14-Year-Old Killed by LAPD



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Submitted on December 28, 2021


14-year-old girl killed when Los Angeles police open fire on (unarmed) suspect in crowded store (12/23/2021)

Officer “Jones” is being told by his fellow officers to SLOW DOWN. But NO! Officer “Jones” is on a mission.

(It’s the 23 of December and people are Christmas shopping.)

Neither the 14-year-old nor the Suspect had guns. Both murdered by a man with an assault rifle (Officer “Jones”).

Video from fatal LAPD shooting at Burlington shows officer open fire over bloodied victim




Valentina Orellana-Peralta (14-year-old)

I called the LAPD and asked them when they would stop killing unarmed civilians? (They had no answer.) I assume they believe they can continue as before.

Whose job is it to stop Police from killing unarmed civilians? (Obviously; it is not the job of Govern-mind.)

Policing is Unconstitutional, because Extortion, Racketeering, Murder, Fascism, and Slavery are Unconstitutional.

Policing is PRIVATE Security of Central Banking (Federal Reserve). Policing Bank Assets (you and me), this is a stealthy form of Slavery.

The BAR Mafia (British Accreditation Registry) has replace the Republic as the Govern-mind of America. The BAR Mafia has Americans Slaves with their FRAUDULENT Legal system.

  • LEGAL = Unnatural / Fake / Fraud
  • LAWFUL = Natural / Real / Truth

Black’s Law Dictionary = Satan’s Law Dictionary (It is a Legal Dictionary for Feudalism / Satanism.) Satanism is why Judges wear Black Satanic Robes.




I’m advocating the Abolition of Slavery, not “Defund the Police” (Antifa Agenda to Centralize Policing Nationally).

The Police prevent the public from Self-defense, while the SCOTUS Rules the Police have no obligation / duty to protect the public. Double-Standard (Hypocrisy) is the hallmark of Satanism (Corruption).

There is a YouTube Channel called “Audit the Audit” (AtA) which I dispise because the Author places the Bill of Rights at the same leval as Color of Law. If Color of Law (Policy, Code, Acts, and Statutes) can suspend the Bill of Rights or Constitution, we have no Law, we only have Opinion.

AtA has pointed out to me that Involintery Commitment to a mental healt facility does NOT depend on Legal review. Therefore any member of the public witnessing a Government Employee (Police) is a danget to themself or others can have them Committed.

Governmennt Employees with mental health issues are not capable of Reasonable Articulable Suspicion (RAS) or Probible Cause (PC). This would explain why when Police are asked; “For what crime?” they more often than not are unable to answer the most basic question. What is your Cause of Action (Lawful Excuse). To violate the Bill of Rights a “Lawuful Excuse” is required. A Justification for violating the Law to keep the peace. Absent a Crime (Bodly Injury, Property Damage, or Fraud / Mischief) Police have NO athority to violate the Bill of Rights. Arrest becomes Kidnaping, Seizure becomes Theft, Threats becoam Assault, Jail becomes False Imprisonment, Detention becomes B.S. etc.

Arrested For Trespassing On His Own Property

Peace, love, blessings,



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