Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 9, 2021

Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen  

Our Stairway to Heaven?

In this week’s Benjamin Fulford article, two key points were made, perhaps revealing a certain humanitarian and the liberator (IMHO) of this world. 

Ben wrote, “it is interesting to note in this context, that La Palma is calming down as are the problems with the three Gorges dam. It is probably just a coincidence. In any case, after this exchange MI6 sent the following message: ‘The deal has been done, the rest is housekeeping.”’ 

HOUSEKEEPING, this is an enlightening word choice. For it is no secret, my admiration for the Lady who shines white light. Who also will free us deplorables from our KM tormentors. Likewise, during Led Zeppelin’s song, “Stairway to Heaven”, she is also called the “May queen”. As the lyrics introduce the queen, she quiets our misgivings. Robert Plant sings, “if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now. Its just a SPRING CLEAN for the May queen.” 

Ben continues, “this housekeeping, of course, begins with an intensified purge of the Khazarian mafia from their last holdouts. This is taking place both in the West and in Asia. What is being removed is ‘The cult that is controlling Antonio Guterres in the United Nations,’ Western secret society sources say.” Don’t know about you, but I was starting to wear down a bit, during this waiting game. Impatiently nit-picking, it seems like forever. Then again, a gladder heart resonated and changed my mindset, after reading Ben’s article.  


Then sound reasoning took charge once again. Obviously the most important aspect of the “Q” movement is awakening the snoozing critical masses. After all, I did take comfort in a straightforward message that declared, “ALL SHALL AWAKEN”! Why did that feeling leave me? Oh oh, was I a victim of a PSYOP? No way, that couldn’t happen to me. However, it did remind me of the time, during adolescence when a friend told me, “that I was robbed and didn’t know it.” I defensively retorted, “no, I wasn’t.” My answer was enough to make him laugh uncontrollably. Confusedly, I remember thinking to myself, “huh? Whats so funny”? 

After realizing that I was a victim of a teenage “psych job” (our phrase for PSYOP). My ego felt deflated, but the good news was I did not get robbed. The reason for this history lesson is the realization that the cabal minions are doing psych jobs on us patriots. We just need to rise above it and remember this wise proverb. “In a war of the ego, the loser always wins,” right? Which means, we should not take into our hearts – their BS anymore. Remember that in the end, we win. And forevermore. 

Anyway, eventually, the newly awakened will follow everyone else and be One with the ALL! After all, WWG1WGA!   

Sympathy for the Devil

Fulford’s article then added: “The Rockefeller-owned pharmacidical companies behind the fake pandemic and the real mass vaccination campaign are also now being targeted. ‘They get a knock on the door and we say, we know who you are, we know what you are doing and you better knock it off,’ explains MI6. “Later we will suck them all up with a giant vacuum cleaner,” they add.” 

“In the West, however, the following quote from a European royal makes it clear this will be no ordinary reckoning: 

‘The atrocity exacted upon the Russian Imperial family by the KM and many others around the world has not gone unnoticed. A very vast endeavor to expose this heinous hate crime is ongoing to root out and kill –we repeat kill- all concerned.’ 


The Rockefellers financed Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the Czar because he refused to grant them oil concessions in Russia so; it is a pretty good guess that family is now being purged root and branch. 

The removal of David Rockefeller’s grandson Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and the renaming of that company as ‘Meta,’ Hebrew for death, is a clear sign. The subsequent removal from Meta of face recognition data on a billion people (Yes !) shows the change in management. 

The disappearance of Zuckerbergs’ ‘Jens Psaki’ White House spokestrans persona is a clear sign the purge is well underway.” 

The cabal should have pondered Thoth the Atlantean’s advice: “He who over-steppeth the Law shall be punished, for only through Law comes the freedom of men.” 

Anyway, this incoming justice for the Rockefellers, is a payback for the acts that they performed; as told by The Rolling Stones’ in their song, “Sympathy for the Devil”. Wherein Lucifer proudly sang: 

“I stuck around St. Petersburg 

When I saw it was a time for a change 

Killed the Czar and his ministers 

Anastasia screamed in vain.” 

This was a horrible time in history, tens of millions of Russians were murdered at the hands of these butchers.  


What does the Russian Revolution have to do with a spring cleaning*? Supposedly, the May queen’s great grandfather was Rasputin, who personally ministered for the Czar, Czarina, and their children. Rasputin was ruthlessly murdered, as was the innocent Anastasia. This bloodthirsty communist Rockefeller family presumed, that they were above the LAW. Haughtily, they still believe this is true. However, these Satanists will find out quickly that God is the top law enforcement Officer and detests arrogance. 

The Rockefellers look down their noses at us “useless eaters” and St James clearly exposes them in James 2: 1-13: 

“My dear brothers, you are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. So never think that some people are more important than others. Suppose someone comes into your church meeting wearing very nice clothes and a gold ring. At the same time a poor man comes in wearing old, dirty clothes. You show special attention to the one wearing nice clothes. You

say, ‘Please, sit here in this good seat.’ But you say to the poor man, ‘Stand over there,’ or ‘Sit on the floor by my feet!’What are you doing? You are making some people more important than others. With evil thoughts you are deciding which person is better. 

Listen, my dear brothers! God chose the poor in the world to be rich with faith. He chose them to receive the kingdom God promised to people who love him.But you show no respect to the poor man. And you know that it is the rich who are always trying to control your lives. And they are the ones who take you to court. They are the ones who say bad things against Jesus, the One who really owns you. 

One law rules over all other laws. This royal law is found in the Scriptures: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ If you obey this law, then you are doing right. But if you are treating one person as if he were more important than another, then you are sinning. That royal law proves that you are guilty of breaking God’s law. A person might follow all of God’s law. But if he fails to obey even one command, he is guilty of breaking all the commands in that law. God said, ‘You must not be guilty of adultery.’ The same God also said, ‘You must not murder anyone.’ So if you do not take part in adultery, but you murder someone, then you are guilty of breaking all of God’s law. You will be judged by the law that makes people free. You should remember this in everything you say and do. Yes, you must show mercy to others, or God will not show mercy to you when he judges you. But the person who shows mercy can stand without fear when he is judged.”  

Allow me a side comment. St James has an interesting take on the saying, “the One is the All and the All are the One.” 

St. James offers a lawful dilemma. The cabal were merciless when in charge. My first question is, should mercy be granted if not asked for by the guilty? George Bush Jr. bragged after the 9.11 attack: “whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies. Justice will be done!” Remember the playing-card bounties on the heads of accused terrorists? Just a game to these people. Of course, justice was never doled out for the 9.11 traitors. As of YET! 

My second question is, will these Luciferic followers – the true perpetrators of 9.11 – have the conceit to ask for mercy? I hope not, for I believe that you can only be merciful to those seeking mercy. As for myself, when I die, and am standing at the pearly gates. I will beg Jesus to allow me to enter through the gateway of mercy. Knowing I am not worthy to enter through the gateway of justice. In conclusion, spiritually, St. James delivers us some soul-food for thought. 

God bless ! 



PS: *Spring cleaning and a bustle in a hedgerow meaning: 

By definition, a hedgerow sits on the side of a road, and acts as a boundary wall of shrubs and BUSHES.  

For bustle, The Urban Dictionary has a useful representation; it is a noise or activity, meaning a disturbance close to home (the Bush families live near the border wall).  

Meanwhile, spring cleaning is an old domestic ritual. A reformation to do away with the troubles of the past year(s) and prepare for the coming year(s), and often includes disposing of old, useless things (the cabal) that have become bothersome. The word clean can also mean to free from foreign (invaders?) or extraneous matters, or problems.

In old England, the May Queen was a maiden chosen by a village to represent the hopes and potential for the coming year. She was a symbol of beauty, spring, and new beginnings.” She can also represent the potential positive rewards coming from the energy of the earth. In short, out with the Machiavellian old and in with the honourable new!


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