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Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 15, 2021

Australia and La Palma Volcano

Who Owns Everything in Australia?”

In addition to the article “Who Owns Everything in Australia?”

“Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd has purchased every Service, Court, Town Hall, Police Forces, EVERYTHING!” including government and police and health and medicare and tax departments and stamp duty offices ect ect.

Although it is said that CCP, Chinese Communist Party/Rothschild owns Australia because Australia was SOLD to them, what is interesting though is that with Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd, the two main owners of it are Stephanie Charlton and Stephen John Shanks, both Directors.

Yet no one knows who it is and upon it being disguised apparently in two names, they are non existent, selling properties under belle properties, according to this video.


Then this would mean as one commented :”You can register any of those business names yourself. Just go to and search for yourself.

Stamp Duties Office Available

Registrar General NSW available

Births Deaths & Marriages Office available

Australian Labor Party Available”

meaning that since as of 18th November 2020 all the corporation companies listed under that Pecker company, no longer exist, and ceased since that date, governments, police and medical, tax offices, you name it, it is shocking, are thus all non existent and hence, they cannot instruct or enforce any laws or mandates or take your property or nothing. They have no power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So considering we are in times of dismantling the corporation anyway as a whole, why would anyone then want to contract with anyone else such as suggested in the video?


According to another resource, Swiss Bank owns Australia.

Furthermore, since it is said that “In 1975 Gough Whitlam signed the LIMA Agreement. He sold Australia to the United Nations – but wait Australia & Pfizer are listed on the NYSE. (New York Stock Exchange)

Donald J Trump’s Executive Order 13818 has seized the NYSE.

Therefore by default he is the owner of Australia. “

then wouldn’t that mean we are entering GESARA? Or are we?????????

That everything becomes nullified when GESARA takes effect?

And since the Bar Association is illegitimate as is all corporations such as Banks, Governments, and  so on,  then no one really has any power over anyone……….right?

Of course we also know that the Indigenous People of Terra Australis have lived here for thousands of years and yet do they own Australia?

The last seconds of the video “Who owns everything in Australia/”,  at exactly 59 minutes 44 seconds, Hieu-Viet says something very interesting. Very interesting. Question is why he would say it? In what context does he say that??????????????????????????????????????????????

The latest about La Palma Volcano.


Something to think about……………….

Who owns Australia?


Not Swiss Bank who have too many holes to look at in their own cheese, not CCP or Rothschild who need to learn the alphabet and spell words out clearly with unambiguous meaning in them, not Pecker Maroo and the ghost dog robot, not  Donald Trump who truly loves America and cares deeply for wanting the best for other countries, and not even the indigenous people who simply knew how to care for Australia or Terra Australis or EARTH because Australia was part of a WHOLE of the WORLD Billions of years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One BIG MASS of Land.

Australia or whatever name you want to call it,  It is simply Earth. And I am starting to think whilst watching the video of the La Palma Volcano, everything on Earth can simply go up in poof just like that, as nature is more powerful, and nature IS. Simply is. Mess with nature and it roars.

Most of all I am thinking tonight the silly games all those corrupt play, honestly look at that volcano. There goes all those elite mansions too………….so this volcano really makes one wonder about why the bickering of who owns Australia? Truth is Australia don’t have a government right now. There is NO GOVERNMENT at present. It is NULLIFIED.  And all of its corporations minions. That is huge.

Tomorrow all of Australia states are having a joining for massive protests.  16th October 2021.

Personally Universe and Nature and Astrology already have shown Light has won.

But clearly looking at the La Palma Volcano roaring,  how on earth do we even begin to control nature?

We don’t. We either start changing or it is going to change us. But I don’t need to scream that out any more. I did years ago when I said they were going after Australia. They came. But then I screamed those who went after Australia were going to sow what they reap. I don’t have to bother even trying to explain.


Just watch………………. What is going to happen next!

In fact watch the La Palma Volcano and start making changes.

By the way, no amount of Gold or money or mansions or power or ghost robot dogs can stop that La Palma Volcano.

Para Kas-Vetter
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