(Reader: Rambo) Response to blueray’s Thoughts for me


Reader Post | By Rambo


First, when I read the last paragraph of your response, just know that I had a shooting pain go through my stomach.  To say that I’m despondent over reading that you have cancer, is an understatement.  Just know first and foremost, that I’ll be praying for you daily.  You have my word on that.

Secondly.  Your words are true and full of wisdom.  It is now coming to light to even the marginal thinker that the C.I.A. creates, funds and runs all the wars, and has for decades.  And it is my belief that the alphabet agencies will no longer be fomenting their tyranny upon the citizenry anymore once this Matrix is blown apart for all to see.  We are of the same understanding of the wars, and it’s why I’ve spent many years getting into trouble by being outspoken regarding who actually is instigating them all.  So just know that we are of the same mind regarding them.

Thirdly.  I do see your position regarding the “gurus” and I’ll capitulate to your point.  In return, I would ask that you consider what I wrote before, in that, most wars are “information wars”, or what we call, “Psych Warfare”, which I’m sure you’re privy to.  And as the MSM media is currently being used by the NWO/Deep State, the Whitehats as well are using us, the Patriots/Anons/Awaken Ones, to create “points of impact”, where they send out “mis or dis” information in order to invoke a response necessary for the next phase of an operation or to cause them to expend ammunition, so to speak.

That is really all I’m pressing upon everyone, that when we bicker and become impatient, this creates friction, and friction creates fire.  You can expand your mind from that point forward I’m sure.  I would merely ask of you and others to just remember the magnitude of what’s occurring.  And it’s my opinion that what we were going to have seen, was total annihilation, and now, if we succeed, which it appears to be happening, it’s the 1000 year millennium spoken about in the Bible.  If I’m right about that, we are going to see miracles right in front of our faces.  And one of them are the Med Beds, which you speak of and will receive.

Now, if that’s the case, when it happens, trust me, we’ll all look back and say, “Had I known this was what was happening, there is no cross I wouldn’t have bared, no mountain I wouldn’t have climbed, no valley I wouldn’t have crossed and no BURDEN I wouldn’t have carried to attain it.”

I probably speak for many here when I say this.  We appreciate your insight and your heartfelt comments, and we as a community will ALL be praying for your swift return to full health.

Sending my best to you and your family….



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