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Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 14, 2021

A Lightworkers Path: Angels, Timelines and Our Soul

We are the soul not the body.  The soul animates the body.

Apparently and I just learned this the extraterrestrial beings don’t see Angels and so to them they don’t exist. I learned that this is because the Angels will it that way but the opinion of upper dimensional groups all angels exist in a realm that is above all physicality in this universe and they are real.

I know Angels are real firsthand since I have seen my Guardian Angel  and the fact that, she was here by my side during a tumultuous time in my life, made me realize how special we all are and how much we matter in the greater scheme of things. I believe it was then  I realized  that I was on a special mission.  Creator Mother/Father God sent me my personal guardian to ensure that all went as smooth as it could be without negating my free will.  We are all so blessed to have this I’m not unique. Our Angels are with us night and day watching over us and whispering in our ears. I have been able to hear them all my life and actually I don’t know what it’s like without them.

My collaboration with the Angelic realm and Archangel Michael has been a guiding force all my life. The only times I couldn’t hear them was when I didn’t want to and then everything got worse. It was very clear to me what a powerful force they were and still are in my life and I trusted that. I now have a clearer picture of my mission and that my mission is global. This mission is about helping all those people who for decades have been ignored or not seen or have fallen through the cracks of these heartless and even soul less governments worldwide. It is our mission now to fix all the wrongs and that is why my mission is so important and why I am calling out to all the humanitarians out there that feel the same call. Please consider Geo and my group. We have been dedicated to this path our whole lives.

We all have angels on and by our side helping us here on this planet right now whether we believe in them or not? Whether we can see them or not? They exist alongside us and do step in when they are most needed. It is ok for us to call on them.  Just hold the vibration of love even if you have difficulty expressing it.  Love is energy and what you put out is what you get back. So put out love even if you can’t give love to someone right now simply just send it to them and to your brothers and sisters all over this earth who are all having similar experiences. Let’s just radiate LOVE out to humanity.




Humans are love by nature. It is in us to love and be love. The only reason why some people can’t is because of fear and fear we know is just an illusion we make up in our minds thereby giving it form.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe and it sets us apart from many other species. Emanating love out into the world is so very important. It changes the vibration of the negativity that is still hanging in the earth’s sphere. That last remnant of darkness.

We will cover this whole universe with so much love in our new world which will be full of so much joy, abundance and prosperity that we never knew existed that will now happen for all of us. The reason is because we will be activating our 5D Galactic Higher Self. We will be regaining our all the knowledge from previous lifetimes that we had forgotten when we incarnated here and all of our abilities that we held in those lifetimes too.

This has already happened to me and I gather so I can share this as a testament to all of you who are sitting on the fence. Believe that we are being supported by our Angels/Guides. Those of you who have followed my writings will know what I am talking about as I wrote about it back in May.  This is truly happening and there is no denying it. I have accepted it and realize that there is even more for me to learn about myself and I’m just beginning. My advice for you all is to just keep lots of love in your heart and forgive often because there are many around us that are just not awake right now. We have to let them walk their path and on their own timelines.  

Fifth dimension is about working from our hearts and being in joy. Joy I have always said is our birthright and it has been usurped from us because of our DNA manipulation by the dark forces on this earth. Well the good news is that they are almost all wiped out. Only a few more weeks I’m told. Personally, I would like to see this done by the end of this transmuting year of 2021. My intuition tells me that by end of December if everyone keeps their vibration high (and I’m told that we are actually ahead in our timeline) we shall truly have our new lives in 2022. Believe it! Only we can change our world. You and me and all of us that are awake right now holding the light for our loved ones. It’s up to us. I know we can do it and we do because that is why we are here and we won’t accept anything less! We have already outgrown 3D it was never for us it was just for us to come in as observers and then awakeners!

I know we are all more than ready for this new vibration 5D. This awakening I have been told has been much smoother than most have been in the past. We only understand linear time in 3D but we are multi-dimensional beings. They have even found that to be true in our brains. You know the parts that we have been told we don’t use some of us do.

In 3D there is the past, present and the future because we think in linear time. Our stories connect us to our past. Our lives are constantly centered in the here and now. Your memories are fresh so you still have stories to tell which means you live in the past. If you keep your attention on the present then there is no such thing as a past. The present in other words is the culmination of the past that which we have achieved already.  There is nothing to recall what has happened in the past happened in the past and it therefore is not a part of the current moment.

Everything that has happened to us is stored in our spirit that is both pain or pleasure. We remember when we have those feelings, so we can see how far we have come. In the fifth dimension, we are in the here and now. We create our memories but we don’t have to recall them since there will be no anxiety about what is to come. Whatever we need we will create it. We will have the deep faith in our Father/Mother God that connects us to who we are that we don’t have to keep waiting for what is to come later. 




Timelines exist and it is part of our future and they are recorded chronologically. The future is formed in the present moment in time. It is possible to alter these timelines because our vibration has an impact on our experience. Some days, we will vibrate low which is ok but it means that we are adjusting to another timeline that will correspond to our current vibration. The lesson that is causing you to lower your vibration but you will come back stronger and stronger until you can break free from it. In other words, learn the lesson then you move onto another timeline.

 Only you can do that and it’s easier of course if you realize you are doing it. Remember we are Creators so everything that happens to us happens because we created it and so only we can break free of it. It truly is that simple. Only when you recognize it do you shut down that lesson. Once that’s done you will begin to vibrate in a new manner thereby bringing in whatever you need to help you attain a higher vibration.

When people in your life who love chaos or games pull you into theirs they are lowering your vibration. This is why there comes a point in all of our lives where all of a sudden people leave us and you can’t figure out what you did. Well a couple of things, first they cannot stay in your midst when you are vibrating higher because it does not serve their purpose or your guides have removed them because they were taking you off your timeline and in the bigger scheme of things your mission is just too important. I know it has hurt you in the past but understand that it was always for your highest purpose and the life you are about to create couldn’t happen.

I have always trusted my angelic guides and later, I could always see why certain individuals were removed. I considered it as a bad decision for the long term so my Angels helped me correct it.  I just hoped that they found their way but I knew that was not my responsibility for it’s their path not just my own. Happiness is only our responsibility so you can’t make someone else happy. That’s their responsibility and if they don’t want it that is also their choice.

As we shift our own personal timelines and we resonate with the results of our actions and ideas we create a new vibration. With every passing timeline we accelerates our journey. As we cause more light and more energy we move closer to the Fifth dimension thereby everything accelerates because the vibration is greater. 

It’s the same with Mother Earth she is ascending with us because the vibration of the planet also rises and as a result the timeline shifts to a more rapid one, as well as, a more peaceful one. Every time we meditate or sing, pray, dance or just laugh raises our vibration and everything/everyone around us. You see, when there is more light there is more balance and there is more harmony!

There is no future just timelines through which we might go where we get tested and cause much change in our lives. Change is about quickening our timelines as our vibration changes it must be that way. Like I said earlier, people come into your life and it looks good but actually it’s not and so they are yanked out of your life and you are left wondering what you did wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong but they were taking you off your current timeline and so it had to happen.  Look at it this way,  it actually accelerated your ascension. Yes, it can be difficult and it doesn’t feel so great when it’s happening believe that it was for your greater purpose. Sometimes, it quickens us to a better timeline one where we can find what we are looking for and faster. We get stuck sometimes because of fear or the fear programming that has been programmed in us. That same programming also causes anxiety/depression. It’s not YOU. Our true nature is to be happy, joyful and full of love for oneself and one another. If you are not happy, your emotions are signalling to you that something is not right. That’s when our Angels come in to get us out of there.

We are bouncing from one timeline to another all the time and so is our planet. Everything is connected to our vibration. It is our vibration that drives our acceleration. When we lower our vibration we also lower our planets. So, if we are on an expedited timeline so is our Mother Gaia. Keep that in mind. The longer we keep going up and down the longer it will take us to reach Fifth dimension.  Right now, we are on an accelerated timeline and while being mindful of your own vibration, you are helping Our Mother Gaia and all her children.  It is our decision to move up in vibration or not. If we lower it, we simply slow down the timeline because of our free will. Alternatively, if we make a conscious decision globally to keep our vibration high, then we will ascend that much faster and move our timelines. It’s all in our hands. We are the Creators!

That’s why we are told over and over again not to get tied up with dates. We are driving that date either closer or further way but there is an end date or due date for each timeline we are in. No one will tell you what that date is because it relies on our vibration to walk the timeline. In other words, no one can do it for us. We have to do it. You and I globally together as One!  If we slow down our vibration we will have difficulty reaching our destination. It’s up to us to maintain our vibration, our faith, and to maintain that love through the next events.  The higher the timeline the easier it is because there is more Light so everything goes more smoothly and effortlessly because of that Light but also because of our frequency or vibration.  Those same things have set us back many times. Our galactic brothers and sisters actually had to help us because of our fear programming. They have helped us with our own individual frequencies and Mother Gaia’s too. Remember to keep your vibration high and have NO FEAR and no worries, simply just trust in OUR future. We are much more balanced than we have been and we deserve this new life.

Planet Earth is about to cross over to a new timeline. Every timeline we enter has seemed to be more intense but that was because our vibration was lower. Now things will go much smoother, so there will be no need to worry just know that the Light has won and shortly, you will see what that means in your own lives. Keep the faith and know that we are not alone… not ever! 




Contact me if you require more information and consider aligning yourself with our group here at the World Benevolence Group we have some very exciting times ahead. I hope you feel called to join our group. We are in need of many humanitarians around the world.  Also, let us know if you have projects so we may make your dreams come true.

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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