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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland Community, Dear Patriots, Nice of you to make time for me again!

When I read that Gavon Newsom was staying in office, the first thing I thought was, “Dear God (Creator), what stupid people they are!” They cheated again! Absentee ballots with the same ballots, the same Dominion voting machines, and the same other strange things about the removal vote. Even in advance How does a voter feel when they want to vote, know they haven’t voted yet and are told their vote has already been cast? Can anyone tell me? Would he still believe in a fair election? So how stupid can you be when almost the entire country suspects election fraud? Or rather, how stupid do you have to act for everyone to understand? Funnily enough, that’s all I was thinking. I wasn’t annoyed, I wasn’t disappointed or angry. On the contrary, I was relaxed. A few days/weeks ago an impossibility. Could it be related to the fact that I am no longer focusing on the present, but on the future? I wish I had some guidance on how I did that, how to do that. For the many who are hanging in the awakening process and still going through deep valleys and high altitudes.

The golden rule is a ratio of 80:20. 80% is going on behind the scenes, 20% on the outside. Of what happens on the outside, 20% have knowledge or comprehend it, can even see it. 80% only suspect and then also draw wrong conclusions. Also they concentrate on the wrong things. 80% are in the awakening process or in the silent mass, 20% will never be (biorobots, clones, soulless). Maybe this rule also applies to smurfs: 80% can be cured, 20% will leave our world? We can’t know and with all the different information that has been pouring in on all of us for months, from different directions, only a few can say with certainty what will happen and what will not. That’s why I’ve been “preaching” for weeks to engage in trust, confidence, faith. That there is a reason for everything that happens outside and that every single event will lead us to where we all want to go. To a golden future.

The whole flu dilemma was and is really a wake-up program. Of the very first order! Intended to destroy people, but neutralized in time, the whole scenario serves only to wake up as many as possible. And I must ask really times, also myself, why only now the children or the seniors are to be protected, why only now humans worry about dictatorial companies, companies or governments? People, this has been going on for years, decades! Only we have a SCH…. about it cared. Because it didn’t seem to affect us. We’ve put the kids in kindergartens and schools, we’ve shoved the seniors into homes. We put up with everything from bosses and companies and let the supposed states have their way too. Isn’t that right? And now, five to twelve, we wake up and wonder why nobody listens to us, why nobody lets us bang on the table?

We had chances upon chances, years and decades ago. When the Deep State was still being built, but we were all asleep then. “We’re doing just fine, aren’t we? Look at how much money I’m making! My house, my car, my boat! They do what they want up there anyway!” I heard the latter when I was a little kid at my relatives’ parties, over 40 years ago. No one did anything, certainly not those who were directly involved in building the state simulations. They only thought about themselves. And now we are the frog in the pot, the temperature is rising, and there is no one to spring out those who want to get out. I hear and read in many channels that there is no one coming to save us. We should stop waiting for rescue from outside, it will not come. Firstly, I don’t understand why such negative energy has to be spread, secondly, I wonder how those want to know? If I restrict my field of vision, I have to think like that, if I fly too low, I have to think like that, if I stand in the middle of the forest, I only see trees, the forest itself no longer.

So, there will be no rescue from the outside! I agree! People, it must come also no more, it is nevertheless long ago there! The Creator, the Galactic Federation, the Alliance, the Earth Alliance and the military. The military is working together far and wide under the leadership and direction of the Earth Alliance (Trump, Putin, Modi, Xi JingPin) and has been for months if not years/decades. They often underestimated the Deep State (Kennedy and 9/11), but that is over. If you want to see, you can see. So what is it about the phrase: THE MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY, that people who are still concerned with the flu, smurfs, children, seniors, schools, banks, the Euro, the dollar, the old financial system, the EU, the WHO, the UN, etc. have not understood?

Of course I can run on demonstrations, but we have seen, especially in Germany, what this brings. Except for new parties, people waving a law that is really just a company’s T&C, and the MSM getting fodder for their lies, NOTHING! It is simply made further, as before. Not even a sign has been set. No, that’s not right, signs have been set. One for the military and the other for the Deep State. The remaining DS scans the people (still) continuously. What they are angry about and what makes them angry. And when someone gets upset about this or that again and radiates emotional energy (negativity), then they say to themselves, “Aha, we can hook in here by letting the situation continue, then we can continuously siphon off energy (loosh).” And we Awakened Ones diligently go along with that. By dealing with things that are already settled or being settled in the background. Much of what is currently happening on the outside is a red herring. For the Deep State, not for us. We must actually only do the following: In our external life, always remain completely uninvolved. And in our private life we have to deal with the future we would like to have.


Do you seriously believe that a sentence like: NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! will be published just like that? It is neither a slogan nor a mantra, it is a fact, therefore a hint. PATRIOTS ARE IN FULL CONTROL, is just as much a fact. No one can prove me wrong, especially if you turn off the MSM. The military also has control over what the gurus publish. They are tasked with keeping people in line, otherwise an RV or a GCR would be long forgotten after all. They do that well, even if they publish some things unchecked or sometimes the opposite of what was said two weeks ago. That is their job, and they do it well. Controlled and approved by the military. Since the military is the only way in many things, they also know when is the right time to RV. So they basically give the green light, they fire the shotgun. After all, we have suspected for a long time that we are going to exchange on military bases. And now the time is not there yet, there is still work to be done. There are still dangers for those exchanging. Because even in the military, it is probably the case that there are 80% soldiers in the service of the Alliance and 20% in the service of the Deep State. So there must be internal exposure and cleansing as well.

And as I write here, as you read this, these exposures and purges are taking place, all over the world and in secret. Soon it will come out into the open. When the right time comes. It will be determined by the military! The military is the solution! For every single country, for every single continent, for the whole world. They are at work, for a very long time, just let them do it. The job is hard enough and dangerous enough, we don’t need to strengthen the remaining enemies with negative thoughts and feelings. Let’s just deprive them of their nourishment by staying under the radar, staying calm, staying confident, keeping faith in the good that is to come. That is our contribution, a great contribution. It’s like we load the military’s weapons with stronger ammunition because we weaken the enemy. So we also determine what will happen in September, what will go down. Certainly not if we hope for a date again, and the next day we feed the cabal with disappointment again, right? I can’t repeat it enough.

“He who thinks he is something has ceased to become something.”
Philip Rosenthal

“Faith – that is: not to doubt!”
Dag Hammarskjöld

“When others believe you are finished,you have to really start.”
Konrad Adenauer (could also be from Trump!)

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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