(Reader: Cowboy Down Under) Confession of a Non-Economic Hit Man!


Reader Post | By Cowboy Down Under

For over 14 years I’ve been involved in this GCR/RV. All those years I have been working on my plan of how I was going to fix, all the things that were broken, by the economic hit men from America. The story has been told of how they went throughout the world destroying, country after country, by sending in their covert under cover agents from the FBI, CIA and what ever three letter agency from the U.S. was willing to help. Their goal, to make sure that America ruled the world by stealing on the natural resources on the planet. 

I was born in America but I’ve live 20 of my 66 years on this earth, in countries other than America, because when George Bush Senior director of the CIA became President of this country, I knew this story was not going to end well. Please understand I love my county, watching it head down the path it did was the hardest thing imaginable.

For years I returned to America to see how things were going, Clinton, George Jr, Obama only reinforce my opinion that America was headed in the wrong direction and all those counties out there who hated us, would continue to do so. Then along came the loose cannon known as DJT and I thought, what have we got to loose, he cant be any worse then the idiots in front of him. He hit the ground running and never looked back. He had great plans for where we were headed, until the Powers that be said enough is enough and committed an act of treason by stealing the election from him and all of us. We all thought there’s no way DJT or our great military are going to let that happen, but they did. (Look I get it “Trust the plan!”) Their excuse from what I understand was “there’s to many sleeping sheep in the world, we need to let all this all play out, so they will wake up and support us someday.” All the while we lions, who were so focused on getting in the game and using our powerful energies to help heal the wounds, the world was reeling from, were told to go sit down, shut up and accept they had a plan and knew better than any of us. Stop complaint this is taking to long they told us. Never mind that that plan they put in place would include allowing, Brandon and his handlers to completely destroy America and everything it stood for, in less then a year. 

No more constitutional rights, no more secure borders, no more energy independence , no more China in check, no more peace with Afghanistan, Korea, Russia, no more lame stream media and social media being held a little accountable, no more right to choose vaccinations or not, just loose your job its ok and most of all no more secure world with No More Wars! It all disappeared so that a few left behind sheep might somehow wake up! 

Yesterday a lady said to me “Thank God Joe Biden is in charge and that maniac Donald Trump is gone, because Joe will do what necessary and make sure everyone is vaccinated.” I smiled and thought “so this is why we have not RVd yet, their waiting for her to wake up.” Ok I hear you “come on Cowboy don’t be stupid, she’s never waking up there’s no way were waiting for her.” 

I get it, when every t is crossed and every I is dotted and the sun, moon and stars are in alignment and the numbers are right, they will get this done. In the mean time we all get to witnesses tremendous suffering of those we love so much. When I got into this I had hundreds of brothers and sisters ready to get involved in my amazing humanitarian project to help feed the world, awesome , healthy, organic, mineral rich food and my plan to help reeducate the graduating class of University’s around the world to be the Stewards of fixing all the broken things the economic hit men had done. Now I can count on one hand those left from that amazing pool of talent. I know I’ll find more and I will do what God placed me on this earth to do, provided the powers that be stop the insanity and put us in the game! 

God bless all of us, who are left standing, many are now 6 ft under and only watching from above! Go ahead white hats make my day! Please! Cowboy in the saddle for a long, long time!


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