(Reader: timjoebob) Supreme Court Denies for Third Time this Year


Reader Post | By timjoebob

…in favor of the Big Pharma god.

Who rules the world? The almighty self-exalted Big Pharma god. Yes, the almighty god of poison, Big-Fat-Filth-Ridden-Satanic-Branch-Coviduan-Death-Cult-Pharma, has continued its dominant postion of ruler of the world along with other rulers of the world all cozied up together in a big pile of crap oozing and slithering around leaving a stench filled slimy trail of evidence of incrimination.

After listening to 107 on David Nino Rodriguez last night, I still came away with a feeling of being let down, yet again. It is rare, indeed, if anyone can get a straight answer from 107. A simple question will usually get you an answer that will take you on a trip down a different rabbit hole when a very simple yes or no or just a simple short sentence would suffice in answering direct questions about the war currently being waged against all life on planet Psycho.

So, I have a direct question addressed, yet again, to the White Hats and the Alliance and or to whomever:

“Why is Big-Fat-Filth-Ridden-Satanic-Branch-Covidian-Death-Cult-Pharma being ALLOWED to continue to RULE the Supreme Court if the so-called Alliance or White Hats are in control and thus allowing a swiftly approaching bloody war in the streets forcing veterans to band together with civilian patriots to fight these bastards when you know damn good and well it doesn’t have to be this way?”

Answer the question!

Well, good luck with that. So, I’ll answer the question myself.

It’s being allowed for the simple fact that the Alliance and the White Hats have ‘their’ Agenda. …and we the people are not privy to it. We are just asked to trust the plan.

What plan? Oh, do you mean the plan to let the black robed Satanic cultists sitting on the bench have their way by supporting Pharma?

So, the veterans are not messing around. They mean business. They’re not going to take this crap anymore. They know what needs to be done. If you want something done right, do it yourself. I’m all in, brothers.

If the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, it most certainly is a lowly stench filled cesspool…”a wretched hive of scum and villainy.”—Obi Wan (spelling?)

So, what say you, White Hats? Alliance? Intergalactics? …anyone?

Never mind. Just suck it up buttercups because the next 6 months is going to be an award winning movie…like we’ve never dreamed before. The survivors will tell tales of epic battles. It’s all so romantic. Excuse me while I puke.

I’m already missing the old world…you know…the one that died 2 years ago. It was horrible but nothing compared to what’s coming.

Well, I guess my attitude is compromised yet again on the roller coaster ride from hell.



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