it warrants your fear. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will lose your body to death, and since that is a certainty, what is there really to worry about? True, none of us wants to suffer in physical pain, but with the inner ally that is God, you will always have a comforting hand to hold in the worst of times. And how much better will those “best of times” be when you have that Partner within to share them with?
The Best is Yet to Come.

When discernment is needed on this complicated journey, go within for answers as much or more than you look to outside sources. Look to first principles.

As Above, So Below. 




At an atomic level within our very bodies energetically spherical electrons and protons orbit around a central nucleus. What is within us reflects the universe at large.

That said, as creators of our own reality, our own conceptions also reflect back to us what we believe and imagine as real.

Gene Decode has stated the following:

“If you’re 2nd Density for you the world is flat. I’ve talked to flat earthers and tried to show them the difference. They cannot imagine in their mind a ball. They see a flat circle because they’re actually 2nd Density still. At 3rd Density you realize you’re an individual and made a choice to serve Creator or yourself. Army Colonel Michael Aquino created the flat earth psyop. He was able to make Lucifer look massive. If he’s on a little flat planet that’s all there is. BUT, if you realize Creation is INFINITE, there’s INFINITE life out there. INFINITE sentient species. INFINITE creation. 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. 100 trillion+ galaxies– and Lucifer’s on Earth. Then Lucifer looks like a kindergarten sandbox bully. 95% of all non-terrestrials are in service and KNOW Creator– that makes the 5% of darkness look pathetically small.”

The Flat Earth psy-op also gets Truthers in argument and disagreement with each other. The same to a lesser degree also occurs with the JFK is alive (and other famous personnages) and coming back soon! faction, the Queen Romana is ruling Canada from behind the scenes faction, the Trump is a black hat faction, the NESARA is gonna make us all rich overnight with ‘plans for humanity projects’ faction, the med beds will cure everything, regrow limbs and make you 30 years younger (if you’re old enough for that to be a factor) faction, and many others.  

Not to say there aren’t silvery threads of truth flowing through all of the above. 

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

We are going to change our financial system to a currency not controlled by the Cabal, a currency backed by precious metals.

There will be a release of new energy and healing technology which will make our former versions look more-or-less prehistoric.

Perhaps a figure or two from history will indeed be coming back, certainly many already have returned in spirit or via reincarnation, as we continue onward and upward with the Greatest Show on Earth.




A wise man once said that politics is downstream from culture. But culture is also downstream from the Source of the river itself. 

This era of the Great Awakening is proceeding from the Creator itself. There are no tricks up the Cabal’s sleeve which can stop our precession into this new cycle and the golden age it represents.

We already knew that we would have to go from Dark to Light.

We have trusted in this battle that Patriots are in Control. If you doubt this is true, because of the election “results”– then just listen to Biden or Pelosi speak in a public forum for 5 minutes. What happened to the slick-tongued hustlers of yesteryear, which the dark team has ever positioned in the spotlight? All they have now are babbling fools who can barely keep track of their own thoughts in the increasing energies. Do you think that their position is tenable or that they are actually somehow in control? 
Think again. 

Military is the only way. 

Everyone has freewill and a choice about which path they personally take. Discernment is key. God will make allowances for the children who were not in a position to make their own choices.

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

As we enter the year 2022, the year of the Water Tiger, let’s get our surfboards out, ready to ride them onto new shores, while ever maintaining the balance of discernment that comes from within, as our internal guidance system.

You and the wave are one.

You create your own reality. 




And all you have to do is ask, and the greatest Partner in all of existence is yours for the choosing. 

Where We Go ONE, We Go All.

Vaja con Dios


Parting the Washington Sea


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