Steve Beckow: On a Return to Civil Discourse in Political Affairs


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

October 24, 2021

On a Return to Civil Discourse in Political Affairs – Part 1/2

The world must look very strange to a person unaware of what’s happening. (1)

A pandemic whose cure leads to catastrophic outcomes.

A president who doesn’t seem in control of his faculties.

Governments everywhere who are at best uncaring and at worst corrupt.

A military situation that looks like it’s tumbling downhill fast.


Behind those apparent events, dramas of incredible intricacy and evil have been playing out.

So many characters on the world stage have committed themselves hopelessly to malevolence by now. If they weren’t honey-trapped or didn’t pay for play, they were either enticed or blackmailed in, at some time, by some other means.

And most of it has been captured in several databases, most obviously the NSA.

Where are the guilty to turn? It’s rumored Colin Powell committed suicide to preserve his legacy. Having Covid-19 – as he was reported to –  is apparently Morse code among the Illuminati for being taken down.

George H.W. Bush was given the option of suicide or execution and he’s rumored to have taken suicide. The note handed around at the Bush funeral said “They know everything. I’m sorry.”

I imagine the same game is being played out worldwide, not just in the USA and other western countries.

Earth is coming together, but not in the way we expected.



None of us want to be the first to use certain words. Oh my Gawd. If we do, we’ll be labelled “conspiracy theorists,” “leftists,” or “communists.”

Before I utter those words and forever rrriiissskkkk (I am shaking) being branded, let me discuss this tendency we have to close down meaningful debate by a process of ridiculing or “debunking.”

Debunking was recommended by the Robertson Panel in the 1950s (2) to discourage all talk of UFOs.  “Wingnuts” has become “conspiracy theorists” but it’s the same tactic and a controlled press plays it.

To defend ourselves, we the consumers of commentary have to acknowledge at the outset that we alone are responsible for our opinions, with the exception of mind control and other invasive technologies. Outside of that, we accept and reject what later become our opinions.

We’re human instruments. If we become afraid, we accept many more opinions simply to avoid punishment. Are we together to this point?

We’re presently being pummeled on all sides by forces who want to dominate the world, become masters of the universe, etc. They say they want global governance.  But they want global control to exterminate all but 500 million of the population to serve as their slaves.

This site is full of books on the subject. Just see the Downloads Page. Use the search engine. Choose a “Category.” Look in the Library.

As an aside, what we have to do first to neutralize their efforts is jettison our fear. We have the ability to make fear go away by even stamping our foot.  We can shout “No!” at fear and it’ll go.

We may be threatened with jail and the loss of our possessions and money. I think we have to be willing to lose everything rather than be afraid if we’re to make a real difference.


Believe me, this is as much a challenge for me to contemplate as it is for anyone else. It isn’t necessary for all of us to make such sacrifices, but it is for a few individuals who step forward to lead us.


In the meme war, if you support one point of view, one side calls you a Democrat or a liberal or a commie. If you oppose that point of view, the other side calls you a “conspiracy theorist,” Trumpist, Q fanatic, etc.

In the end, it’s all divide-and-conquer, until the Illuminati themselves are threatened, as is happening now. Then they censor.

There’s no middle ground and no room for reasonable and civil discussion of issues, policies, solutions in this setting. There isn’t supposed to be.

I’m holding the ground for civil discourse.  I’m not an extreme rightist or leftist; I’m a centrist, as you know.

I said there were certain words which the moment I uttered them I could no longer prevent myself from being pilloried – perhaps by both sides. I’m going to utter them now….

Notice your reaction when I utter them. Ready? Set? Go.

World government.

(Drum roll.)


Well, wait a minute, you say. That’s what the cabal wants. You mean we risked our lives only to end up in the same place?

No, I don’t mean that. But here’s where civil discourse comes in. When we engage in meme warfare and lob allegation grenades at each other, we fail to make important distinctions.

Let me make THE important distinction here that’d be lost in getting triggered.

I’m not suggesting a world government of the type they’re suggesting. I’m suggesting that (A) organizing at a global level is imperative for many reasons and (B) what I’ve seen and heard so far  shows great promise to succeed in finally putting the people into the driver’s seat in world government.

We’re definitely ready as a world to discuss the form of government we want when NESARA/GESARA sees that all existing governments must step down. (3)

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


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Please note: Because of numerous malware attacks originating from sites we link to, we’ve stopped hyperlinking to other sites than our own.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow


October 24, 2021

On a Return to Civil Discourse in Political Affairs – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, above.)

Readers here know that I’ve studied life after death and had many interdimensional spiritual experiences, and so I see life as very much larger than we usually entertain a discussion of.

You know that I left university rather than forego studying what didn’t fit into the university’s empirical-materialist paradigm.

So I’m not about to exclude the larger picture from what I say here.

There are extraterrestrial civilizations assisting us to make a leap in consciousness that will leave those committed to darkness behind. “Leap” in evolutionary terms. To us it seems gradual.

These same forces will not permit nuclear bombs to be exploded in space (most nuclear bombs are air-delivered).  (1) These weapons cause harm in other dimensions. So all talk about nuclear capabilities is mere posturing, again to raise fear in the public.

Our present world government (the United Nations) appears implicated in the pandemic and vaccines, which says that they’re part of the Illuminati, to use the most general term for them (cabal, deep state, New World Order, etc.).

Government itself in so many states and nations seems corrupt. Since the CIA owns the media, none of this corruption is exposed and those who try to do so are called “conspiracy theorists.” (2)


The news itself has been owned by the CIA since the last century, as a result of Operation Mockingbird.

In that environment, nothing of the real truth appears to leak out. Only the lurid details of the lives of Hollywood celebrities and royalty, politicians and athletes.

Meme warfare is part of divide and conquer. Divide and conquer is achieved by problem/reaction/solution.

This is the playbook of the people who would rule the planet through world government.


I’m not speaking about any of that when I use the word “world government.”

I foresee a not-too-distant future in which those who wish to do evil will feel as if they’re walking through molasses while those who wish to spread love and kindness will feel themselves liberated to do just that – and facilitated and enabled in every respect.

Most people here know about NESARA/GESARA, the Reval, Tesla free energy, replicators, med beds, oh my gosh, what else?

G/NESARA is an acronym for the Global/National Economic Security and Reformation Act which mandates a new economy, debt free, in which all the resources of the globe, to put it in its simplest form, are redistributed equally.

It mandates an economy that is run on compassion, fairness, and other aspects of love.  It mandates financial oversight that is incorruptible and universal. It mandates governments that are corruption free and it has the oversight technology (Quantum Financial System) to ensure it.


It kicks off with a Revaluation of Currencies which creates a level playing field. It also creates a pool of humanitarian lightworker philanthropists committed to projects that will uplift the world.

NESARA will see that people are financially freed from the need to work. They’ll work if they wish to.

Labor-saving devices will greatly reduce the amount of work to be done. Replicators are an example of that. Dematerializing garbage is another.

If we can ask a replicator for what we want, of what use is a grocery store? If we can dematerialize what’s no longer needed, pollution disappears. If sickness disappears, hospitals per se disappear.  A flood of new technologies is waiting to be released once the deep state makes its exit.

Work exists to address what’s not working. We work because the material environment of our bodies and world require us to. We need food to live, a home to shelter in, etc. If we have a replicator to produce the food and ample money to build a house, where is the need for work?

I imagine we’ll see the advent of technology from other civilizations that will address the work of building a house. 3D printing is just a foretaste of that.

Where there’s less work to do, there’s more opportunity for personal discovery and expression.

People will be able to get on with the purpose of life, which is to know who we truly are, by whatever path or faith we choose.

I mentioned that I studied the afterlife. This is how conditions are in the afterlife.


In the next phase of Earth’s existence, world government is something I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid. What really needs to be discussed is what form it’ll take.

That discussion needs to proceed without descending into meme warfare.

In the afterlife and on most dimensions I’ve heard anything about, government is by council.  It’s conciliar.

All our channeled messages from galactic sources speak of the Pleiadian High Council, Arcturian High Council, Earth High Council, etc. Yes, we already have a High Council on the higher planes.

With that as a starting point, however, let me throw the discussion open.

If you agree that world government is inevitable following the collapse of the Illuminati, what form of government do you think it should take?  (3)


(1) The Alliance has shown recently that it has the ability to track down suitcase nukes. I imagine our star family assists them.

(2) You can call me whatever you want, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a citizen journalist investigating criminality.

(3) I’m hoping to start a global discussion in blogs, rather than a flurry of emails.  You don’t have a blog? Well, wwwhhhyyyy not?


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