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Planning the level of God. Celestial news.

A small selection of recent channelings. In general, we can say that the news is getting better and better and we are getting closer to our cherished dream – to the FREEDOM OF HUMANITY!

As before, our heavenly helpers (not saviors !!!!) continue insist that EVERYTHING IS IN OUR HANDS (and not in the hands of saviors) and INCREASING OWN VIBRATIONS becomes vital!

Everything is going according to plan and even better than expected. This plan is a divine plan and we still cannot understand it due to our spiritual atrophy, and also because we represent this plan with our human mind. And our mind is not capable of analyzing and synthesizing information of this magnitude.

That is, this Plan is a combination and consideration of an INFINITE NUMBER OF FACTORS for the MAXIMUM POSITIVE RESULT for ALL PARTICIPANTS in the Earth liberation process.

To put it simply, this is planning level God.

All of these channels are wonderful, I only present you with a small quote and a link.

Message for October 24, 2021 (Week 27) | Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart

The word this week is “go.” Those of you who are in on activities will understand what this means. We have a green light. 

This is the time of re-empowerment of the people of earth. They have been dependent too long. You were not created to be dependent – you were created to be self sufficient. Dependency upon materials and money has left your creative abilities weak and so you were easy targets for exploiters. This is what has happened on earth but no longer. You must experience some pain going forward but this pain will strengthen you if you use it wisely. If you don’t, you will remain dependent. It is your choice. Begin by stocking up your shelves and learning to rely upon your wits. Be creative in solutions to problems you face and begin to exercise these long stagnating muscles.


Going To Ground

My dearest child, it is time to go to ground. Prepare yourself for the energy releasing and clearing to continue for a few more weeks. This is necessary to make room for new and interesting changes to arrive. Practice self-care and know it is perfectly okay to be a cave-dweller for a while. (Smiling) Once the release has concluded, you will be able to look at the world with new eyes. As always, The Universe is wrapping you in Unconditional Love! ~ Creator


The Arcturian Group – Oct 3, 2021

Never resist what you experience physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually in the false belief that it is not spiritual to have negative emotions, fears, or concerns. Rather recognize these things for what they are–impersonal energies flowing from the three dimensional collective. Never claim them as being personally yours or you make them yours. Do not give them power over you but rather allow them to flow through and out again– “Oh, you again…” 

You are spiritual beings having human experiences by choice in order to once and for all clear yourself of remaining old energy and help others do the same. You were already spiritually evolved when you chose to incarnate in order to be a part of earth’s ascension process. The problem is that once a soul enters the lower resonance of the third dimension most, even the very evolved forget who they are and begin to believe that they are just physical human beings subject to all the good and bad that exists on earth.

All fear arises from the belief in two powers. Powers that can affect someone for good or bad and over which they have no control. This belief in two powers is the foundation upon which all news, organized religion, health care, education, law, governments, and societal norms have been built. The belief in two powers constitutes third dimensional consciousness.

This point is the culmination of an inner journey you have been on for a very, very long time. You now stand in front of the door. It is your free will choice as to whether or not you open the door. It is definitely more comfortable to leave it shut where you will continue to have friends, camaraderie, and “belong” but you have spent many a lifetime crawling, begging, praying, struggling, to find this door and now you stand in front of it. To open it or not? That is the question. 


The Earth has entered an octave higher in the Galactic spiral, and this changes its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will break open the veils and liberate consciousness. A New Age is dawning. Nothing will ever be the same again. All Earthly souls who have not yet finished their learning process will have to move to other Schools, other Third Dimension Planets. The mutation point is also the beginning of homecoming. An awareness that the frequency level of 5D has been reached. Liberation has finally arrived!

Operation Liberation of Planet Earth by Pleiadean Light Forces

Throughout the centuries, the Pleiadeans have always been a guiding light for the beings on planet Earth, bringing clarity and hope to our world!

The following information is derived from direct, decoded etheric transmissions from the Well-meaning Lightworkers who have been docked in the Earth’s solar system. Some details come directly from members of the Earth Alliance, known as the Great White Brotherhood.


Dearest Ones I am here with you today to applaud you all for the amazing work that you have been doing and to offer you some spiritual solace and practical help. Many of you have been feeling exhausted during this awakening period on Planet Earth. You have been engaged in a fight to wake people up to the darkness that has abounded the planet for eons of your time. Beloved friends, we see your sadnesses and irritations when you feel as if life is not going the way that you wanted it to and you may be feeling as if the Awakening process is taking too long.

We offer some hope for you that ALL IS WELL and although it might very well seem otherwise, everything that is happening on Earth today, is happening for the highest good of all and is meant to be. Do not fear that anything has gone wrong when you see the fearful news that your Main Media is plying to you .Much of this is to deliberately keep you in fear for your future. Remember the dark side feed on your fear.They know now that they are losing their control over you and are very fearful of this themselves for without your fear they cannot exist.

Please do not fear for your friends and families who are still in the dark so to speak. It may appear as if they have not been listening to you but you have been sowing the seeds for them to awaken themselves when their own soul is ready.


Now is the time to awaken from your old world of fear and move into the New world of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY . In recent years much of your time on Earth has been spent in fear .Fear of not having enough money,fear of dis-ease,fear of different cultures, fear of not having enough food or shelter, a fear of the ravages of Nature and the climate, a fear of God,a fear of the Devil,a fear of not being loved and a fear of death. These are all fears which may well have a basis in some truth in your own life or even in a past life led in fear but they are all learned fears.

As a baby you actually came into this life with no real fear ,apart from a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises .Much of the fear that most of you are feeling now, has been learnt over the years that you have been on Earth. These fears have been learnt from your parents, your teachers, your friends and others around you .You have all learned these fears from the experiences that you have had .In Truth if all children were brought up in a total world of LOVE, there would be no fear and you would all be living in complete Bliss.

Have no fear of these dark souls who have been causing so much havoc on Earth for centuries of your time .They know that their time is up .Do not fear these dark ones and what they say to you.It is their fear now.They have lost the war and their fear of a lack of control over you is causing much of the havoc that abounds on Earth today. They will try to make you fear everything to keep you under their control. They have orchestrated all of your fears to stop you from knowing that you are a Sovereign Divine Being and YOU have the control ,not them..

Do not let them hide your LIGHT anymore. They cannot control you unless you let them.

Have no fear for they know that once you have woken up , they will have no more power over you . All you have to do is to stand up and say NO to them. As a part of GOD, YOU are a SOVEREIGN being and your Loving power is immense and WILL change the world

Have no fear Dear Ones, your own dear friends and families will join you on this journey.Many of you have felt alone and unloved but YOU are the wayshowers who are ahead of the game ,so to speak. As you have awoken , others will do so but at different times. However as time speeds up your friends and families will be catching up soon and join you on this exciting journey.


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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