Weapons of Mass Instruction


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 5, 2021

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Early this morning I awoke from a dream, the details of which I do not completely recall. However, just prior to awakening, I had been asking Spirit about Q and the Patriot movement which is related to it, and what it all means in light of where we are today.

The answer came extremely clear, unlike that which preceded it, and it woke me up instantly with the perfection of its message: Weapons of Mass Instruction.

That is what Q is.

When I looked at the clock it was 7:17. 17 in both directions. 

Weapons of Mass Instruction.

I’m in the middle of a journey back West across the United States, after a sojourn on the East coast which saw a visit to the Bridge that Saved a Nation, in the town of my birth in River Edge, New Jersey. It was here that Washington and his troops miraculously reached the bridge across the Hackensack river before the British got their first to capture them, saving the Revolution from certain defeat. Only weeks later, the tide then turned with the first victory in Trenton and then Princeton after crossing the Delaware, twice. At this New Bridge location, Thomas Paine penned the famous words: “These are the times that try men’s souls…”

The Bridge that Saved a Nation

Visiting the New Bridge on 9-11 and saying a prayer for our once and future Revolution was a spiritual experience, like touching the past, and both  acknowledging and healing it, as it reoccurs again in a ‘new now’ moment. As we here today yet cross our own New Bridge into a new time frame and a new timeline for humanity. 

So, as I drove back West, I thought it only proper to stop at the Lincoln Cabin site in Illinois, when I saw that I was close to it on my route. When my family left River Edge in my youth, we moved to Lincoln Terrace in a new town, and later, when I moved out west as an adult, to Venice, California, I lived on Lincoln boulevard. As George Washington plays such an instrumental role in our Nation’s history, so too does Abraham Lincoln. And this battle we are currently in, not just for the United States, but for the world, has been likened to a Second American Revolution and a cultural Civil War in one. It began when then candidate Donald Trump came down the escalator in the Trump hotel and announced his bid for the Presidency: the Shot Heard Round the World.

The Declaration of Independence is associated with Washington and his fellow founding fathers, but what declaration is associated with Lincoln?

The Emancipation Proclamation.

Declaring Independence (through the power of the Creator) and Proclaiming Emancipation and freeing slaves, that’s what this is about even still. Words, both spoken and written, have tremendous power when they are backed by the forces of Divine Providence. In truth then nothing can stop them.

Weapons of Mass Instruction.

At the Lincoln Cabin memorial, I encountered not just the reconstructed cabin itself, but the dioramas inside the small museum nearby, depicting early American life in the Lincoln era, as well as the journey West that followed.

And that is what dawned on me as I awoke this morning, with the words ‘weapons of mass instruction’ echoing through my soul. We are, all of us, each and every one, on both sides of this information war, inside of God’s Diorama.

In God’s Diorama we are all witnessing and being taught a grand spiritual lesson, not just in this current culminating historical moment, but in all of our history, from let us say, the appearance of Christ until this day. Since Christ was such a profound occurrence, a meta-historical moment, if you will, it zeroed out the counting of history and began a new era. Another other key date and time frame is 1776 and the journey that began with the American Revolution. This journey also includes in it the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, because those two inextricably linked events were what birthed this covenant Nation into what might be called its destiny as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

In a sense, you could say that Washington and Lincoln were both founding fathers of the United States, along with the other presidents on Mount Rushmore. I would also include Kennedy and Trump as founding fathers as well, for when this battle is over, we will see the throughline of the Revolution and the Freeing of the Slaves (which include us today, as debt slaves) and exactly how the central bankers, predicted by the founding fathers, played such an important role as the Enemy within the gates. For if you control the creation and issuance of money itself, then you can control industry and media, as well. 

Infiltration instead of invasion, as JFK called it. 

However, for the hand-wringers amongst us, who would say that the Enemy has this game sewn up and there’s nothing the Alliance or Trump can do to stop them, they are too well entrenched, they have humanity blackmailed and bribed from within a rotten and duplicitous system, just remember this:

We are in God’s Diorama. 

Do you think there is anything that can ultimately ‘go wrong’ here? We are being taught a lesson for all of humanity and for all time. You are an imaginary character at the end of the day, as far as being incarnate goes. Remember this simple equation: Anything temporary is an illusion. Anything eternal is real. That should put this drama into perspective, as we proceed.

Yes, there is an epic battle being fought, but it is being fought with Weapons of Mass Instruction, not weapons of mass destruction. 

The outcome is secure because this is God’s Diorama, not Lucifer’s. Lucifer and his minions are simply characters in it. They did not write and cast the play and they do not control its final outcome. And no matter what anyone does, in any walk of life, whichever side or stance they might choose, they are part and parcel of the mass instruction. 

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.

It is the Declaration of Independence & Emancipation Proclamation made Quantum, for all of humanity to witness.

If Donald Trump had simply won another election and had a similar 4-year battle with the Deep State within the system and then went away, that would not accomplish anything but a brief respite from the corruption of the occultist’s New World Order plans. We are here to Drain the Swamp permanently, and that Swamp is not just the central bank monetary system and those that invented it and foisted it upon us, but also Big Pharma and the medical cartels, as well as the energy sector, which has denied us the free energy inherent in the universe. But really, they are all wrapped together as one nefarious web we are caught in, with the funny money they created being the linchpin that holds the web together. Take away the money and what do they have to bribe anyone with?

When Q first appeared it was with Q clearance from the Department of Energy. Money has been the occultist’s energy, but our energy comes from the Source of Life itself. You can not serve both God and Mammon. 

When I awoke this morning with the Q question and got the resounding answer: Weapons of Mass Instruction, I realized that Q is an essentially spiritual freedom movement, coming from angelic sources. A tool used by God’s Army, originating from celestial realms. Wait until you see who has been communicating with you here. 

On the ground they may well use a Quantum computer, as the Alliance in human terms works through scenarios to best game-out this current meta-historical moment, which links back to THE meta-historical moment, the incarnation of Christ. Naturally, the Second Coming of Christ will be the awakening of Christ (Unity) Consciousness within humanity as whole, rather than simply one individual.

Yet Christ the individual served another important role. In these difficult times, which “try men’s souls” as Thomas Paine put it, sometimes when we reach out to the vastness of God/Creator/Source for comfort, we may feel that it is such an all-encompassing energy that it is almost impersonal. With Christ, we have God in personal form, as of course, God is the very Creator of all that is personal, as well as all of the companions of a person, such as our animal friends, like the dog, for example. Have you ever seen God in the eyes of a dog? Or perhaps in a tree, with a fragrance of flower scented air wafting through the breeze on a sun-filled day.

And what is the Enemy up to in the information we are getting from the world? Sick and truly evil experiments on not just people, and children, but dogs and other animals, as well. And the muzzling of people with masks so they can’t breathe and exhale properly. Frightening them about the life-giving rays of the sun? Giving them chemicals to put on their skin, which then causes the cancer itself. Giving them monetized vaccines, instead of trusting in God’s inherent immune system.

Rather than getting down about this, realize this important truth: they used to be able to hide what they did in the dark, and rule by secrecy. But now, with each passing day, more and more information is coming to light.
Weapons of Mass Instruction.

We have them. They don’t. The cracks in the wall of their deception grow deeper with each passing moment. They cannot stem the tide. A flood is coming for the Old World Order.

The Egyptians you see today, you will never see again.

We are in God’s Diorama. In Lincoln’s cabin.

Is it an unexpected and unusual story and hard to predict? Of course it is. It is the Greatest Political Story Ever Told. Just like the Passion Play of Christ was the Greatest Story Ever Told.

The drama can be taxing for many, but great stories need great dramas and many twists and turns, and even false endings. What makes a great Movie? Great Actors. And great plot dynamics.

I never would have thought during the election drama of 2020/2021 that Joe  Biden, or a simulacra there-in, would be installed in the White House, even if that White House was a Hollywood set. And yet, what has God’s Diorama taught us all from Jan. 20, 2021 until today? And more importantly, what have you felt?

If you had told me a few months before the election what was going to occur, I would have thought that it would have been all darkness and disaster, the WW2 equivalent of panzer tanks rolling down the street, with an oppressive feel of evil in the air, for everyone to experience, the sense that evil was actually taking over, taking control of the world, which I how I imagine that WW2 felt for the populace, during the height and depths of Nazi power.

And yet, even with the political situation transpiring as stated, as the Aquarian Age dawned on the Winter Solstice of 2020 and all the way up to today, I haven’t felt any of that at all. I have felt mostly light and clear.

The Enemies weapons of mass destruction are failing. They cannot use their nuclear weapons, which have been disabled by angelic forces, and their biological attack with Covid is not going as planned. 

We have Weapons of Mass Instruction on our side. Seeded by Angels. And our energy isn’t nuclear, it is New Clear.

In the Gates Covid-19 pre-viz which they staged just prior to the “Covid Event” itself, they predicted 50 million plus dead. That was their aim. And, of course, their ‘Order out of Chaos’ would be what followed in its wake.

But that didn’t happen. Their death plot was foiled by the Alliance. How did this happen, I do not know, perhaps by the Alliance releasing a wild-variant of Covid which was not fatal, but which spread faster than the bio-weapon Covid, thus giving humanity herd immunity.

As far as the Vaxx goes, there is a lot of concern in the Patriot community of how this relates to President Donald Trump, since he was involved in Operation Warpspeed and he recommends the vaxxine. Just like the death plot was foiled by the Alliance with Covid, the same thing is taking place with the jab. The death plot was mitigated at large, in the same manner that angelic forces can disable nuclear weapons.

That is not to say anyone should get the vaxx. If some of the jabs are just saline solutions or contain prophylactics like hcq, others could be the Cabal version of the vaxx. A lot depends on an individual’s soul contract.

The worldwide Cabal is going to be apprehended for Crimes Against Humanity. Which means they committed the crimes. That is the drama lined up in God’s Diorama. Everyone has their roles to play. Refusing the vaxx is part of the drama, for myself as an example. For others, they have chosen to take it, even many Trump voters have done this. Layers and layers of lessons are being taught about spiritual discernment and about giving your power away. 

The Media plays a very large role in this drama. They will be the last titan to fall, the last of Goliath’s brothers to drop from a single stone.

Remember that Trump’s EO on election interference allows the Media’s assets to be seized. Without the Media, and the banking system that propped it up, the Cabal has nothing. They are a paper tiger without these occult fueled weapons.

However, they are not writing the script here in God’s Diorama. They are simply playing their role, whether they like it or not, based on the decisions they have made, and what they have aligned themselves with.

Have you made your decision for Christ?
Alec Baldwin has.

As for you, who may still be concerned about how this drama will play out, I recommend watching the ’30 for 30′ special called Survive and Advance, which detailed the miraculous run the NC State Wolfpack made to win the National College basketball championship, led by Jim Valvano. 

Survive and Advance

Yet, it is not just about the thrills and chills of their improbable against-all-odds run to victory, but also about the relationship Valvano had with his mostly black players. He was an outsider, from an NY Italian family, who came down South and was embraced by that culture because of his honesty and enthusiasm, his passion and belief. And he loved and cared about his players in such a deep way, that they in turn felt the same for him and they became a family that could overcome the most daunting of obstacles together. Of course, there were many nail-biting moments, when all seemed lost, and there simply wasn’t enough time to pull it off. And yet, they prevailed in the end. Just like we did in the American Revolution and just like we will in this, the Second American Revolution. 

And how far have we come from that log cabin of Lincoln and the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation? When you watch Survive and Advance and see Valvano and his students, both white and black, become a family together and experience something through sport that can only be described as spiritual grace. Or, as one of the players, Thurl Bailey, called it: poetic justice.   

Valvano described a moment from his youth, at a motivational seminar, when the speaker said: “God must have loved ordinary people, because he made so many of them.”

Valvano said that at first this discouraged him, because he was young and a good player and he wanted to be special. But then the speaker continued: “Every day and in all walks of life, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

That is where we are now. We are the ordinary people, here to do extraordinary things. By ourselves, motivated by petty ego, we can do very little, and yet, as awakened individuals, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

‘Survive and Advance’ Humanity into the Light. That is what is being demonstrated in God’s Diorama.            
We are equipped with Weapons of Mass Instruction.

The world is awakening to our message, it is filtering in through every seam, through a billion points of light, all across the planet, as the Old World Order struggles to keep its props in place, and they keep falling down.

Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. They are getting out of the audience and onto the stage and affecting the drama itself. Meanwhile, others are clinging to the rails of a sinking ship, hoping it will somehow right itself and the world will go back to a “new normal.”

The only thing certain is that Unity and Truth will prevail in the end and the progenitors of Separation and Division will face their karma, which is coming to them with the force of divine revelation.

Who do you think is going to win this Championship of the World?
Was it ever really in question?

God Wins.
Vaya con Dios


Parting the Washington Sea


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