(Reader: Frank Bischoff) My Answer to “Give me 30 More Days”


Reader Post | By Frank Bischoff


In January 2021 I read a post by General Flynn quoting George Washington: “Give me 30 more days”. We Patriots have given you 300 days and all we got in return was a ridiculously stupid Plan leading us from one defeat to the next and to the next and to the next. Did we expect freedom to be delivered to us on a silver plate? NO! But we expected you White Hats to be responsible and able commanders – which you are not.

I think it is high time to face reality and to admit that the Plan to Save the World has failed. We have been deceived, lied to, sold and stabbed in the back by those who are called White Hats, Alliance, Q-Team … you name it. Oh, sorry, I forgot! “Desinformation is necessary”.

It is soo obvious! You White Hat freaks have totally underestimated the degree of brainwash of the zombies! You thought that people would just wake up but then you had to realize that your clumsy attempt has failed.

Your entire Plan depended on people to wake up but you have done EVERYTHING to prevent just that. You have been refusing to declas vital information which would have helped us to educate more brain-dead zombies. And if you published information then only via channels which 80% of the population did not even know of. You have destroyed our narrative and made us look like fools. The whole WWG1WGA-BS and everybody who stood for it has become a national laughing stock and even worse a domestic terrorist. Your ridiculous Plan has destroyed the credibility of the very people who could have now been a strongholds in this war.

At the same time you have left the mainstream media liars untouched. They keep spitting their poison unhindered.

You White hats wanted us to fight for our freedom and HELL YES Patriots would fight for their freedom but they cannot win as long as you freaks keep sabotaging our efforts.

People are rising up all over the world but the resistance is crumbling because SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! pitting unarmed, untrained civilians against highly trained and armed mercenaries just does not work. Australia, Germany, Italy, France …

I know that I will have to fight and believe me I will fight BUT I most certainly will not follow your Plan anymore. I am not willing to be sacrificed until the brain-dead zombies and the leftist idiots wake up. Because THAT in essence is the Plan: Allowing people to be killed until the normies, lefties and sheep start realizing that something is wrong. At the same time you slow down and even prevent this from happening. All this of course “to help” us understand the depth of treason.

“Give me another 30 days??” … Here is my answer: The only thing I give you is my middle finger! I will go back to my hut, load my weapons and wait for the normies to come.

Patriots! There will be no EBS. There will be no military intervention. These White Hat freaks are going to let us die until 2022 and 2024. They have no intention whatsoever to stop the killing.

I hereby rescind my oath of allegiance!

Frank Bischoff


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