Meanwhile, in Melbourne


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 20, 2021

Meanwhile, in Melbourne…

The People are finding their courage, in many places around the world, and taking to the streets, parliaments and other government offices to make their voices heard and unite as one to reclaim their God-given freedoms.

Up your asses with your masks, mandates and lockdowns.

The ‘powers that be’ will never give us our freedoms back unless we take them back ourselves.

In the United States of America, by virtue of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the government and its officials are meant to be our employees. They work for us and we pay their salaries, while they enact the middle management aspects of running a country.

Of course, that’s not how our bought-and-paid-for politicos are behaving. They are acting like the People are simply human cattle to be ruled and governed, with a select few set aside for special treatment because of their status.

It is easy to forget, especially here in the US, that this whole ‘human rights’ thing is a relatively recent phenomena. 1,000 years ago, the world would have laughed at you had you even brought up the concept of an individual having any rights. The people were under a feudal system and they answered to whichever local lord owned the land they were tenants or serfs upon. This system was then replaced by absolute monarchy, a consolidation of power which led eventually to the nation-state model.

However, the people, as a whole or as individuals, were never considered to have any special rights or freedoms, least of all rights given by God. Those who might rule the world, or at least parts of it, generally don’t appreciate factoring in any kind of God-given aspects into their governing equations, particularly when it comes to the rabble under their thumbs. The rulers are the gods, with a small g, and that’s as close as they will come to any kind of god-thinking.

Today, I sense, for many people in the US, and other places where freedoms generally prevail, that these human rights are taken for granted, as if they are something that our ruling bodies are naturally inclined to give us. This is not the case.

Our American forefathers and mothers were not gifted these rights, they staked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on them, in a quest that, at the time, could only have been perceived as impossibly foolish and destined for absolute failure.

People should bear in mind that the founding fathers who brought forth the Declaration of Independence were, in a sense, set up very well in terms of their personal positions in the new land. They could have accepted, in a selfish manner, their stations of relative wealth and power, and been thusly accorded a cozy little spot by the Empire in the hierarchy of the colonies of the day.
Instead, they put their necks, and also their families’ necks, in a very, very real way, onto the butcher’s chopping block, so that they could then contend with the biggest Empire in the world over this relatively new concept of human rights.

Why would they do such a thing? Who does that? Who wagers their lives on an ideal? And their lives were, in most respects, pretty good. They had status and money and land. Why would they, and those of lesser station that followed them, risk throwing everything away, so that their houses could be burned down, and they could be hung by the neck, or shot, or burned to death, or blown up by a cannon, or bayoneted in a field somewhere far from home? What could be worth giving up what they had to fight some impossible battle in the name of ‘human rights’?

Well, they made their choices back then, and we here today are the beneficiaries of the boldness of the choices those men and women made not so long ago. Of course, they could only have found the courage to do this through God, the same God that these people claimed all of these rights originated from. Atheists and occultists, let it be known, do not have this kind of courage.

Now, it is true that there have been a lot of terrible things done in the name of Religion, and it is my contention that organized religion is simply politics wearing a different mask. Hunter Thompson said that “politics is the art of controlling your environment.” And large scale religions have certainly had success in this field over the years. You could even make a case that “religions” such as the Roman Catholic Church and Islam create an artificial division between people similar to the division between Republicans and Democrats in politics, which keep people fighting with each other instead of uniting over what they have in common, as the ‘We the People’ of the founding documents of the United States.

That said, I think many people miss the true meaning of Christianity, with respect to what it stands for, and how it relates in particular with the United States of America. Remember that ‘human rights’ are not a given when the Empires of the world are ruling. You only have the rights that they feel like giving you on any particular day and one day that may be no rights at all.

The American Patriots of the Revolution were not a majority of the general public. ‘General publics’ have rarely, if ever, had that kind of moral courage. You must remember that the revolution was considered, by most, to be an insane, impossible quest with virtually no chance at victory. You yourself might have thought, had you been around back then, that these people were religious lunatics, talking about ‘rights from God’ and other nonsense. You might have been one who was just trying to do your job and get along ‘within the system’ — and here these crazy folks were, declaring that all rights are granted by the Creator, and that they were going to win this impossible war by Divine Providence.

This ‘revolutionary war’ was not some storybook tale out of hallowed antiquity, it happened less than 250 years ago. And it sent shockwaves through the world, through all of the governing systems of the world, because the spiritual lunatics actually won.

Naturally, there were pushbacks to this great victory. Empires do not simply give up their rule because of one loss, however unimaginable it may have been. The Empire circled back and determined to conquer in another fashion, by way of the monetary system. Infiltration instead of invasion, as JFK called it.

Yet, let us go further back in time. What figure in human history spoke of the selfsame freedoms by way of the Creator, which likewise shook the foundations of the entrenched political/religious world of its day?

It was the son of a simple carpenter, who spent most of his adult life traveling and spreading the word of this new concept of unity consciousness. The world of that man’s day was run by hardline separation consciousness, by divide and conquer. Money was just as foundational a principle back then, though far less complex in its applications. And what did this brave young public speaker do? He turned over the money changer’s tables and went out to spread the word of a true spiritual connection, latent within every individual, granted as a birthright by simply existing as a child of God. And then he demonstrated this unity consciousness by acts which we might call today miracles, and yet they were not miracles to him, were they? They were demonstrations of his state of being, at one with the Creator.

Some might think that Christ himself was just a story. If so, then it was a story of unimaginable significance and power, since we started counting time in a different direction after the telling of it.

Was the American Revolution also just a story? The Patriots of that revolution were Christians in the truest sense of the word, not in the co-opted political-religious sense. They believed in the message of the freedom of Christ. They took courage by the courage he demonstrated in conquering his torture and death, and they found the courage and the wisdom to fight for human rights. Then, by the grace of their victory, they instituted a system of governance “of the People, by the People, for the People.”

Harkening back to Christ, it is said that he did battle with Satan, and that he was offered every spoil of rulership of this world and he rejected it, as he declared he answered only to the Unified Source of the world, ie: God. Back then, that would have been considered blowing a really sweet deal. Fame, fortune, the whole 9. After all, what really exists except the material goods and the pleasures of this world, and the ego that delights in them? Get yours now. Take the deal. Take the pay-out and the sell-out. What is humanity anyway? An abstract concept? Certainly not your concern as an individual. “Humanity” can fend for itself, as certainly you must as well.

But that is not Christ Consciousness, is it? The Way of Christ is not to abandon the lost sheep, but to go out searching for it.

If one of us does not have freedom, somewhere in the world, that means that we do not, as well, because we are all intrinsically connected, beyond all illusions of separation. That is how the American Patriots were able to find the strength and internal fortitude to wager everything they had on that historic battle. They knew that if they didn’t do it at that moment in time, then who ever would?

You can’t keep pushing things off into the unknown future in the hopes that some other braver generation will take up the quest. Back then, 240 some odd years ago, things were a bit more simple. The Empire of that era was willing to advertise who they were, thinking no one would challenge them, and they were clear about how their dominion of the populace was meant to work. No one was meant to question the edicts of the King or his rule.

When Christ battled Lucifer, the prince of lies and deception, he returned in triumph after his worldly death, to prove to his followers that there is nothing you can truly be threatened with, that there is nothing that can ultimately be taken from you. Nothing of eternal significance, that is.

If you wish to consider Lucifer/Satan as not a being, but a metaphor for the principle of division and separation, in which the materializing influence rules the world, primarily by fear, but also by the control mechanisms of money, that works just as well. A metaphor like that has as much power as any actual entity could anyway.

People might also struggle with the concept of Christ. Was he just some hippie white guy from back in the day? Or maybe he was dark skinned and the white people are trying to claim him as their own. Wasn’t he Jewish? Why do many modern Jews not accept him? Or why are Jews unfairly blamed for his death? Who was this person and why do we keep bringing him up some 2,000 years later? Was he even real?

If you want to know what Christ looks like, go out into a sunlit meadow by a stream, or to a mountain lake. Close your eyes and feel the radiant sun on your face. Feel the relaxation flowing through all of your limbs and the warming light as it graces your face and skin. Feel as one with all of existence, from the dawn of time until this present now. There is nothing to ever worry about, because in truth, there is only One of us here. If there is a law which must be followed, it is the Law of One, the golden rule. Your neighbor, when all illusion falls away, is both you and God. Now, open your eyes and gaze upon your image in the sunlit stream or lake. Do you see that glowing personage reflected back upon you? That is what Christ looks like. Like you.

In our current culture, we have many a Narcissus gazing upon that reflective pool. The battle between Christ consciousness and the way of Lucifer never really ended in Biblical times. It has actually only heightened up to the present day. While I greatly appreciate all of the Arts, in particular storytelling and movies, it is clear that on the chessboard of this battle, Hollywood and the Media are pieces on the side of the one with the goat head and horns. The Prince of the air is also, for the time being, the Prince of the airwaves. Yet, this word of mine still gets through.

But the agenda of much of the Media is of no real surprise, is it? Because, who owns it? The same owners of those central banks, perhaps? Both in politics, and its kissing-cousin Hollywood, the Luciferian ideal promises the spoils of the world for yourself, to get what is yours, while the rest of the world can fend for itself. Dog eat dog. That’s the way of the world, isn’t it? A Darwinian survival of the fittest. If you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin.

Or, is there another path, another ideal? That a cheater never wins and a winner never cheats? Who are you really cheating anyway, when you sell out your brothers and sisters for a mere 15 minutes of worldly glitter and glory? You only cheat yourself in the end.

Courage and the principles which accompany it are not automatic firmware within our human operating system. For those who prefer to go along to get along, it is not an easy task to build up those spiritual muscles. But how will you ever know if you have them unless they are tested?

They are being tested now. For everyone in the world. In times of ease and comfort, we can all be sunshine patriots. The 4th of July and 1776. It’s easy to cheer for that at a sporting game, to wear the t-shirt and pay lip service to it, but what was it really like to be there in 1776, to be one of the 5% who decided it was worth it, and then chose to stake their lives on it, instead of going along to get along with the petty rationed comforts of the imperial Empire?

It should be abundantly clear to all who are not willfully asleep at this point, that there is a battle for human freedom taking place the world over. As ever, it is the tyranny of a few versus the ultimate freedom of all, the same as it was in 1776, and the same as it was in the time of Christ.

The freedom of the individual and the freedom of the collective are the same thing. Yet, collectivist ideologies have twisted that concept and thus have disguised tyranny in the sheep’s clothing of their Marxist ideals. Marxism and its ilk are Luciferianism at their core, and this ’cause’ pulls many a well-meaning, yet naive soul into the tractor beam of its Death Star end goal. And at that point all illusions are dispensed with. There is no worker’s paradise at the end of their dystopian rainbow, only a skull’s head and perhaps, a needle and mask.

The ‘useful idiots’ of social justice and its many organized off-shoots, agents of demoralization & destabilization that they are, are blind to the purposes they are serving. Had they the light of Christ’s unity consciousness within them, however, it would be clear which side was which, in this worldly battle.

In many ways it comes back to a battle over the control of money, just like our founding fathers predicted it would in their concerns regarding the central banks. Lincoln dealt with the same issues and so did JFK. They all wanted the United States to issue its own currency through the US Treasury, currency backed by gold, instead of turning over power of the issuance of money to private interests, which is ultimately what happened.

All of this consolidates into one overall concept of control. That is the real battle, not simply money. Money in and of itself is not evil, it is simply a unit of exchange between goods, services and people. However, it is also the linchpin of every industry in the world, especially the industries of energy and medicine.

Extant healing and energy technologies have been suppressed by the powers that be throughout our recent history, with the result being that, despite our computers and communications technologies, we are actually living in a dark age of sorts which we are currently unaware of, given what is possible with the energy & healing modalities kept hidden from us in locked-up patents and shelved-tech, the likes of which Nikola Tesla represents just one individual example of. He wasn’t the only genius inventor humanity has produced and he is far from the last of his kind.

In our present day monopoly board system, is there any money to be made in free energy or in free lasting and radiant health? Or is illness-for-profit really the name of the game, along with a permanent recurrent energy bill?

Could we even conceive of a world of free energy and health, even if the tech was proven to exist and be available, should we gain the means to release it?

When the Jews left Egypt in exile to start their own free lives, the first thing they needed was a miracle from God to escape the Pharaoh’s grasp. But even then, with all the miracles that had occurred, their biggest struggle was that “Egypt” was still in their minds.

A slave can also fear his freedom more than he does his slavery. Slavery is something you can get used to. It even has its comforts, and the regularity of its little expectations and its little fulfillments. You know what you’re going to get under the ‘care’ of your warden, don’t you?

Better the Devil you know, right?

And what’s on the other side of the prison walls of Egypt, anyway? Is it worth risking everything for? We have families to be concerned about, after all. And where would we go anyway? And who would take care of us?

Divine Providence guided the American Revolution. Divine Providence guided the Jews out of Egypt.

Martin Luther King said that he had been taken to the mountaintop and he had seen the promised land, a week before he ‘lost’ his life. Yet, he had ‘found’ the courage of his convictions, though he could have sold out right up to the very end.

“Like anybody, I would like to live a long life—longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And so I’m happy tonight; I’m not worried about anything; I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

That approach is the core of a true Christ-styled revolutionary, regardless of the religion or creed attached to the individual man.
The ‘New World Order’ has put all of their cards on the table. They have their medically-mandated tyranny as an ace card, with the central banking system as another ace card, and the Media & Hollywood as a third ace. What is their fourth ace?

It is the people around the world who go along with their agenda, either through the brainwashing of the media and school system, or because they don’t want to buck the tide or challenge the powers that be. After all, what can one lowly individual do?

Christ already taught us what one lowly individual can do, along with every other true hero throughout history who stood up for what was right, even if they were sure to get crushed for doing so.

We have our rights, for now at least, because of heroic real life individuals such as George Washington and his Continental Army, and those that stood with them, including people from other lands. And Washington was a praying man. There was no other way to face what he was tasked with. This is not something an atheist or a satanist could ever do. Those people fold like lawn chairs and become cowards when the heat gets turned up.

Then, we had men like Lincoln, who followed through on those sacred words on the Declaration of Independence, regarding the equality as granted by the Creator to ALL human beings. And thus, by the power of the words on that parchment, and the signatures beneath them, slavery had to ultimately be eliminated in the United States, even if over a half a million people had to die for it to take place.

Human rights are not a given or something to be taken lightly. God-fearing and trusting people had to fight and die so that we might benefit from their courage and convictions. We could easily slip back into a world of tyranny, were such people as those early revolutionaries not also around today, and indeed, there is in fact a well-devised plan in place for such an absolute tyranny to finally transpire. And we are in that plan now.

They have their Agenda.

And We have ours.

Theirs is a Luciferian agenda at its core. Divide and conquer, blackmail, corrupt industries, usury fiat money, and the spell of the media are its chief tools. What could possibly stop this?

What organization could possibly out-organize this?

Does God have its own organization?

God is organized from within.

The ‘powers that be’ only have their powers because those powers have been ceded to them by us.

When the People awaken, worldwide, they will reclaim what has ever been theirs, not simply through the Christ of a former historical moment, but through the awakening of the authority of the Christ within, an authority that awakens from one’s intent, like that of MLK, to do God’s will.

God’s Will is the selfsame promise of the written words of the Declaration of Independence and the codified rights of the Constitution. These are sacred documents, and they came with a steep price, both for those who penned them and for those that died so that those words might live.

God’s Will is for us all to live in a free world based on the tenets of unity, but this Will does not come to pass by way of Deus-ex-Machina stagecraft, with God doing all of the work for us while we sit on the sidelines in the audience watching the drama play out on TV.

Fortunately, it only took 5% of the public to get in the fight of the American Revolution. Everyone else benefited from that 5%. And, of course, most everyone came around in the end when the winner was finally declared.

People like to be on the winning side.

But a lesson is a lesson, especially here on Earth, for the time that we have it. Eventually, the clock sounds its chime and the pens go down. Now, the tests are turned in and it’s too late to change any of your answers.

You are going to find out what the regime that “Biden” and others on his worldwide globalist team in fact represent and what they in actuality stood for. It was not a Godly agenda, I can assure you that, quite the opposite. Their words and their postures are a clever illusion, but soon enough the curtains get pulled back on all of their devious plans.

They do not not represent the good, or the well-being of the children, or the People, of the United States of America, or any Nation for that matter. They do not stand on the side of humanity, only on the side of their own individual powers. The promise of Lucifer, indeed: a kingdom of your own. But what happens when that kingdom turns to dust?

They do not get to “win” this battle in the end. They will, however, face their Karma in an epic fashion.

You know what they say about the one who digs a grave for another? They climb into it themselves.

When We the People win this battle, we will win it singing. Singing the praises of the One who grants us all of our rights by way of having created our very being in and of Itself.

So, if you are ever going to find your guts to stand up for what is right and true, even if you have to stand alone, now would be the time.

We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore, New World Order.

Up your ass with your lockdowns, masks and needle jabbing mandates.

It is the humble who will inherit the Earth.

And when we do, the Egyptians we see today, we will never see again.

Take that to the bank.

Vaya con Dios



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