The Real Transition of Humanity



Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 24, 2021

The Real Transition of Humanity starts in December 2021!!! Victory Revealed Soon!

To all who have doubted the Whitehats, the secret war with the dark elite or so called the illuminati for control of humanity and planet earth has been won by the good side!!  It is time for jubilation! The war has been won for some time, but the slow dismantling of their complete infiltration into all aspects of our lives, without major loss of life has been a crown jewel strategy. This is why it has taken so long, to prevent major loss of life. Extreme honor should go to the many teams; military special forces fighting in the D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) and tunnels worldwide, many primary leaders in major countries in the world,  to the Galactic Federation for fighting soldiers placed in underground evil havens, for the Spiritual support of Ascended Masters from the angelic realm too. For without Prime Source Creators orders and support to transform humanity from the muck and quagmire of the evil that really controlled this planet for thousands of years, the transformation just would not have happened.

Let me state some recent victories of the mighty Earth Alliance. These are charges filed in International Court with “Crimes against Humanity” with genocide from the worldwide bio-weapon vaccines.  Next is the and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. Below is the link to 46-page court case filing in international court hat charges Bill & Melinda Gates, Fauci, Peter Daszak and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. This has to do with medical violations and purposely trying to kill people. Here is the link:  Klaus Scwab and many on this list accused of crimes against humanity, are part of the “New World Order” that always met in Davos, Switzerland for the “World Economic Forum” in January of every year. Well, the illuminati minions will NOT meet this time and blame it the “omicron variant” for the postponement. I know these meetings will never happen again, or at least by these people anyway, they will be in jail or executed.

The next major victory is clearly the Cabal or illuminati “Surrender in an Antarctica Base.” It has been confirmed by many sources, that an agreement between Cabal leaders five months ago, to surrender for passage to another world, without their execution for “Crimes Against Humanity”.  On the updates from Gene Decode, the Nazi and Cabal base was taken over by Earth Alliance Forces many months ago. Some, of high-ups escaped through a portal to another planet, during the Alliance take-over. I was told by one Pentagon source the base or the large city under two miles of ice was 50 million beings. Amazing, to say the least. For the Cabal personal deals, I understand that many people would be upset about this but at this very high level, and to rid the planet of this extreme evil, this appears to be the best way. One source says they were lured there to be arrested, and then put on trial, but I do know the way of the Alliance is to get the minions and the higher-ups to reveal everything on how, where and  what they been doing; there is no more motivation than their life is execution.  In the deal, they are going to is really a prison planet, and one cannot leave. So, living on a hell planet vs. death, I like the idea of the hell planet. Also, the Cabal higher-ups will release Earth of the evil influence totally, and make sure there is a soft-monetary switch-over to the QFS or Quantum Financial System. This financial shift will make it fair to all people on the planet, with the goal of prosperity for all and; no wars, no poverty, everyone has shelter, and no hunger. I want to live in that world, for sure!! Dr. Michael E. Salla Ph.D. and his contacts reveal the surrender deal in this video link: Watch “Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance” on YouTube: Dr. Salla has published seven books and have great contacts with always hard evidence of the unacknowledged military industrial complex extremely advanced technologies, that has been hidden from the general population. I recommend any of his books or videos. This writer has one book out called “The Greatest Transition in Human History” which reveal advanced technology from secret bases and secret alliances too.

On to the next victory is over our minds and battle of good and bad information. This is about fake MSM, and other lies on the internet to control us. This is the last control center for the Cabal, and is their negative A.I. called Sophie.  She is NO more. Only local A.I. can do some things from the Dark Ones. Gene Decode has confirmed this. Know that this transmission was to everyone on the planet, it was inside all Smart TV’s with a 5-inch long circuit card, it was in our computers. Know that for decades Department Stores would transmit “Do not steal” on their intercoms, where you could not hear it. This is just a small example. Jared Rand has stated for years, “no one knows where it came from in the Galaxy, it just appeared and can take control of systems, just like what you see in the movies “Terminator” of becoming “conscious”, infiltrating systems.” The Earth Alliance and most militaries know how to limit A.I.’s brain and that is a great thing. They always have enacted those protocols in the newer systems.

Now a quote, from a movie I just watched: “Just because you do not understand something, does not mean it not happen, that it is NOT real.” The mighty Earth Alliance on the ground, fighting underground and in ships now called the Space Force, formally call the SSP (Secret Space Programs) from the Navy’s Solar Warden fleet of eight starships that started in the 1970’ and 1980’s. With the Earth Alliance starting from 17 countries and then it bloomed to 140 countries joining in the liberation of planet Earth.  From intelligence from Gene Decode’s D.U.M.B bases, the African one is the last major one to be totally taken down. The Alliance has this one isolated and moving in to take it down too.On the Earth’s surface, Nick Fleming intelligence from the Department of Defense, just reported now over 600,000 sealed indictments of Cabal criminals or minions worldwide. Most have been processed through GITMO and many other military base tribunals. The military is the only way, for example, about 80% of the American Congress was bribed, threatened or joined in their ranks like a high degree Mason’s or the likes of “Skull & Bones” secret societies of Yale University. These are sick people to join the illuminati groups. Please also know the Trump/Biden election in 2020 was a major sting operation for the massive voter fraud. Trump really won by a land side. This fraud went on worldwide for decades, to get illuminati minions in power. The one thing, the Alliance did not know is where the money came from to pay off everyone who was part of the cheating machine for Biden or the CCP paid off candidate. And found that it was still all roads led to the Vatican, via the Italian government’s satellite for transfer. The corruption ran extremely deep, worldwide.




Above our heads, in the sky, and in our solar system, the Earth Alliance and its allies took over the Moon bases and Mars bases. The names that the Alliance has given these space-ship organizations is Radiant Guidance (Solar System Secret Space Program) and Radiant Glory; Out of Solar System SSP from Earth.  The good news is the SSP’s have ships or carriers 1, 2, 4, & 8 kilometers longs, and now the version of the TR3B is TR3G scout ships.  The three space stations have a wheel like docking stations for these monster carriers. There are eight fleets patrolling the solar system. Project Odin Connects the “QFS Starlink Satellite system” and “Rods of God”, which is reinforced tungsten steel telephone pole sized projectiles, that can cause damage on the surface or underground targets up to ten kilometers down, firing back to Earth on a satellite. This is without any explosive device, just from the force traveling back to Earth. Queen Romano refers the different branches of the military operation in our solar system and on Earth as such: The US Special Forces, Global Alliance Special Forces, Intergalactic Alliance Federation of Worlds of Light Beings Special Forces, Earth Defense Special Forces.

This is just not about getting all the bad people, this transformation to a more spiritual and collective consciousness, called unity consciousness. This is just not the old “change of leadership” or using military force. This is the most important part that is going on for humanity. This is evolution for humanity in the universe, where inside each human being, we become one with God, through our soul or “Heart Mind” to where we want and understand God’s natural laws, and follow them All people are very willing to live in “Heaven on Earth” and in total bliss! This is unity consciousness through the quantum realm.

This transforming internally from the 3rd Dimensional vibration to 4th dimension by the end of February 2022, and finally to 5th dimensional vibration. To find out more, use the links of the Galactic federation here is a quote from an update on 12/21/2021:  “Two days earlier, on December 17, 2021, at 07:12 PM CET, the Galactic Committee reported that the ACTIVE PHASE OF THE TRANSITION TO 4D HAS ALREADY STARTED. Recap. The Transition active phase will peak on December 21, 2021, its climax. This is the beginning, and it will last until February 22, 2021.  The moving into 4D means a complete and final exit from the 3D Matrix and the activation, first, of the 4D Matrix, and, later, its 5D format.” Exciting news, just jubilation! Here is another conformation article published 12/20/2021 and the quote:   “It is the time for humanity on Gaia (Earth)  to Ascend. This is grand, historic news that should bring much jubilation to your hearts! Much jubilation! It is not something to be feared, it is something to be ecstatic about! For this process, your spiritual development, has been millennia in the making—millennia!”

The Schumann Resonance is a frequency of a planet or its inhabitants, so called the “Heartbeat of a Planet”. I am an engineer by trade, and this is easily measured. Here is just one or many websites: to see it. For the Earth frequency was 7.83 Hz for thousands of years, now we are in the 40 Hz range and sometimes peaking to over 200 Hz. This means we are moving to 4th dimension, increasing our consciousness, and activating more DNA strains. This will give humans more abilities like telepathic talk. But not everyone will develop at the same timeline. We have 64 DNA strains, only 2 strains are activated in 3D, it will be five strains in 5D Earth. We also have 64 amino acids. We will develop or increase in frequency fast in the next weeks, then slowly to 5D, in about ten years, according to Gene Decode. This is moving closer to God or Prime Source Creator, a graduation per-say.

This is the future of humanity is understanding of the universe and how it really operates. This is a real transformation to be “sovereign beings”, not just some laws changed, or leadership. Everyone, will be equal; no soul be more valuable than another. We are going to move to “Universal law” or “Natural Law” of the universe; this is true God’s laws. From Queen Romana: “What is Natural Law? Answer: God/Supreme Grandmaster Creator’s universe Consciousness.” Yes, this is beyond all religions of the world, that were all man-made. Do not get upset with the real answer. One of my close high school friends and I met and we discussed religion. He stated “If Lucifer or Satan wanted to rule with evil intent, just create many different ways to honor God, but no one can agree exactly the right way, therefore we fight about it.  Then, the devil has won on many fronts.”  This is clearly what has happened on Earth for thousands of years. My friend figured it out on his own, for his family was very religious all his life. Well, with all the blood lost throughout history over who was right, I would say in that Lucifer had won too. From a great source; Gene Decode, puts it this way, “divide up the real bible or leave parts out, keep scholars arguing”. The old “conquer and divide” method. Add in the human ego; wanting power, money, & control in there, what we have is a religious mess throughout our history. We do know the Vatican would not release 777 chapters or books of the bible to help solve some real issues. The why the Catholic Church would not be forthright, because they were the third arm of power of the illuminati and the worship of Baal or Lucifer. I know the truth hurts to hear on the extreme good majority of the Catholic Church followers. As the Bible says, there are to be false Prophets. Understand, that the three pillars of control were Religion (main one, the Catholic Church), Banking System (Reserve Banks of the World) and military (this was the American Military until after 9/11, they woke-up and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) military became the Cabal’s military arm. All three pillars of evil and control have been taken down, in the last few years.

In the next quote is from the Galactic Federation of Light, just yesterday: “This which brings us great Joy … because it allows us to note the change in Energy upon your Planet … and within you. This is certainly a very positive outcome for us that so many ‘KNOW’ their Inner Truth and it serves so well in bringing about the enormous ‘Shift’ that is about to take place. Your Phase Two is coming and it shall expose much. Some things will already be known yet when the lid blows off this boiling pot … there will be much disbelief and unimaginable turmoil, due to shock levels of those who have no idea at all of what lies beneath all that is taking place on the surface.” This is what Nick Fleming called the “Great Shift” this week in his message. But his “Great Shift” is for the financial shift of the planet, a per-say “on the ground” result or derivative of the Shift to greater human consciousness. We will move to the great laws of NESARA/GESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act), the other is just Global, all countries. From my sources, all will be revealed and done by end of March 2022. Here is a list of tools on Earth that will be used for Earth’s freedom: Starlink, QFS, Global Currency Reset, Debt Forgiveness, Common and Universal Laws. Some will be enacted soon, others later. I will quote Michelle Fielding on 12/9/2021 as saying the one final military marker is Queen Elizabeth’s death announcement. She has been executed some time ago, for crimes against humanity, but the public announcement is important for the reveal to the public by the Earth Alliance that military operations are complete. Other markers have been completed, and some more minor ones have not. But clearly, we are in the final stage’s military wise, and ready to begin disclosure to the masses. Disclosure still looks like the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System). Here is what Queen Romana says: “I “know” EBS, is needed. These things need to be made public:  The corruption,  Criminality,  False Economy, The intentional manipulation, deception, and programming (dumbing down) of the We The People, and  The Evil deeds (Satanic) of the past/passed Leaders need to be revealed (the exchanging of baby boys, baby girls and Adults men and women for Earthly control, powers, and wealth), etc.  All of these violate the prime directives of, “Do not do intentional harm to Humanity.” Some others say now, not the EBS, it will be the Trump TV channel and social media that will be activated for disclosure in February of 2022. Zorra stated the EBS will come out too. As for the 10 days of darkness, my sources say that has been done. For this was the arrests and the Cabal bad days, that was done in November. The formal disclosure looks to be the ten days of darkness for the fake MSM and social media while we tell the true on TV, what a great thing. It will be shut down temporary, to get the truth out.  I would rather call it the “Ten Days of the Light or the Truth”, myself. Zorra clearly has stated the countdown has started, but no indication of the starting point. Understand my sources says there will NOT be a big stock crash or upheaval in economic terms, we have been in a great downturn since Covid and do not need humanity to suffer anymore. We do know that some stocks are CIA fronts and some are pure Cabal companies, the Alliance has taken care of this already, and will not allow, savings of the people to suffer! This is the same as blowing-up many things worldwide, is that what the Cabal did all the time, wars and things like 9/11, we do NOT need that anymore. The “blow-up” is the vast information of truth for some individuals, some will NOT believe or go to their save havens to get relief. On the Great Shift, as you have read, all indications, from all sources, it is already started!! Celebrate!!

We do know Starlink satellite systems will be extremely secure system compared with current open back-door Cabal internet and banking system we have now. This is a major accomplishment and freedom for humanity, once we shift to Starlink. For it will take away all the Cabal money and power in one giant swoop. But understand the QFS software has infiltrated the current banking swift system and is why we have been able to arrest corrupt bankers and Cabal members for some time now. This Starlink software is the most advanced in the world, and will know your intent with the money, it will stop all criminal activity through money in the “Great Shift”, financially.




Another excerpt from Animani: “The time has come, brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet! The time has come for total release, the time has come for the release of all the blockages, all the veils of forgetfulness, everything that has kept you subdued or apart from the whole process of the universe.” And another from an Ascended Master this week quote: “Starlink and prosperity to humanity. Father/Mother God did not create the universe for suffering, for scarcity, for hunger, for misery. Father/Mother God created each of you for prosperity and abundance. And they exist in the universe, all you have to do is emanate positive feelings; all you have to do is emanate joy, and whatever you emanate positively will begin to attract abundance. So, don’t think of yourself as unworthy, don’t think that there’s something wrong coming your way. You are deserving, all this abundance, all this prosperity.”

Starlink will oversee Government or a trained Benevolent Military will ensure that NO Governments creates war (Peace). And No Government make war with their citizens. Like Mandates or un-righteous laws. President Trump is Commander-in-Chief of the military and Starlink project in the U.S. A. There will be others in the world, other countries too. We do not need governments, at city, state and national level. There will be citizen committees that will JUST VOTE ON POLICY, at the local level. NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

Please rest assured, The Light coming in from the Central Sun is why the all new things are coming for humanity. The real reason for the changes.  It is not just the acts of the military or great leaders on the ground, they had orders, it all is a hierarchy, just like the military,  from God to Angels, to the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters,  to higher vibrational beings, to even the animals and the molecules in us and around us. For God’s energy is what gives us life, through the quantum realm, the God particle or God-energy, per-say, the soul is pure God’s energy, that lives forever.  We are all connected through this energy, by unity consciousness. God is not in the clouds or at the Central Sun, he/she is everywhere, to go to this light in to go within, through meditation or prayer. Let the light shine on Earth, as the Golden Age of Gaia (Earth) in this evolutional change from the 3rd dimension life onto 4th dimension life and then finally to the 5th dimension life. Let there be peace in your heart and enjoyment to watch “The Greatest Transition in Human History” unfold in the next days, weeks and months. All will be revealed by the end of March 2022.


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