(Reader) A Future Conversation from a Voice of the Past


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Are you there?
You’re Fading Out!

A Future Conversation

Who’d you say you are? A senator?…No, a governor. Say again??? “I am the leader of this state.” Excuse me! Speak up! You’re fading out! Did you say “leader?” How long have you been asleep? We have no “leaders” anymore. We only have stewards of the gifts they are entrusted with. It is The True Stewards who now guide others in accessing the knowledge of Their Creative Genius and how to be a Steward to It. Nobody leads or sets out to lead, only Empower.

“Hello! H e l l o! Mayday m a y d a y!” You’re fading out, you’re fading out. I’ll try boosting your signal. Can you hear me?


Have you been a good steward to your gifts? “I lead a fortune 500 company and helped politicians and doctors and lawyers and teachers make millions of dollars. So, yea! I was a good steward.” What did you just say? Dollars? Did I hear that correctly? No one has used any from of currency for quite some time now. We did away with central banks and now only use Our Creative Nature to create what we want or desire.

Can you still hear me? “I’m getting some of it. Go ahead.” What you just described is what we in the hear and now call profit for power from pain and that is no longer an acceptable way of life. Any mention of it and people just walk away and give that kind of greedy nature no further thought. It’s only a footnote in history.


“How is that possible?” Because there is much more true abundance in working with Nature and letting the Nature in all of us Be our guide.

H…e…l…l…o — Hello….can you read me? Where were you from? “I never really knew. I have too many memories of too many people telling me what to do. I know nothing of this nature you speak of. We were never taught anything about nature or creative power, only how to consume & profit off other’s desires for a life well lived. We lived their lives and they paid for ours.”

Silence and distortion — barely audible — “help…you’re getting further away!” Help!

Hello…Hello…are you still there? Can you hear me? You’re fading out…you’re really fading out. I’m loosing you. I hope you can hear me. Wherever you’re going I hope you can find the paradise we in the hear and now have created by Uniting Our Creative Powers. No one goes hungry, no one gets sick and everyone lives Life from a state of Joy from knowing the Creative Conduit they are.

What was that…I didn’t hear that…I think you have faded completely out. Just know this. As you completely fad into the yellowing pages of history for the kind of life you described, Gratitude and Compassion for All Life is the measure by which We All Live now. There are no separate races, only Oneness between all hues on this planet.

Garbled…squelch…squelch…come in, over. Here now to whom/wherever you are…come in, over. Well, whomever you were, a doctor, lawyer, pharma-cist, teacher or politician that held to old faded beliefs have faded from our radars and like the storms passing by you are gone forever.

Thanks for entertaining us with your stories. Signing off. Over and out!


Hey Cecelia, we lost that voice from the past…he, she, they, them, their faded from the screen of our minds when the awakening alarm clock struck now. What would you like to do? Cecelia responds with, let’s go create something with other Beings. It’s so much nicer to play in the field of possibilities than hear horror stories of the lives stolen by others like that person who faded to black on the radio.

Agreed, let’s go play.


Written by The Possibility Players

Transcribed by Anonymous Light


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