Don’t Cross the Red Line (Save the Children)


Operation Disclosure | By Jochfran, Guest Writer

Submitted on September 24, 2021

Don’t cross the Red Line (Save the Children)

The great Awakening will Shock the Elites or Masters or whatever, and the whole World!

The Vaccination goes on and on, Nobody stops it, Why?

5.952 Billion People already vaxxed. Look here…

This will never End by about 5.6 to 6.0 Billion and or by it self. Then before Spring Time, many will be gone. So the Theories! The Truth will as tell very soon!

Now while the Red Line is already crossed, they forcing to Jab your Kids.

Here are the Facts;

People are suffering from the Jab and soon they die. But first of all, the Kids die before, because they getting Sick from their vaccinated Parents. At this Time right now in the United States of America the Hospitals getting filled with Sick Children. 

At this Point the Elites are realizing what went wrong and try to fix it as imminent, but to late, everything is set and the Worst is on its Way. They are now in Panic mode and stop everything was is Harmful to Humanity, don’t think that they doing it for you, they think only selfish about their own. No People, no Control, just Emptiness, like they are! They thought that, when Parents are dead they can take the Children and Build everything new, but this went very wrong. Form now we will see a lot of Decisions witch are very confusing and irrational.  No one can stop what is happening, neither the Elites.

Germany wants to register all Unvaccinated because of the “Build Back Better” after the “The Great Death” (The Great Reset). They just realized that something went very Wrong and be in Hurry to get positioned, to late. 

Are Bill Gates & Dr Fauci Psychopathic Mass Murderers Using Vaccines To Depopulate Earth For Profit. No, they like to Kill People, it’s in their Gen. Like the Elites, empathy-less, cold, empty dead Bodies. And the Elites are Puppets of the big Master from outer Earth and they got everything wrong, and now they realized, that they will be gone too. As the Master will.

Lets go back at 1946, as of Admiral Richard E. Byrd made a Expedition (Operation Highjump) to Antarctica, with 4000 Soldiers 1 airplane carrier, 1 Submarine, 20+ Airplane/Helicopter and 12 Ships (Military Convoy). As Byrd came close by Antarctic, they got Attacked by unknown Entities by flying saucer, they got hit such Badly witch let the Expedition end abruptly and they go back Home. These Attacks came from the outer Earth Master, who rules the World.

Once, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker at his Speech, said “Aliens from far far away are disappointed with World Politics”. Witch means that they all know about the outer Master.

That’s the Point of what the Elites are doing, they want to kill everybody on Earth so there is no one left for the outer Master. I think that the Master decided to get rid of the corrupt Elites and the Deep State and that’s why they want to take as much as they can with them.

Who knows what the outer Master plans for us, for me in my opinion, there must come a Change very quickly and imminent, so someone stay left for the Humanity.

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Sincerely Yours,

Jochen Frank


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