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Submitted on October 4, 2021


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Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio says the US is on the ‘brink of a terrible civil war’ because of wealth gaps and political partisanship

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio says the US is on the ‘brink of a terrible civil war’ because of wealth gaps and political partisanship

Nuclear weapons would be available in the next US Civil War should that happen from North Korea or Pakistan which would mean that a secession would be successful as north could not expose itself to this risk.  It is also possible that the south would have access to US nukes. There is deep unrest in the US military at the level of the Colonels which is why there has been a rather unsuccessful witch hunt to weed out rightest elements. See our analysis below.  The sanctions on Pakistan and North Korea have been counterproductive as they were forced through economic privation due to sanctions to supply the black market with nuclear weapons through which many nations as Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. have procured them and so they would be available to the US Southern secessionists.  

Hydrogen Bomb Test In North Korea 6.3 Richter:


Iran Hydrogen Bomb Test of North Korean Hydrogen Bomb:

6.3-magnitude earthquake hits western Iran

Saudi Arabia even financed the Pakistan nuclear effort to offset the Israeli nuclear bombs. The Saudi nuclear missiles line their desert.

No country can give them up after seeing what happened to Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. It is like signing your own death certificate.

The Federal Reserve has been run for over the past year by Larry Fink who was retained during so-called coronavirus emergency discussed in footnote Roman Number Two who is a highly qualified 29.85 million dollar a year salaried executive at Black Rock. He knew where the four trillion dollar newly created money at the Fed last year had to go to bail out the ETF fiascos, etc. that Black Rock and other Wall Street firms were exposed to as well as their cash settlement exposures, see footnote Roman Numeral One under the subheading “Stochastic Control Theory, etc.”.  The ETF and cash settlement exposures are exposures in the sense that they underpin massive speculative positions used to manipulate the market that can bring down the entire financial system if they were allowed to implode. In a sense the Wall Streeters have a huge upside and the Federal Reserve is there to protect against their losses with a massive put as just described. The Board of Governors and Presidents of the Federal Reserve System do not have the competence to handle our present emergency though they have 23,000 employees.  It could be run with 230 capable people and the only office necessary would be in New York City where the foreign currency markets can be supervised and the domestic banking scene as well as he internal US credit. This is a reflection of the preposterous incompetence of the US Government all the long the line in every Department being composed by up to 99% of their employees being entirely redundant excluding the military. Elon Musk would probably want to replace most of the military with robots using AI. The Chairman and his Joint Chiefs of staff make less than two hundred thousand dollars a year looking to receive their payoffs for distributing the nearly one trillion of their budget to the military industrial complex by board memberships in the military industrial complex and in huge consulting contracts. It was naive to suppose that they would give all that up for a resignation in principle over Afghanistan.

What we have is a very unusual experience in that most of the Federal Reserve created money has gone to pumping up the stock market during an economic crisis into a humongous bubble while the bonds have been purchased by the Federal Reserve to depress interest rates. As bond interest fell, stocks became more attractive to be purchased by domestic and foreign investors and the bonds to be sold by them. A large amount of money went also to home purchases increasing the wealth of the upper middle class and the stock rise made the rich even more wealthy.  The poor were rewarded for not working during coronavirus times by state unemployment benefits and US federal supplements though when withdrawn will leave them as poor as before. Those poor that were not within the system being illegal immigrants estimated at 30 million people were under extreme economic pressure. In a sense the rich became richer and the poor became poorer while the economy went nowhere. If this sounds similar to 2008 it is because it is though much worse in terms of magnitude that we will discuss in Footnote Roman Numeral One.


The US GDP represents a false narrative of growth for if you remove the inflation there has been no growth at all in sixty years and more. The CPI is fraudulently biased downward as when a product starts increasing in price based on inflation the Bureau of Labor Statistics removes the higher priced product for a lower priced product biasing the inflation index downward. The fact is there has been a great decline in the industrial power of the US as a good part of the US industrial strength lies in a rust belt.  Before World War Two the US produced 70% of the motor vehicles in the world but let’s compare today the US just with China:

1995 US 11,985,450     China 1,434,770

2020 US  8,822,399           25,225,242  

However, we show China at 2017 at 29,225,242 motor vehicles so we think their figures are understated as their GDP by a wide margin and that the GDP of China is much higher than the US.  

Let’s look at steel production:

2007 US 98 million tons.   China  434.9 million tons    

2020 US 72.7 million tons.       1,064.8 million tons

In an industrial sense the Chinese economy has long ago overtaken the US and today towers over it.  The so-called shift of the US toward Asia is based on China’s size as a world power and has nothing to do with their system which is no longer communist. In reality the Chinese GDP dwarfs the US GDP if it were accurately stated.

Footnote Roman Numeral One:


David Lifschultz


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