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Reader Post | By Liberty


It seems that the psychos have completely lost touch with reality.

The new wave of covid “sick” is an absolutely hyped made-up story and even vaccinated people are beginning to see it.

But the psychos stepped up “measures to combat the pandemic” and it was again the WRONG DECISION, because more people began to realize that this covid story stinks unbearably.

Vaccine psychos’ violence is starting to wake up sleeping vaccinated people, because such a blatant VIOLATION of the LAW by the ugly governments around the world is hard NOT TO SEE.

Psychos showed even more that they are monsters and that the world is ruled by anarchy. And this is starting to notice EVEN sleeping people who agreed to the lethal vaccination.

Of the hopeless sleepers, only a small part of the vaccinated people (perhaps NOT HUMANS?) Remained, and the psychos are now betting on them, trying to force them to attack those people who do not want to take the vaccine.

On the deceitful mouthpiece of psychos (TV), they constantly tell stories about how “crazy” opponents of vaccination attack people, set fire to cars and destroy everything around in “protest”. That is, the psychos are trying to convince their slaves that WE are crazy and dangerous. They want to be attacked and hated by other people.

But this is AGAIN DULL PLAN – UTOPIA. WE know that these pogroms are organized by traitors, slaves of psychos. Also, even people zombified with a vaccine do not fall into this stupid trap.

All new and old plans of psychos are constantly failing and psychos are losing their nerves. They run like mad from corner to corner and even more show themselves to be ugly.They already systematically make ONLY MISTAKES, THEY ARE IN PANIC, they already clearly feel that their days are numbered and there are days and hours left before their death.

The anarchy and lawlessness that the psychos all over the world have created hits the sleeping people in the face, and the sleeping people begin to wake up and become horrified.

I watch the vaccinated begin to listen to me and watch my resilience and courage with hope.

Many people begin to realize that they have been deceived and become afraid.

I no longer have confidence in patriotic news because it is more like disinformation and self-affirmation of the people who write it. None of the promises come true.

Psychos staged fights WITHOUT RULES and the GAME OF PATRIOTS BY THE RULES already seem completely inappropriate.

We still don’t know WHAT and WHY is going on behind the scenes and WHY no one will finally turn off the ability of psychos to continue endless lies on TV. I wonder how the psychos will get out if they can’t (for technical reasons) brainwash on TV?

I trust now only my Heart and Intuition. That is why I take full responsibility for my house (Earth) on myself and ASK FOR A FRIENDLY GALAXY COMMUNITY TO INTERFERE INTO THE EARTH SITUATION IMMEDIATELY !!!!!



I see that in “earthly” ways we DO NOT manage to quickly break out of this hell! Psychos openly violate ALL LAWS of the Earth and the Galaxy and do not hide the fact that they hate us!



And we WILL GET THIS INTERVENTION through the petition and global meditation on December 21st !!!!

 The psychos again blocked the signing of the PLANETARY INTERVENTION petition !!! They are VERY afraid of us and they are right to be afraid!

The signing of the petition was moving at a HUGE PACE and it was quite clear that the petition would be signed MUCH BEFORE than expected and MUCH MORE than the expected 144,000 people! WE ARE GREAT!

We will hit the psychos with a HUGE WAVE and wipe them off the face of the Earth!

We’re CLOSING! Run psychos!


For those who do not know yet, read more here:



Divine Intervention Activation Update and Videos


Urgent Update


And yet, I want to remind you. The hour of reckoning is approaching, as well as the hour of great pain from loss and the horror of truth.


It is WE who will BUILD A NEW LIFE on the ruins of hell on Earth!

It is WE who will become the SUPPORT for those inexperienced Souls who believed in deception and lost their POWER in this deadly battle FOR HUMANITY FREEDOM!

This excellent channeling will help you understand all your responsibility and how you can help those who were on OUR SIDE, but still LOST in this battle …


In continuation of my previous message, I would like to tell you today about one more feature of the present time.

And again we will talk about those who, having succumbed to the persuasions of the authorities, allowed themselves to be vaccinated, thus becoming an unwitting participant in a monstrous experiment to change the human genome.

I would like to prepare you for the fact that many of these people, as the vibrations of the Earth continue to rise, may begin to behave very inadequately.

And this is explained by the fact that the foreign gene introduced into their body together with the vaccine has very low vibrations – much lower than those that a person had before taking this drug.

Thus, with an increase in the vibrations of the Earth, this gap will constantly increase, which will ultimately lead to physical and mental disorders of such a person.

His body will not be able to function normally due to the large difference between the outer high vibrations and the low inner ones.

And if an ordinary person, even not with the highest level of consciousness, is nevertheless able to some extent adapt to the new energetic conditions of existence, then a person who has taken the vaccine will no longer be able to do this.

And this is explained by the fact that such a person will no longer be a Divine being capable of spiritually developing, since by introducing this drug into him he will be programmed for the involutionary path of development.

It will no longer have that Divine spark that is characteristic of the human Soul.

This sad picture is supplemented by the nanoparticles contained in vaccines, also programmed to reduce human vibrations, but already by means of artificial external influence on him.

So the reptilians insured themselves against a delayed reaction of the human body to genetic modification, since this is still an untested biological weapon of mass destruction.

But be prepared for the fact, my dear ones, that even after being convinced by their own example of the destructive effect of vaccines, many people will deny it.

The cognitive dissonance that has arisen in their minds will serve as a kind of buffer between the objective and subjective realities of these people – their protection from the frightening truth.

They will prefer to live in habitual illusions, fencing themselves off from irrefutable facts and convincing themselves and others that their ailment is connected with anything, but not with the “life-saving” vaccine that their “caring” government “gave” them.

And to your surprise, there will be a lot of such people.

They will deceive themselves in order to avoid disappointment and a new wave of fear for their lives.

But there will be others – those who are still able to perceive the true information and who, realizing their tragic mistake, will join the lawsuits, trying to punish those who committed this crime.

And in relation to these people, you should show sympathy and care, because their Souls, who did not manage to leave their physical shell in time, will suffer greatly, undergoing unthinkable torment and no longer having the opportunity to change anything.

They will die along with the mutilated bodies of their carriers, but you are able to alleviate their suffering with your sympathy and Love.

But here you have a truly jewelry work: to warm the Soul of another person with your warmth and at the same time keep a distance between you, not allowing you to be sucked into the whirlpool of other people’s suffering.

Do not forget, my dear ones, about the protective sphere and other precautions, while realizing that everyone is responsible for their actions.

Under no circumstances should you ever take on the guilt and pain of another person – it will not help either him or you.

All that you can share with others is your Love and Compassion, warmth and sincere concern.

Try to alleviate the plight of those who have taken such a rash step, but always remain at your best yourself.

Do not succumb to the energetic provocations of those who will grab at you like a straw – as the last hope for their salvation.

Do not frighten this person with terrible prospects – do not finish him off, but become for him the last stronghold of Love on this Earth.

And I bless you for that!

Surse: https://vozrojdeniesveta.com/utrativshie-bozhestvennuyu-iskru/#ixzz7D2WtG6lE

Victory of the Light!


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