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Operation Disclosure | By Phos-light, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 14, 2021


Written by Phos-light
Christmas Epistle                     

PART 3:  NITTY GRITTY    “Plan B”:


This is another Clarion message about the Great Galactic Lesson. If you have had the sagacity to study the 7elucidations , These Epistles should be classified as Supplements. It is recommended to read all past Epistles. In particular it is suggested that you read:

DNA: The Storm is Upon us


Contemplate this. If you are attempting to reach a certain destination, it doesn’t matter whether you take a bus, a train, a plane, or a space ship.  One may get you there faster; one may take some side trips; some may cause stops and delays; however if you are sincere and pure in your heart about your destination, you will arrive. The information within these Epistles and Supplements are just one of many vehicles, which is why you need to use your innate intuition and discernment. The following list of facts may not be manageable for everyone; however we can still be relevant by rejecting fear and standing firm on our Higher Principals.

1) The universe as we know it, along with this world is holographic in nature.

2) We are multi-dimensional beings from the future, existing on the fourth dimension whilst experiencing a parallel bilocation. I coin it “The Dreaming.”

3) We are suffering from a *deep state of amnesia. *No pun intended.

4) Our original 4D avatars are used for exploring corporeality and time.

5) All souls are linked to various levels of different timelines, worlds, and dimensions via their chakra arrangement, which is why some are more activated than others.

6) Timelines are mental constructs produced by past, present and future stored soul memories from this and other worlds and dimensions.


7) There are numerous alien species that were captured in this replicated Holographic timeline. Everything is duplicated within a hologram; nothing is left out.Most of the Aliens and perceived UFO’s here were embodied within this historically stored timeline.This is why a former alien agenda is a recast; however learning from their past failures, the aggressors have unfortunately become more cunning in this temporal loop.

8) We are destined to become a member of a new Galactic Race about to be birthed via the natural activation of our erroneously called “Junk DNA.”  Many are also ready to ascend back to the 5th dimension or higher upon their awakening on the 4th.

9) The Human Race is a potpourri of alien DNA; however each soul belongs to a specific Star system.  The dominant self-replicating structural DNA found in human hybrids allows for that particular Star group to incarnate.

10) We are in an undisclosed, clandestine Alien war being wrought by off-world factions. Without doubt, this is a “Spiritual War” vying for our consciousnessspirit and soul, which why it has been coined an “Info War” by digital warriors.  They need you to comply and surrender to them freely in order to win.  Do you understand???

Researchers still have disagreements over how many distinctive Race groups there are. They suggest between 3 to more than 60! Yet, they tried to standardize it between 5 major races, namely white/Caucasian, yellow/Asian, Negroid/Black, red/Native Indians and Oceanians. They claim they have not been able to biologically define the variants in the human race due to genetic variation among the populations. This may have been true prior to the 2000 Human Genome Project, but not after. Truth be known, they do not want you to ever learn the truth about your ancestry, which now includes the recent Zeta Reticulum hybridisation project from the 60ties and 70ties! This explains why some can see what looks like an alien holographic overlay image on people’s heads and faces via an open 3rd eye appearance.  However, it is important for those who are opening their third eye to understand that all creatures located in the lower “dimensions of opposites” have to deal with positive and negative energies. 

There are negative and positive polarities in all species; we dare not throw the baby out with the bath water via negative judgements or by being self-righteous.  Everything is attracted and produced by our consciousness, which is our creative power that they want to harness.  We will pay a far-reaching price due to the nature of this!  Our subconscious mind cannot discern between the thoughts of love, hate and judgements of others and ourselves.  Read this again!  All of our judgements, especially those with high emotion, are retained in our personal frequency and power of attraction, which in turn becomes our self-induced future! Use love, non-judgement, forgiveness and gratitude for this knowledge to direct your path way out of this inferno of spellbound emotions!

New Age subscribers coin hybrids as “Star seeds.” They assume they are highly advanced spiritual beings originating from distant planets and solar systems. Many hybrid biological ancestries may be more advanced than others, but not all are highly spiritual on any level. Several hybrid groups are psychologically, politically and philosophically linked to the current alien aggressors serving very dark agendas for self-interests.

Prominent religious scriptures found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baháʼí, Samaritanism, Druzism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism along with many others have comparable renderings about “Fallen Angels” and the sons of Gods who were synonymous with the “fallen angels”.  Both preyed upon human beings; desecrating them in every conceivable immoral act along with producing “monstrous offspring” via rape. They ate flesh, had a penchant for the young and for drinking the blood, especially children.  Any critical thinking person or student could align these accounts to an alien invasion taking place within that timeline by comparing it to what is reoccurring here and now!  The literal term “fallen angel” never appeared in any of the scriptures, it was later used to describe those that were being cast down, expelled, and thrown out of the heavens. Is it too far-fetched to consider that there were nefarious invaders being cast out of warring star systems in heaven?  Compare scriptural accounts to what is taking place and being s l o w l y disclosed today to the snoozing closed minded. You may be shocked by their similarities!  We are from the future, entranced in in a past timeline!

Heed this!  You need to know that your genuine avatar is safe, healed and whole and for many souls, about to wake up, which will allow you to continue on your transcending journey. It is essential that you open your mind and heart to consider that you are much more than you realize.  At the very least, comprehend that death was contrived to control you through fear and fallacious belief systems. It is your magnificent mind-bending galactic fusions of DNA flowing through your sacred blood that is so coveted by these maleficent soulless aliens and their psychopathic hybrid minions claiming to be from a “superior bloodline!” They have dutifully been amassing human DNA for immoral future use and cloning. In 2000, Democratic hybridBill Clinton took charge of the ill-omened “Human Genome Project.” Wake up and ask yourself why they are so determined to accumulate your DNA and get control of your consciousness.  Is it possible that you are sooo much more than you ever imagined? You are the force behind their throne; the ‘P’ in Power; open your mind and hearts; stand firm and support a positive outcome until the Higher Forces can put an end to their doomed war-game.

They created fictionalized sci-fi film genres surrounding everything happening to date in order to confound your soul memories.  Becoming awake to the fact that UFO’s, Aliens, Hybrids, Satanist, Underground cities and bases actually exist may well trigger anamnesis in many. Anamnesis is the recollection of memories stored in the soul from previous existences, which is why people are so transfixed by outer space, temporal war, new worlds, neo-techno frontiers and AI movies. Soul memories have been cultivated as conspiracy theories to be disparaged and ridiculed. They control the global mainstream Medias along with their shameful broad casters false narratives. There is so much disinformation and misinformation, denizens are in a state of dissonance and lost hope.  They do not know where to turn, or where to put their hope or faith? Not realizing they hold the power, it is easily understandable why so many people are falling into despondency and foolishly wait for a Saviour figure to appear as did those during the past genocides. The only thing that can harm your quintessence-self is YOU via complacency,compliance or the submission of giving your Free Will over to these vindictive dispassionate (cold blooded) cruel Elite Hybrids.  Why do you think they are giving our children and you incentives to receive DNA changing vaccinations?  This is underhanded chicanery at its lowest ebb to get the innocent and needy to comply and give their souls away!


Conversely, the 7elucidations and these supplements offer a truth that can help you to wake-up by embracing your inner Truth and the realization that you were never “born a sinner.” The human race was originally born innocent and then corrupted by subterfuge and diabolists that duped them into a temporal loop of delusional reincarnations. This illusion is “The Dreaming” gone awry!!  Our hope does not lie within our delusions! It is in the knowledge of who, what, and where we are in an altered state of reality! 

We still have the power to self-correct our consciousness and take back our inherent inner Christed power!
Discernment reveals Inner Truth
Inner Truth brings Autonomy
Autonomy engenders Freedom

If you cognize the Great Awakening, they will no longer be able to deceive you, or control your consciousness; unless you continue to willingly comply to their diabolism and scaremongering tactics. Stop accepting their dark narratives via MSM programming and censorship. You do not want to remain amnesic and locked into your controlled delusions. Look at the throngs complying with a weaponized vaccine created for this purpose, whilst valid research and information is being ignored even though it is resolutely escaping censorship and coming forward!  With your help, we can start a movement towards awakening from this illusion and its ominous delusions. It doesn’t matter whether this 3D reality is being replicated on a flat earth, a round earth, a technological VR system, an alien prison-matrix, or whatever.  It IS all taking place between our ears! It is all constructed from mind stuff, consciousness, imaginationfeelings and emotions!  The world is in a state of tribulations that is being scripted by very clever dark soulless Diabolists that presently own the global mainstream Medias and their broadcasters. They program so much disinformation and misinformation people are in a state of dissonance and losing hope. They do not know where to turn, or put their hope and faith? With no understanding or comprehension of the Truth, it is easily understandable why so many are falling into despondency or looking for an outsourced ‘Saviour’           The 7elucidations and these supplements are something that we can embrace as a vehicle of hope and start to comprehend that this is all Maya – an Illusion – “The Dreaming” gone awry.  Our hope does not lie in this illusion! It is in the knowledge of who, what, and where we are in our altered state of reality!  Heed these words; the means of escape lies in being aware ofthe Great Awakening. They will no longer be able to deceive, or control your consciousness; unless you willingly comply to their tactics and accepting their programming.  This may keep your consciousness locked in trance and continued amnesia to your origins. Again, you think Impossible, just look at the throngs complying with a weaponized vaccine created just for this purpose, whilst valid research and information is being ignored even though resolutely coming forward on the e-net-highway!

The information in some cases herein may be daunting; however the darkness, especially that which affects us personally, must be brought into the light of mind or you may end up becoming compliant to your own detriment due to a lack of awareness. Ignoration has never helped or saved anyone from prosecution, persecution, tribulation, or retribution.  Until we come to accept and realize that everything is created out of Consciousness, we will be victimized by material ignorance!  All consciousness is valid.  This is important to grasp because there are so many new-fangled created belief systems and dissonance at play, with so many neo-tutors. Channellers, Scientists, Gurus, and Governments all claim to have the truth; all are playing roles in the forces of Light and Darkness. Some create scepticism, confusion and mistrust; whist others bring knowledge, faith and vision. Look at yourself, what is attracting you and what are you accepting as your truth and how does it cause you to feel –– fear, shock n awe, hopelessness, or inspired, encouraged and expanded? Always remember that fear makes us an agent and courier for the Cabal.  Are you allowing the MSM to manipulate you or are you doing your own research, discernment and critical thinking? Unfortunately, too many people seem to think that all off-world alien weaponized chemtrails and vaccines are all a figment of a conspiracist’s imagination. 

Whatever resonates with our gut and stretches us to explore and discern is our inner desire to understand what, who and where we are. Revelations come from within via strong feelings and personal discernment when we are ready to open our hearts and minds and find a path that can actually answer our deepest personal questions.  Focus: “We are from the Future” where we already won this End Game. This is why they were able to make such accurate ancient forthcoming prophetic biblical records. All accurate prophecies come from the future, the rest are technologically based or speculated via philosophical theories.

Both Armageddon and the Apocalypse refer to the end of the world, at least as we know it.  Indeed, this preconceived event is in actuality the “End Game” that was launched at the end of 2012. This galactic event is much more than planetary alignments within the Milky Way, it is about the third and fourth dimensional timelines merging.  The term Armageddon comes from the Hebrew word meaning “mountain”, which refers more to where a predictive final battle might take place, which most scholars see as an area close to Jerusalem.  During the last End Game they used futuristic nuclear type weapons; this will NOT be allowed this time around.  Have you become aware that there have been nuclear shut downs via UFOs?

(Robert Jamison, a retired USAF nuclear missile targeting officer, told of several occasions having to go out and “re-start” missiles that had been deactivated, after UFOs were sighted nearby. Similar sightings at nuclear sites in the former Soviet Union and in Britain were also divulged.)

This WWIII replica has been limited to a war for consciousness; an “Info-war”, in an attempt to redirect the entire homosapiens Collective towards a different result that already took place in the future.  As gripping as it has been, it has been most astonishing to observe how effective the dark forces have been!  Yet there is hope as the majority is beginning to awaken to the fact that something is definitely not right and taking a stand against these nefarious psychopaths.  Soon, those who took a stand, did not comply to fear, and trusted in a Higher Order, will celebrate the words, “Welcome home brothers & sisters!”

Apocalypse is a Greek word (Apokalypsis) meaning “something uncovered.” Most relate to “the uncovering” as a new vision for the future; however it goes beyond that; it is the uncovering of what has been hidden from humanity since it’s’ inception, which will lead to the “Great Lesson” preceding the “Great Awakening!”  However be aware, due to Free Will, this will only take place in those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to receive what is about to come to pass. The Apocalypse is seen as a series of events preceding the final battle [End Game]. Within this there will be a period known as the Tribulations; where great disclosures and lessons will be perceived. Incomprehensible disclosures will take place uncovering what the Satanist controllers have been up to behind the scenes, closed doors and underground.

They are losing control; becoming disjointed and doing everything in their immoral power to control minds with false narratives, dirty underhanded political tricks and deceptions. How wide spread their infiltrated, obreptitious and clandestine memberships are, along with how far reaching their stratagems and control has been is becoming shamefully apparent. Nefarious pathogens and weaponised vaccines are last ditch attempts to either assassinate or patent the gullibles DNA.  Those who comply and survive may become galvanized within a foreordained transhumanist program. Souls who stand strong, do not submit and consciously raise their personal frequencies, in the blink of an eye, will experience the Rapture when the timelines collide. Numerous souls may experience overwhelming devout emotions in Spirit, Mind and Body during these events. The information offered in the 7Elucidation may advance super-natural occurrences triggering anamnesisYour Inherent Inner Divine Power can open your mind to reflections and insight into millenniums of past reincarnations.  Those ready to evolve out of this illusion will finally be able to use their Free Will to regain True Freedom. Unenviably, the soulless, the complacent, and those that comply with the demands of evil via free choice will remain here under Satanic Dark Force controls.  And yes, there are fates worse than death!


In those days people will seek death, but will not be able to find it; they will long to die, but death will flee from them.” Revelations 9:6

All of the false histories and narratives shall be uncovered! (Revealed) The secrets behind bi-location, our DNA, Aliens, Intergalactic Games, Protectors and Interference along with who our captors are will be uncovered.  The reality behind all of the enigmatic great historical architectural feats, including the pyramids, sphinx and the great monoliths, shall be revealed. Also, the false Channelled forecasted terrestrial events that clearly financially benefited self-promoting Channels during the 90’ies to date, will become clearly apparent. This is why it is so important to do your own research and reconnect with your personal intuitive power, instead of anyone outside of your personal inner exploration and discernment. “If you want to get rich, start a religion.” L Ron Hubbard –creator of Scientology.  He said religion, not conspiracy!  How many gurus became super-wealthy during the 80’ies, and 90ies?  Channelling Mediums of aliens and deceased entities also abounded and found self-promoted fame and wealth during this period. Their unfulfilled predictions caused many misperceptions, false hopes and suicides.  Deeply contemplate and ask for inner guidance and clear-sightedness. 

I chose to use “PhosLight” as my “nom de plume”, because it holds deep meaning for me and the sphere I hail from. I am not interested in anything other than being a conduit for knowledgeable information. I ask for nothing because Truth is not, and never has been, for sale or barter until the Catholic Church laid hold of inspired teachings!They were supposed to be a legacy for the human race and their descendants.  Yet, when inspired we can still access their message within ourselves via deep medi-contemplation stored within the Collective Akashic Records. Each one of us is playing a part, including you. We support the Dark Forces via fear, denial complacency and compliance, or we support the Light Forces via positive thoughts and holding the affirmation in our hearts that we already won this war and will again!  Those that remain complacent need to be aware that they are still fully responsible for their personal outcome. The Great Awakening is not about political agendas, dogmas, or the Gamer’s plandemics.  It is about their dominating and redirecting your Free Will on a soul level in order to block your birth-right of ascension from the fourth dimension to the fifth. There is a great secret to be learned that equates to the “Great Lesson, which will be unfolded herein further on. “The Great Awakening” is now taking placeon a “multi-dimensional Galactic Scale!” There is much more at stake here than most could ever comprehend!!  Yes, disclosures are taking place, this program is under siege, but all of it is a massive deception to an even greater Truth!  Stay with me, as we explore the truth behind maya.

Coming to celebrate the Christmas Holidays:

The science behind this and what is presently occurring is mind-bending, mind-altering information that may blow your mind!


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