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Submitted on November 18, 2021


Joseph Stalin: You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The question being discussed in the great salons of New York City is whether the Great Reset of Davos will end up in a revolution as in Weimar Germany as Ray Dalio is predicting.

Billionaire Hedge-Fund Manager Warns a “Revolution” Is Coming

The following three links discuss at length how international finance led by the Rothschild interests has created the coronavirus bioweapon that was patented in 2003 and genetic vaccines that were also patented as a form of bioweapon as part of the Davos-Bilderberg great reset plan of depopulation tying into the green movement.  The reader must understand that Davos-Bilderberg organizations are only front groups for international finance as the Schwabs, Bill Gates and so-called world leaders, parliamentarians, supreme courts, etc. are nothing but puppets. The power or control of the world lies in the control of the usury-fiat money system.

The present crises may lead to a new World War as China, Russia and Iran understand that these bioweapons originated in the United States under Anthony Fauci as established by Dr. David Martin in the links below. It is shocking how obvious this is as the coronavirus was patented in 2003 as the links below prove. These bioweapon attacks by Anthony Fauci, who is our Josef Mengele or todesengel (angel of death), have decreased the supply of goods in the world while central bank credit has increased demand leading to an extreme imbalance or in other words the development of inflation in a shortage of goods but plentiful monetary demand. The hyperinflation in Germany between 1920-1923 was caused by the reparation demands of the Versailles Treaty on Germany which decreased the internal supply in Germany against increasing monetary demand.

The Biden Administration is trying to figure out how to win the Congressional elections in 2022 and is afraid to increase interest rates now as it could create a crash in the stock market as in 1929 as most of the central bank credit has been used to buy stocks while selling bonds which latter instruments have a serious negative return. The bonds have been bought by the Federal Reserve to the tune of 5 trillion dollars which does not sound like much in relation to a world GDP of 93 trillion dollars but this is base credit can hypothecate itself without limit as reserve requirements have been lifted in the crisis last year.

Reserve Requirement Ratio: Local Currency Demand Deposits: United States was set as 0.0 % in Apr 2021.

The fear in the early part of 2020 as the lockdowns took place was that banks would have to start writing off their loans which could create a massive credit contraction if these reserve requirements were in place so they were immediately rescinded for the first time in Federal Reserve history that I can recall. Thus, theoretically the expansion of credit is infinite but such reserve requirements would be revived prior to infinity being reached.

As the links below indicate, the green movement also plays a hand in the coming crisis by discouraging drilling for oil and natural gas without providing for a counterbalancing increase in solar and wind power which has caused oil prices to significantly increase. Chip demand shifted to home computers as office workers fled in fear to their homes to work crashing the production of cars as there were not enough chips left for the automobile industry. Here was another decrease in supply. The next shoe to fall is a shortage of fertilizer which will create a worldwide panic as the food supply plummets.

If the Federal Reserve starts increasing rates on bonds the hot money in the stock market from foreign and domestic buyers will start to sell stocks and buy bonds potentially crashing the very overheated stock market and ending the temporary Democratic Party control of Congress and the executive branch in the next election. As the stock market starts to crash the 1.5 quadrillion derivative market will start to implode. Thus, at this point the Federal Reserve finds itself in a debt trap of its own making.  Even for the 29 million dollar a year Larry Fink who runs the Fed this will be difficult situation.

Thus far I trace the parlour discussions.

This brief summary is an introduction to a more extensive discussion below initiated by a concerned citizen of Sweden and replied to by my European correspondent who is an erudite friend and scholar who prefers to remain anonymous. The next four links below are an expose of the historical supervision of western civilization by the deep state or Rothschild family from the 18th century to today.

The US Faces Financial Armegeddon

Will the Coronavirus Bioweapon Lead to Nuclear War?

Murder of the Innocents | Operation Disclosure Official

Here is the erudite exchange:

Dear Sir:

Since I am not a European I will give you an answer from my European correspondent:  How did you come to see my piece?

Here are your comments:


Its terrible but at this moment I wish for a new revolution in France to finally and severely disrupt the globalists sinful plan to reduce global population with the genetic vaccine and force Marxism upon us all, as planned in ”The Great Reset.”

We are all lame and blind here in Sweden, but at least we don’t have to wear face masks and forced to show Covid passports………yet. What the hell is going on in Austria and Australia! Not a single word in MSM of course that human rights are violated. That says it all.

Vive la France!

Regards from Stockholm.”

Per W ( entire family unvaxxed)

Next below is the answer.

With best wishes.


Wed, Nov 17 at 5:00 PM

Issue is that too many Europeans rely on France for revolution just because of the French revolution. It’s a strange form of historical dissonance to think that other Europeans are not capable of resistance. In fact every European country has its own creation and resistance story that birthed a new father or a new mother land. It is the great peculiarity of Europe that each country in Europe has its own creation resistance mythology, just the way America started with the Boston Tea Party.

The Dutch fought 80 years against the Spanish Empire to liberate themselves. That is a lot of resistance.

The Belgian separated from the Dutch but Belgium if anything has a history of resistance movements every since Julius Caesar came to Gaul and wrote that the Belgians are the Bravest of all the Gauls.

The Spanish fought for centuries to kick out the Moors.

The Hungarians notoriously held off the Turks from invading Europe and so did the Austrians.

The Finns separated from Russia.

The Greeks fought the Persians and started the idea of Europe.

The Brits only separated from the European mainland every Eleonore of Acquitane who was Queen of France and Queen of England, but who was then imprisoned by her evil husband King John I. Her famous sons then liberated her later in life after spending many years imprisoned for no other cause but to be a powerful and smart woman who was a better Queen than that her husband was King. He was just jealous of her power. She was beautiful thereat as a wife but not particularly loyal earlier in life during her first marriage which had been arranged.

The Irish of course are still battling the Brits today, this has been going on for a thousand years.

And the best resistance leaders will always be in the Balkans – home of the real Partizans, the ultimate rebel fighters. It is for good reason that the first insurrection against Covid rule was in Belgrade on July 7th, 2020 when the molotov cocktails came out and the Parliament was stormed.

Bravo! For it is has been quiet ever since in Serbia with regards to restriction.

Until here and no further. Thou shalt not pass!

So why Europeans always look to France when it comes to insurrection, resistance and revolution?

For one, local insurrection in France was a common thing throughout the Middle Ages. And that was a thousand years. It was called the Jacquerie where local farmers would run on the local castle with pitchforks and torches, that archetypical image of when people have had enough of some feudal misrule or new form of slavery. This was a common event everywhere in France in the Middle Ages and France being the geographical and historic heart and center of Europe this phenomenon would always be watched carefully from the near abroad. Oh my God what is going in France these days?

So nothing is new even after what we call ‘the French Revolution’, it was always thus. For the Right to Rebel and the Right to Revolution was anchored in almost every preamble or preface to each and every French constitution as a matter of course. In fact the idea was that people have a DUTY to rebel in case the authorities abuse their powers. One can find fighting words as such anchored in the very French national anthem, the Marseilleise. This song is about how patriots from time to time must renew the land with the blood of their own fellow concitoyens. 

But the Republic or the country must survive, so by making provision in the constitution for societal upheaval they would allow for consecutive New Constitutions for a new era and different type of governance. A new social contract. A break with the past. A new constitution with new rules for everyone. So today France is in the Fifth Republic but indeed there has been talk and speculation about a Sixth One just in case things go awfully wrong.

The word from the streets of Paris now is that despite all the gruesome restrictions and covid rules that there is not one single policeman who is still enforcing or controlling the laws. In essence there is grand Mexican standoff between the government and the people at this point everything in suspension until AFTER the presidential elections in April. The people are locked down but free at the same time as few or none of the regulations are verified, checked, or enforced, unlike in Austria probably. The grand battle royal between the freedom of the people and the tyrannical technocratic neo Jacobin government (read neo liberal) has been suspended until after the elections, and most agree that IF Macron wins a second mandate that he will immediately start locking down the whole of France again, and worse than ever before. But that if Zeymour or Le Pen will win it, that it will not be the same anymore and that restrictions will slowly disappear. So why continue the fight over the constitutional freedoms if you can suspend it until April next year. Problem is there is a runoff second round election with two weeks in between the first one and this will allow perhaps for electioneering and rigging and major manipulations, for what if, when the Macron regime thinks they will lose in the run off, suspends the second round of elections under guise of a new increase in fake cases, and throws in the monkeywrench to grind the whole election process to a halt? This is a nightmare scenario in which there will be no proper COG (continuation of government) and where indeed a Sixth Republic will no longer be far off from the proceedings. If this happens the political standoff between the people and the government will dissolve and all bets will be off. In another scenario Pierre de Villiers may run for President, the former Chief of Staff and this may perhaps be the best thing for France and Europe that could happen. For a President recruited from the military may bring the stability that is so much needed to the country. We will see and we live in interesting times.

To make a long story short, France is still that old medieval castle, still under siege by peasants with pitchforks and torches, with the only difference that castle is secretly aligned and allied with nameless bureaucrats in Brussels and Washington DC. The peasants run riot and the markets and the big companies do not care. But because things are being pushed to the breaking point with hyper-inflations and supply chain disruptions, if ANYTHING goes wrong with the French elections coming up, all bets will be off and history will resume its ancient course in Europe.

Note that never in the history of Europe not one entity was able to rule it all. Europe is ungovernable even though the EU pretends otherwise. Europeans are ungovernable peoples and Europeans should stop making excuses by looking at the French to make revolution and insurrection despite this being the most likely place for it to happen. 

Europeans of all creed and color need to start resisting patiently and stubbornly. And such resistance starts within each man for his own. Non compliance, disobedience, resistance. Napoleon won’t come back from the dead to save us.

Stop relying on France and start relying on your own resources.

David Lifschultz


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