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Reader Post | By Liberty


Great channeling to help you understand some of the spiritual REASONS why people are vaccinated.

Hello, my dear light Souls!

Once again I wanted to talk to you and this is the topic.

I know that many of you are perplexed as to how the Light Forces allowed the massacres that are now taking place all over the world through the so-called “vaccination”.

And this process is not only not abating, but is still progressing.

Of course, there are many reasons for this, but the main one is that people for the most part have lost their self-esteem .


Moreover, this happened a long time ago – even before the start of this contrived pandemic and all the restrictions associated with it.

The consumer world and the blinkered consciousness of the vast majority of the world’s population have turned people into obedient puppets of the shadow government.

Pulling them by the strings and pressing the “buttons” they needed, these “masters of the world” amused themselves by observing how obediently people wandered, like donkeys for a carrot, for more and more new “toys” that they threw them constantly, wrapping them in bright and more attractive wrappers.

This created a fashion for everything: gadgets, clothes, cars, entertainment, food, home and travel, and people increasingly lost their individuality, having forgotten how to distinguish their own desires from those that were imposed on them from the outside.

And these creatures – the Drakoreptiles and Orions, who seized power on your planet, not only had fun, but also profited from their “entertainment”, at the same time considering people “garbage”.

But hating and despising people, they nevertheless understood that without this “garbage” – without its energy – they could not exist.

And then they decided to undertake a rather risky experiment, which they had been planning for decades: by minimizing the planet’s population, getting rid of unnecessary “ballast”, at the same time lowering the vibrations of the remaining people so that they could provide them with energy supply.


To disguise their true intentions, this time they chose a biological weapon – invisible to the common man – and doomed people to voluntary euthanasia by injecting deadly “vaccines” into them.

This plan was developed for a long time and carefully, and they considered the complete lack of self-esteem among the inhabitants as the guarantor of its implementation.

They acted gradually, becoming more and more convinced that they were not mistaken in their calculations.

Fatally frightened by the new unknown “virus”, people obediently put on masks, then allowed themselves to be locked in their homes and enthusiastically accepted the miraculous “vaccine” offered to them by the government free of charge.

A few suspected that something was wrong and opposed this, who managed to preserve a sense of their own dignity in their souls and saw a forgery in the phantasmagoria going on around.

This is how natural selection took place: human souls were sifted like gold-bearing sand, tons of which were left overboard, but rare golden grains shone so brightly that they attracted the attention of all the Light Forces of the Universe, who came to the aid of these pure and bright human Souls, who retained in themselves inextinguishable Divine spark.

And now this “sand” is sifted a second time so as not to miss a single grain of gold that can be carefully and gently transferred from this outdated three-dimensional world to the Earth of the Fifth Dimension, where self-esteem is an integral feature of every inhabitant of this new beautiful the world.

But, unfortunately, it is possible to revive this sense of self-esteem lost by people only in extreme conditions, putting a person on the brink of survival, which is happening now all over your planet.

The elect will go to the new Earth – those who, even at the cost of their lives, are ready to defend their innate, God-given sense of inner freedom and dignity.

And I am proud of you, my dears, – those who did not fall, did not bend under the already obsolete system of enslavement and humiliation of people, who defend their rights at the cost of material deprivation, but preserving their spiritual integrity, their Divine Soul.



Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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