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Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 19, 2021

The World and Alchemy


– “Pluto in Capricorn: Transformation at the Foundations”
– Alchemy
– God and Goddess of Chaos and Transformation
– Universal Laws and Venus retrograde cycle
– A Cosmic Shift
– “The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One”
– Soul Soothing reminders…
– I Won’t Go Back   –   William McDowell

“Pluto in Capricorn: Transformation at the Foundations”:

“PLUTO IN CAPRICORN 25 January 2008 to 23 March 2023”

These times have been deeply challenging and rising vibrations is not always easy to do. Considering that we have to ensure we are aware, wary, intuitively discerning, and also standing powerfully, at every cost sometimes, in our truth.




The ending of an old era that has been about slavery, old habits, beliefs and mind controlled spells to do the unthinkable in life, initially initiates major catastrophes both globally and personally. The ending of the old era can result in the desperation to hold onto the old energies of life. And sadly this process can be very painful. Emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. 

Currently, we are in the transition times from old era to the new era, and this transition is very challenging, particularly these past two years. And when truths are revealed or disclosed, or firmly stand for, it can truly challenge the very core of the essence of our spirits.

However, this particular chaos is one that is so deeply painful and yet necessary to truly ensure the new era of love and light prevails permanently.  There is no other way. Because there are those that hold so strongly to the beliefs and old habits that are dearly destructive, that cannot be tolerated nor be acceptable for the new Era of life, being about true liberation and freedom, and respect for life.

In the years of my life I noticed some very incredible occurrences. When we utilise the power of love, sometimes there is sheer destruction that comes out of it. And at first it seems confusing and unjustifiable, but then after time you realise that the power of love and even major catastrophes is actually to purify, uncanny. Its similar to the metaphor of washing a dirty pan that needs scrubbing until the shine is revealed. Or charcoal under pressure becomes a diamond. The metamorphosis transition of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Alchemy is another way of describing what is occurring in this transition times. All are initially messy, chaotic, and deeply painful. But then something amazing occurs. Something so beautiful.


– “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way”
– “aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold”

“The art of alchemy was handed down through the centuries from Egypt and Arabia to Greece and Rome, and finally to western and central Europe. The word is derived from the Arabian phrase “al-kimia,” which refers to the preparation of the Stone or Elixir by the Egyptians. The Arabic root “kimia” comes from the Coptic “khem” that alluded to the fertile black soil of the Nile delta. Esoterically and hieroglyphically, the word refers to the dark mystery of the primordial or First Matter (the Khem).




Simplified, the aims of the alchemists were threefold: to find the Stone of Knowledge (The Philosophers’ Stone), to discover the medium of Eternal Youth and Health, and to discover the transmutation of metals. To the medieval alchemist’s mind the different elements were but the same original substance in varying degrees of purity. Gold was the purest of all and silver followed closely.

In the early days of alchemy, the astronomical signs of the planets were also used as alchemical symbols. Then in the centuries of medieval persecution and suppression every alchemist invented his own secret symbols. Charlatans, quacks and cheats took over and alchemy became, along with sorcery and witchcraft, infamous for fraud and extortion. In the 18th century scientists tried to pry loose the real achievements in chemistry, pharmacology and medicine from this confusing cornucopia of science and magic.”

“The definition of Alchemy is the magical power or process of transmuting from a base metal and comes from ancient times. The transmutation of base metals into gold. It comes from the arabic al kīmiyā in the middle ages.

The word alchemy comes from the arabic al-kīmiyā and the greek word khumeía or the greek khēmiā.”

“Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Its practitioners mainly sought to turn lead into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. However, the goals of alchemy went far beyond simply creating some golden nuggets.

Alchemy was rooted in a complex spiritual worldview in which everything around us contains a sort of universal spirit, and metals were believed not only to be alive but also to grow inside the Earth. When a base, or common, metal such as lead was found, it was thought to simply be a spiritually and physically immature form of higher metals such as gold. To the alchemists, metals were not the unique substances that populate the Periodic Table, but instead the same thing in different stages of development or refinement on their way to spiritual perfection.”

God and Goddess of Chaos and Transformation:

“In Greek Mythology, Chaos was the beginning of all things. The word means chasm, emptiness, and vast void in Greek. In the creation myths, it is the primordial or formless state or the gap created by the separation of heaven and earth. The deities Chaos, Gaea, Tartarus and Eros were said to emerge from Chaos. Also known as Khaos…”

‘Chaos was also a deity of the Greek pantheon’. The name translate as “Gap” and ‘Chaos was also considered to be a goddess of Fate’.

“SHIVA – THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION  Shiva literally means “auspiciousness, welfare”. He is the third god of the Hindu Triad and he is the god of destruction. He represents darkness , and it is said to be the “angry god”.




The term destruction as it relates to Shiva’s cosmic duties can be deceiving. Often Lord Shiva destroys negative presences such as evil, ignorance, and death.

Also, it is the destruction created by Lord Shiva that allows for positive recreation. For example, an artisan may melt down (i.e., destroy) old pieces of metal during his process of creating a beautiful piece of art.

It is for this reason that Shiva holds a complementary role to Brahma, the god of creation. Shiva protects souls until they are ready for recreation at the hands of Brahma. Because of his connections with destruction, Lord Shiva is one of the most feared and heavily worshipped deities in Hinduism.

However, according to Hinduism, creation follows destruction. Therefore Shiva is also regarded as a reproductive power, which restores what has been dissolved.”

“Shiva is known in the Hindu religion as “The Destroyer””

Chaos leads to major transformations and new Creation.

Universal Laws and Venus retrograde cycle:

It is remarkable how Universal Laws are so powerful that I only today got to see the enormity of the power.

“sometimes the universe becomes overwhelmed by corruption and evil. At these times, it was necessary for the deities of destruction and consumption to bring about the end of one age and the new to come.”




Sometimes a major catastrophe occur to remove that which is obstructive and suppressive so to give way for life to thrive.

“We are doing this deep cleanse within our psyche. And through this elimination process, all sorts of things are going to come to the surface. We are cleaning house. And that’s okay. For by the time that Venus will be direct again in February, we will have scraped out and healed old infected wounds that had been lying dormant beneath the surface. And once they are cleansed, released and eradicated, then we can finally move forward unburdened.

Venus is descending into the underworld to do this deep work. And then at the mid-point of the retrograde cycle, Venus will eventually disappear from the sky. This is when she will convene with the Solar Gods on January 9th, marking the beginning of the new Venus cycle. And by the time that she emerges as a Morning Star, we will be ready to begin anew…………….

Things to watch for in the news with Venus retrograde and conjunct Pluto this month:

Scandals, betrayals, disloyalty, and corruption; People in positions of power and wealth coming under scrutiny; anything in the world of finance, the economy, investments and banks, gifts, bribes, taxes; Alliances, partnerships, sex scandals, the making and breaking of contracts.

What the Venus retrograde cycle is good for:

Reunions and do-overs. People can emerge from the past at these times. This can present an opportunity to take care of any unfinished business. Can also allow you to reconnect with those people you really do care about, but with whom you lost touch. There may also be reminders as to why you lost touch to begin with. Listen to those reminders.

Exploring what your expectations are from others, and they from you. An important time to get in touch with what is important to you, and what you want and/or need from relationships and partners. It is also important to be clear about what your limits are, and how far you are, or are not, willing to compromise.

Reassessing your priorities. What are those people, activities and things in your life that are truly most important to you, and how can you make them more of a priority in your life?

Venus conjunct Pluto through the end of December is a good time to remove those things that no longer serve you: habits, stuff that is just creating a lot of clutter in your life and that you no longer need; clearing out the crawl spaces, the basement and the closets.




Your inner Muse awaits. This can be a period of deep creative inspiration. If nothing else, pay attention to where your heart is being drawn. What are those things that most deeply inspire your heart and soul?

Gratitude. Rather than focusing on what we do not have, or the one who got away, wake up each day with gratitude for at least one thing that you are thankful for. And that includes all those things that we often take for granted. If we were to wake each morning with this sense of gratitude, it invests us with an inner prosperity, which if cultivated has been proven to improve our happiness, our self-esteem, as well as our psychological and physical well-being. The Venus retrograde phase, when we are internalizing the qualities of Venus, is the ideal time to cultivate this practice.

The Solstice December 21st

But this time of darkness has its own value and beauty. Rather than looking without, we are being asked to retreat and look within, to the light and the warmth that is to be found in that still center of our being. Beyond the Sun being the source of light and life, it is also a symbol of our highest spiritual nature. That part of us which is Divine. When the light can no longer be found without, we must look within, to our own inner source of light and life and love. So as the Sun pauses this week for its return, may we also pause in reverence of that inner spark of divinity which is trying to find purchase within our own hearts.

This is the basis upon which our New Year’s resolutions are given strength, purpose and momentum at this time of year. A time in which the spark of the divine within strives to inspire our own creative vision for what shall be. And so our year is about to unfold.” By Lauren,


“WHEN THE SCARY UNEXPECTED HAPPENS…………..Sometimes in life the scary unexpected happens and we are thrown off kilter.

Your husband reveals that he’s having an affair,

You discover a lump in your breast,

Someone you love dearly dies suddenly,




You get fired unexpectedly and you have no other source of income etc etc.

There are many unthinkable things that hit us in life that we have no control over.

The fear or grief takes on an intensity that is almost unbearable.

These are the times when the temptation to drop into negative thinking (that only exasperates the situation further) is strongest,

and these are the times that we need our spiritual tools the most, the tools that we have been practicing and using to strengthen our ability to cope with the smaller disturbances in life.

We need these tools for support and guidance as we traverse these rough waters where we are forced to feel the pain because nothing can truly distract us from it. All the drugs in the world simply suppress our feelings into deeper depths where they fester and zap our power and our energy.

If we don’t choose to suppress our feelings with drugs, we have an opportunity to grow and open to new levels of self- discovery, simply because it comes with the territory ( unless we choose to be in denial ).

More Often than not we are forced to review our priorities,

To look at ourselves and our lives more honestly,

To take responsibility for things that we failed to take responsibility for before,




To change our course,

To call upon strengths we didn’t know we had,

To discover who our true friends are,

To learn new skills,

And we are always tested to walk our talk.

This is the stuff that evolves us quickly,

it’s the tough love of Divine Mother that often has to hurt in order for us to heal and to grow towards full acceptance and trust which strengthens us to suffer less as we mature in awareness.

When we see our tough challenges in this light, it helps us to start from a place of understanding and willingness to take on the challenge with less resistance.

This is bringing consciousness and compassion to the situation, our most valuable spiritual tool.

We can then give ourselves the space to be vulnerable and to be human. We can authentically fall apart if that’s what we need to do, because we know that falling apart is sometimes necessary to bring our soul pieces back together in a more balanced and empowered way. We don’t need to suppress anything to prove how strong we are…




We can breathe, relax and keep letting go of the fear, staying in the present moment, pulling our mind back to presence, because the mind wants to go back to re-hash, re-play, elaborate on the story, how it could have been if only etc etc…

We can feel and express our grief fully instead of trying to stop it, we allow it it’s natural course…

We can give ourselves the care we need, accept the help of friends, get sufficient rest, try to get some exercise, preferably in nature for a boost of much needed natural endorphins…

We can help process our feelings through various exercises such as journaling any victimized or grief stricken feelings, it may be helpful to write letters to the one who hurt us and then create a ritual with fire and burn them, releasing all the anger and pain into the fire…

These are some of the ways that help us to get through the pain gently and allow our hearts to break open unimpeded to a deeper love and compassion….

But it starts with compassion and care for ourselves, giving ourselves the time to recover and the self support to make choices that will serve our highest good which in turn will serve the highest good of all those involved.” © Caroline de Lisser,

A Cosmic Shift:

“A Cosmic Shift

Venus Stations Retrograde Dec 19th ~ Jan 29th 2022.

Hearts awaken as the Goddess Venus takes a backspin for forty days and forty nights. Here your gaze is directed inwards into the shadows of your deeper soul stories in love, money and worth.

Venus in the energy of Capricorn means you’re going to be building a more solid foundation to your inner belief system, clearing old stories around love and lack, so you can create more authentic relationship visions and nourish a new alignment to abundance and your value consciousness.

You’ll come to terms with how the past years turbulent mountainous climb has reshaped what you hold sacred and true. A new self awareness and inner resolve that’s been carved from the grief and grace of this year.

Things may go through a powerful purification as they crumble and disintegrate before a new sacred golden path is revealed. Pluto’s influence during this Venusian archeological dig is relentless. The karmic lord of the underworld is summoning truths with an agenda of transformation that won’t stop knocking on the door of avoidance until it’s been answered honestly.

You’ll feel spellbound through these next few weeks as you meander through the myth and meaning of your own stories, facing difficult moments as you process and heal from what you’ve accepted in “lack” and how the experiences have imprisoned your ability to feel deserving of more for yourself. But the ending can be the deliverance of what you want, and most importantly what your new sense of worth reflects, after this cosmic cleanse.

Find softness in the things that broke you and Venus will pour love and healing to plant new seeds that will nourish your soul. You are the alchemist, every choice and decision you make here brings you closer to the future you seek allowing you to make peace with the past. Fight only for what lifts your spirit, and recommit to what you know must exist to support your peace and harmonise your world.

As the energy slows send your own personal message to the universe about what you are no longer willing to settle for through your own self-reflection, nurturing and renewed intention about what brings you balance and joy.

Do not accept anything less than your soul knows you are worthy of.

What to expect in Venus RX

Expect old connections to surface

Expect to be challenged to demonstrate your value

Expect to experience beautiful awakening about your true feelings in relationships

Expect karmic balancing in the areas you have invested through alignment and gratitude

Expect some sadness as old contracts are completed and it’s time to move on

Expect healing as issues are resolved and the power of divine love surfaces to soothe souls

Expect a change of heart that leads you towards something greater

Its a powerful time for Twin Flame, Soul Mate and Karmic connections to take a poignant review at where they are within the soul contract. Deep compassion, forgiveness and love will surface but only after shaky foundations are stripped away. Strong boundaries are necessary to enable the next chapter to emerge. You must give yourself permission to move beyond current struggles.

For some this may bring closure, for others the chance to tentatively embark on a road to recovery. The choices are always yours. Listen to your heart at what is really for your best and highest good.

Revisit my Venus Conjunct Pluto musings from Dec 11th for deeper reference into this cosmic conversation.

Beautiful Blessings

Romy Wyser”

“The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One”

““The world right now is desperately asking for something new. The old reality that was co-created and reinforced by people for generations is buckling. It’s not that it ever truly served peoples’ best interests, but human consciousness has evolved to a point where that paradigm and matrix has become so discordent and out of balance that it is naturally imploding. This provides us with a new opportunity to focus our intentions on designing a new template for the reality we experience.”

“Your eyes have been opened and it’s now time you experience a beautiful reset from this soulful surrender.” Romy Wyser

“ Forge, don’t follow.

There is nobody on this planet (or Universe) who comes even close to possessing the same combo of unique skills/gifts/life experience wrapped up in the same package as you. Fact.

The age of worshipping and following is over and it’s time for all of us to stop fitting in and start being big.

Being ourselves. Spilling over.

Forget fitting in.

I read a great quote the other day which I just love. I believe it was said by Lily Tomlin:

 ‘The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat’.

Love that.”  Rebecca Campbell,

Soul Soothing reminders…

”You now know better ~ remember this when you feel yourself turn back to old ways.

People project their wounded emotions to cope ….You’ve come too far to let someone else’s disconnected energy dictate your experience and rob you of your peace……

………….Acceptance doesn’t mean you are saying you want something or you’re giving up, it means you let go of the struggle against what you don’t want, which is preventing the solution that your destiny path is trying to bring in for you. Accept in the inevitability of your highest self bringing you all the insights required to access your freedom in this moment.

……….You are building the deepest roots of strength and endurance within yourself and from these roots a mighty oak will rise……..”.  Romy Wyser,

“May you invite in the light to illuminate the way forward and soothe your soul in the final release of this year.

May you find grace and respect in all that you have experienced and deep acceptance in where you now stand, opening your heart to the potential that now emanates from your evolved and awakened soul.

May you shed the layers that weigh heavy with doubt.

May you honour yourself by finding the courage to be who you want to be and give full and divine permission to move forward with unwavering hope and unshakeable belief in your ability to rise.

May you find peace if you have trouble in your soul.

May you wake up to the sacred flame of your own spirit.

May you trust again where your soul has splintered and may you find the pieces create an even more beautiful vision as you heal them back together.

May you move effortlessly into this new cycle that whispers your name, calling you to be more, to seek more, to receive more.

May you find yourself in the wild and realize that it was always home.

May you feel whole and may you find love, unity and purpose.

May you be willing to be misunderstood as you make changes that better serve your soul.

May you receive the blessings of calmness, clarity and wisdom to make choices that bring you joy.

May you dare to dream bigger, to demand more and to question everything so as to discover what you now need to feel whole in your pathway of purpose.

May you see yourself as worthy, capable and deserved of what you desire and ready to receive better for yourself.

May you accept your restless mind and wildly loving heart, understanding there is no one thing that will satisfy the whole of you.

You are the energy expression of endless endings and new beginnings. Standing in the doorways to your dreams, lighting up the dark nights with visions of possibility and promise.

You cannot be caged for your mind is always free and your soul strengthened by truth and now laced together with unwavering faith.”

Focus on the Now. Now in every moment of the Now. For Now is the most important time of your life. Focus on the Now.

I Won’t Go Back   –   William McDowell:

“I won’t go back and lyrics

“Never going back, never going back, Never going back to the way it was…

I won’t go back, can’t go back To the way it used to be For your presence came and changed me.”

I Won’t Go Back   –   William McDowell lyrics

“(I’ve been changed)




(I’ve found joy)



(And favor)

I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)

In the presence of the lord, I’ve been (healed)

Freed (freed)

Delivered (delivered)

In your presence, lord (I’ve found joy)


Grace (grace)

And favor (and favor)

And right now (right now is the moment) today

(Today is the day) I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)

I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)

And I have waited (I have waited for this moment to come)

(And I won’t let it pass me by) so we say

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence, came and changed me)

Say I won’t, oh, can’t go back (I won’t go back)

(Can’t go back, to the way it used to be) to the way it used to be

Before your presence came and changed me

(All my shame)


(Sins) they’ve been forgiven


(No more chains)


My past (my past)

Is over (is over)

Say right now (right now is the moment) today

(Today is the day) I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)

Come on, somebody declare that, I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)

And I have waited (I have waited for this moment to come) this moment right here, I’ve waited all my life

(And I won’t let it pass me by) so we say

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me)

I need somebody to lift up their voice and declare, say “I won’t”

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me)

I’ve been changed, so I won’t go back

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be) there’s nothing to go back to, no

(Before your presence came and changed me)

Somebody say, I won’t (I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me) would you lift up your voices loud as you can and say “I won’t”

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me)

Come on, somebody lift your voice and declare and say

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be) can’t go back to the way it used to be

(Before your presence came and changed me)

Somebody say “I won’t go back, say”

(I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me)

Come on, just one more time, “I won’t” (I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be)

(Before your presence came and changed me)”’t+Go+Back

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative

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