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Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 8, 2021

A Lightworkers Path: Be daring, Be YOU

Have you ever thought about going back to a natural way of living? One where we plant the foods we want to eat, treat all things as Spirit and realize that we are One family! The world we are coming into will be beyond your wildest imagination. So dream big and dream bigger!

We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift that to me is amazing. I know it hasn’t been fun these past couple of years and that our world doesn’t look like it did. What I do know is that our lives will never be as it was pre-C*ovid but change isn’t necessarily the culprit. It’s the calyst and change is a blessing even though it may not feel like that when it suddenly arrives in your life, and a gift for many of you. It beckons you to notice what is not working and where you ready to make this change AGAIN. This time it won’t cost you to get the dream you have dreamed of.  There is light in everything you just have to look for it.  

Whenever change made its grand entrance into my life, I paused so I could catch my breath it was happening so fast. I had to adapt but I wanted or needed to know why. It feels right but sometimes I doubt my own feelings even though I have hardly guessed wrong in my life. I have always listened to that voice inside of me. I don’t think of it as a small voice. I feel its power! Not control just the force of where it came from.

Well I know where it came from. That is from my Higher Self. That’s what we individually are stepping into… our mastery.  You are evolving into the Master you already are your just not awake to it yet. Once awake you will have a choice yes its always your choice. Planet Earth is a free will zone meaning you have choice. When that choice is taken away for any reason, i.e. fake pandemic is ALWAYS for evil purposes and NOT ever for your benefit. So I needed to know why this change was happening.  

By the way, Archangel Michael says that individual ascension time is over now we are doing this collectively. It’s a mass ascension something like being connected to the Borg in Star Trek, Voyager. You see the cabal has been showing us in our movies. Have you seen the Matrix series? The new one is Ascension coming in early in 2022 January I thought. Things that make you go Hmmm? Coincidence or not? NOT! They always tell us what they are doing to us or what to expect next. It’s the same story over and over like we are stuck in a program. And we are. They are not creators they have no imagination just spells. We are more powerful then the evil WE ARE LIGHT! Don’t ever forget that. The higher density wins! Mathematics and Natural Law take your pick.




For myself, I would see it coming. I sense patterns, vibrations, sound even our Mother has a vibration and when she is upset like you her vibration changes. That’s all documented naturally for me. I know which way I’m headed or at least it feels right. The vibration feels right. I don’t sit there trying to figure it out or feel it. I sense everything about it and if it feels good that’s a GO. 

Once I figured it out, I realized that it was an inevitable occurrence and that I would actually be better off. I’m not saying I wasn’t upset some of the time even for a bit, but one thing I also know about change is that it is relentless. What it has taught me is to go with the flow. That when we go with the flow it goes so much smoother. When we fight change it usually fights back in one form or another. It’s hard to let go for most of us feel happier with what we know than what is ahead.

Some would call me a dreamer so I just sit back and dream up another way that will make my life easier. Life is like that. We dream our lives into being. Each person you attract into your life at one time or another you dreamed of. Many of us can’t remember our dreams yet when we meet some of those people we instantly know them. It’s crazy I know but I have had many of those people come in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. 

I’m always excited because life has so many gifts for us but mostly we never take the time to notice. When you pay attention to your life … your life will bring you gifts. If you look at change that way you will allow it to do what it came here to do. Change challenges us to reinvent ourselves. It causes us to take a good look at whatever area change is targeting in our lives and see how we can transform ourselves.

Well that is happening right now but worldwide. There are many of us that are awake now and find ourselves wondering what happened to our world. Where did it go? What is going to happen to us now that everything is crumbling around us? What will our lives look like in this new world? Will we ever be able to talk with each other again calmly? Will we ever hear each other?

I see our new world full of much love and unity. A place where we can hear the laughter of children as they ride their bikes!  Some are playing in the park. A place where neighbours watch out for each other! A place where our word counts just like the handshake! We have been manipulated and now we need to leave that world behind and start new. But this time we will all do it together with no fear.

You see fear has been our prison and it held us captive in one way or another for most of our lives. We all had some kind of fear and even that was programmed into us through our governments, schools, television and mainstream media too. I sometimes shake my head and wonder how those people could do that to us.




Then I remember that it would be much easier for them if we didn’t know what was happening to us. So in a sense we have been put in a trance like an evil spell.  In a sense that’s true most didn’t and actually still don’t but they will soon enough. When the Truth comes out about our world there will be many that will awaken to these truths and they will hurt for a time. Just remember to be there for them like your elderly neighbors. You may be all they have.

I worry about all the peoples of the world when they find out how much control evil has had over our lives. In the past 23 months it has been in our face and yet, they did not see they just complied. I get it. In some ways, I know that was easier for them but for me it was sad to watch. All my family complied. I did not. But, I have always been this way, I question everything! I never believe anything unless it feels right. It never felt right. I knew they were lying about everything. This was never about the pandemic. Never like war, it was never about fighting either. I have never done what was expected of me because I have a connection to God and that’s what I trust more than any other human’s advice. I follow my intuition or my guidance and I have done so my whole entire life. We all have this gift but you must be connected to not only God but the world and the different kingdoms around you, as well as, your inner guidance.

“Your are not lazy, unmotivated, or stuck. After years of living your life in survival mode you are exhausted. There’s a difference. “  Nakeia Homer

We are much more than we think. We are gifted beyond words but no one has ever told you how gifted and loved you are. We have been raised to believe we are small and yet we are sparks of God’s energy. That alone should tell you how much more you are than you think you are. Therefore it is not impossible to have all that you desire.

So now dream the life you want and don’t leave anything out! Be bold! You are recreating yourself after all! Well maybe recreating is not the right word because that implies you’re not enough and that simply is not true. You are more that you can imagine in your wildest of dreams. I mean seriously how is it that most of us don’t even feel how incredulous we are. That’s the programming, it needs to keep you small and needy so you will adore your masters; but please don’t be afraid because there is nothing to fear.

Fear is just a program which means you can just turn it off. Like turning off the radio and that is also a good idea.  In your mind when fear creeps in, just tell yourself it is not real and go to your happy place. It truly is not real, only when we (and in our minds first) gives it form. It’s like I used to say to my kids when they had trouble sleeping because they were afraid of the dark and I would say to them ok let’s try this “close your eyes and tell me what you see?” and they would respond “nothing” and I would say “right nothing there is nothing there!”

All of us will be recreating our lives and our world we will do it together! Unity consciousness means that you will never have to be alone unless you want to. There will be so much for us to do that we will need each other. We will hold hands and do it together.

None of us know exactly how we will put it together but I know that we will. I have had glimpses of this new world and I know that we all are capable because we came with all the keys inside of us. All that we will need will be provided when we need it.  

There is no such thing as worrying in 5D and fear can’t exist there either because it’s a lower vibration. I can promise you that there will be an abundance of love, joy and endless possibilities. We have to just be daring and invite this change in and trust that as a child of God you will be protected and guided all the way.

Our evolution is happening in a collective manner and its happening globally as well.  This isn’t the way ascension happens in most planets this is very unique and that’s another reason why our galactic brothers and sisters are here to witness this magnificent transition. They think we are all brave warriors. I know I have been. How about you? Have you ever wondered about all the things your life seems to have thrown at you? Well it was just a warm up for this ascension.




“Be the love you desire!”  Luna

Open your hearts and don’t be afraid to show love. The only love we keep is the love we give away. We are all needed now. Love is energy. What you give, you get back ten-fold!  Nothing is taken from you only replenished! Take that leap of faith and be who you came here to be! Be your authentic magnificent Self! Just BE YOU! The world will respond back to you and you will flourish like no other time in your life. There is so much that awaits us!

So much has been taken from us in our past and our lives didn’t work very well but it was not because of you. It was done to you. Your anxieties/depression where manufactured but on purpose.  I don’t know if you realize that we have had so much help getting to this point already by our galactic brothers and sisters who have come to lend a hand! They have been supporting us in all ways they can. Imagine how important we are to them they came from other galaxies to help us their brothers and sisters because evil had reared its ugly head long enough and it basically stole our real life from us and our past 6 generations but actually they have been doing this for thousands of years. Now, we this generation have a chance to  rebuild and to do it our way the way we see is best for us. In 5D there is no judgment, no right way or wrong way. Just YOUR way!  A once in a galaxy magical event and you are here to not only be a witness but be the change maker! Or should I say the magician!

Get out your popcorn now sit back and watch the movie. You know the ending YOUR DREAM MANIFESTS! Welcome to the New Earth and the NEW YOU! Be bold! Wipe your tears and just GO FOR IT!

I will be here for whoever needs me. We are all here to help each other. 5D is about working from our hearts naturally and be united as One. I’m ready along with all the humanitarians in our group at the World Benevolence Group. So if you are being called please join us. We are a collection of wonderful souls who came here to assist humanity. We at the World Benevolence Group need as many humanitarians as we can find so please, don’t be shy. Contact me at  I am in service. May you all be blessed!

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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