Drang Nach Osten: German Drive to the East


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 22, 2021


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“The political aims (of Germany) of the invasion of Russia (under Hitler as today) being the creation of the Ukrainian State, a separate Belorussia and a confederation of the Baltic States.” General Franz Halder. (Franz Halder, Kriegstagebuch : Tagliche Aufzeichnungen des chefs des Generalstabes sea Heeres 1939-1942, Band II: Von der geplanten Landung in England bis zum Beginn des Ostfeldzuges (1.7.1940-21.6.1941) Hans-Adolf Jacobsen (ed.) (Arbeitskreis fur Wehrforschung, Stuttgard, 1963, pp. 32-33 (22 July 1940. Hereafter cited as: Franz Halder, KTB II.

The miracle in Europe is the German success in fulfilling just about all of Germany’s goals of World Wars One and Two. This is what the Ukraine crisis is all about. Just as the OSS-CIA regarded the Shah of Iran as its anchor to control the Middle East, and Israel as a liability, the CIA regarded Germany as its anchor in Europe against Russia which explains why they gave to Germany all of Europe down to Greece and Italy and are now working to give the Ukraine to Germany as well as Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania where the latter three are already in the fold.

As we quote above General Franz Halder’s support of Hitler’s German aspirations, this does not differ from those of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg’s in World War One at the Treaty talks at Brest-Litovsk:

On the other side were significant political realignments. On New Year’s Day in Berlin, the Kaiser insisted that Hoffmann reveal his views on the future German-Polish border. He advocated taking a small slice of Poland; Hindenburg and Ludendorff wanted much more. They were furious with Hoffmann for breaching the chain of command and wanted him to be dismissed and sent to command a division. The Kaiser refused, but Ludendorff no longer spoke with Hoffmann on the telephone since the communication was now through an intermediary.

The German Supreme Commanders were also furious at ruling out of annexations, contending that the peace “must increase Germany’s material power”. They denigrated Kühlmann and pressed for additional territorial acquisitions. When Hindenburg was asked why they needed the Baltic provinces he replied, “To secure my left flank for when the next war happens.” However, the most profound transformation was that a delegation from the Ukrainian Rada, which had declared independence from Russia, had arrived at Brest-Litovsk. They would make peace if they were given the Polish city of Cholm and its surroundings, and they would provide desperately needed grain. Czernin no longer was desperate for a prompt settlement with the Russians.

I might say as an aside his treatment of Hoffman was the greatest error of Ludendorff in his career as General Max Hoffman was the greatest planning genius of the German Army and was behind all the planning of the famous victory of the Battle of Tannenberg. Ludendorff refused to take him with him to the western front and idiotically drove his armies into suicidal attacks on British and French trenches where if Hoffman was there he would have struck as far west as possible avoiding the most hardened lines. Ludendorff was not a grand strategist but merely a good organizer.


General Max Hoffman was rated by some historians as perhaps the most brilliant staff officer of his generation’ and used as a model at the United States Army Command and General Staff College.

Germany organized Euroland or the European Common Market as follows rigging the currency values to effect the following destruction of the industries of southern Europe:

I quote an analysis of what Italy gained by joining the EU or Euroland: “For one VW sold in Italy, we were selling six FIATs in Germany; for one Renault sold in Italy, we were selling seven FIAT in France; and for one Volvo sold in Italy, we were selling nine FIAT in Sweden. Now is quite reversed. So, since the Gospel says that the “quality of a tree is visible from his fruits” it is so easy to say that this European Union is poisonous for Italy.”

What happened when the euro was initiated was that the southern tier of Europe’s currencies as the lira were exchanged for a value that priced their industrial products out of the German or northern European market and were a disaster for Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. as the above writer points out. What really happened is that Germany realized its ambitions of World War One and Two in taking over Europe creating a common market that gave their industries economy of scale to destroy its competition in Europe to compete with the US industry which up until then had the largest market in the world.

This was extended to eastern Europe which the BND told me was the sine qua non for German industry to invest in Eastern Europe that those countries become part of NATO irrespective of German agreements with the now destroyed Russia of the 1990s that was washed up as a nation who could do nothing to interfere. Once Germany achieved these economies of scale, Germany and Japan bombed as with B-52 bomber all of the US industry leaving in its wake half the US industry destroyed as a rust belt. The US lost World War Two. We began to look like our own B-52 bombing raids of German industry and Germany and Japan had their revenge.

The US finally blocked Japan’s rise under James Banker later as we had moved to raise China up against Russia. Japan had fulfilled its usefulness against the China-Russia combine as China was now our ally. Japan relatively speaking started it power decline at that point as China rose. (Today, the US has decided China is the new adversary because it is too powerful and has created in alliance all over again with Russia. The US is moving to ally and build up Japan.)

The Plaza Accord was a joint–agreement signed on September 22, 1985, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, between FranceWest GermanyJapan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to depreciate the U.S. dollar in relation to the French franc, the German Deutsche Mark, the Japanese yen and the British Pound sterling by intervening in currency markets. The U.S. dollar depreciated significantly from the time of the agreement until it was replaced by the Louvre Accord in 1987. Some commentators believe the Plaza Accord contributed to the Japanese asset price bubble of the late 1980s.


The China economic expansion which was fostered as Japan was held back after Deng Xiaoping took over in 1978. It began in earnest after 1985. Russia felt trapped with a rising China on its east and a titanic Germany on its west in control of Europe. It made an effort to change in 1990-1991 and thought they had made a deal with the US to this effect. The US played them for a sucker deciding to use this moment of weakness to destroy it completely and break it apart. Russia saw the rise of Germany and the rise now of China and wanted to join the west in friendship and return to Christianity but the US would have none of it. The US religion was power or geopolitics not Christianity. This beacon of light is pure greed. Russia was tricked into thinking we wanted to be their friend and help them integrate with us as a partner. At that time China was not considered a threat to the US at all but a friend because it was not that big.

Thus in the 1990s the US with their agents the Rothschild oligarchs destroyed Russia. It gave them hyperinflation, the Jeffrey Sachs shock treatment, and before you knew it their retirees were begging for bread in the streets their savings hyper-inflated away according to the US plan and those below the poverty line for Eastern Europe and Russia rose from 14 million to 168 million. Moscow streets became an Al Capone battlefield between oligarch gunmen in shootouts while Lord Jacob and his oligarchs stole half of Russia and toasted in London the transfer to London of hundreds of billions of dollars while the CIA drank champaign at Langley in celebration.

Now, China is treated as an enemy by the US only because they have grown too big. The reason the US does not want to play Russia against China as an ally is that they fear this will lead Germany to ally with Russia and China and leave the US out in the cold. This is the sole cause of the Ukraine crisis. It is to force the EU away from Russian natural resources.

That creates another problem. Those Russian natural resources will go to China which the EU will lose. Now, the US goal was to force China to be our satrapy by our control of the sea by which they were to be dependent on us for their natural resources. The US fears that if Russia supplies their natural resources to China that they will lose most of the Eurasian heartland and China unbalancing the world. The US is accepting that danger as they still control the oceans by their eleven carrier task forces, or they think they do while China is very rapidly building up the greatest submarine fleet in world history, and so believing by their forever controlling the seas that they can forever control China’s ability to export.

This will end badly.

Is War in the Ukraine Imminent?

David Lifschultz


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