Kat Anonup Update: Durham Indictments, Steele Dossier, General Flynn


Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

BIG Durham arrest. 
A reminder ↓ 

1-6-20 Juan O Savin
The dossier trying to take Trump out
before he was even elected
during the election period,
that dossier was created & foisted on America
through traitorous American citizens
working from Foreign soil in London
in cooperation with Foreign agents [MI5 & 6]
& American agents [CIA, FBI.]
Stefan Halper
[American foreign policy scholar
& ret. Sr. Fellow University of Cambridge, UK]
the guy, the genius that figured this whole thing out
to go after Papadopoulos,
try to honey-pot him & take him out
that was Halper
who is the unindicted co-conspirator from Iran-Contra.
We got lots of players here
that have a history
in the American Intelligence Agencies in on this.
CIA totally traitorous.
That’s why, going back to Kennedy & before
Truman himself said,
‘If I’d realized I was creating the American Gestapo
I would NEVER have done it.’
Truman himself regretted having authorized
the creation of CIA.

@RealGenFlynn 11-4-21 

“[Danchenko indictment] a long but necessary read 
…and pay attention to the latest actions 
in the Durham investigation.

As we’ve known all along, 
the entire “Russia-Gate” collusion was one big set up. 
Democratic operatives were actually colluding with Russia…
Look at what they did to me, 
my entire family 
and our country. 

We have all known or certainly felt it, 
but now Durham has confirmed it. 

By their grotesque abuse of the law, 
the DEMs changed the course of history 
by their egregious actions and lies. 


Forcing me out of the NSA position was job#1 for them 
because they knew I would stop this dead in its tracks. 

The DEMs and their thug henchmen on the left 
tried to destroy the country over the past four years. 

And even now
they’re trying to get away with stealing the nation. 
They won’t, 
and may all these evil bastards rot in hell.”


Q The Storm Rider 9-25-21

“DURHAM—End game HRC/OBAMA/CIA/five eyes
Stolen ELECTION (given to them
to set the greatest sting operation taking place
To [EXPOSE] foreign occupation 
in all three branches of U.S GOVERNMENT

All records of Military personal 
& High positioned commanders 
& DEEP STATE INTEL officers & agencies 
who colluded with the Plandemic 
(currently FAUCI . GATES, 
are now being secured in sealed indictments


by hundreds of thousands of White HATS 
across the WORLD.

Bringing down a 6,000 year old SATANIC system 
is happening.”



Kevin Clinesmith

Michael Susmann

Igor Danchenko

Fiona Hill…

Eventually EVERYONE!!!!!!

While difficult, it is important to understand
this must be done by the book.

How do we ‘legally’……

Page 39. Igor Danchenko indictment ↓


With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing.

This is Kat, over and out.



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