(Reader: Miron) Cabal Controls Money No Matter What, Understanding is Important


Reader Post | By Miron

The only declaration of Man , Is : we are One, we demand full disclosure of everything that has any, even one joule of energy extracted through us , from us, MUST BE DISCLOSED, EVERY CENT/Joule of give and take must be accountable, enough lies to obfuscate our efforts in bringing positivetivity to every living soul. 

Open your eyes to see…

6 billion plus live hungry daily…how can anyone state 5d realities in a world of pure suffering….

Humanitarians you think you are ?

Up until , all live fair, IAM from Africa,  I see nothing in value, only theft by fake/ false systemical systems , still seeking lies above truth…

Souls lost through 911 as still without transparency truth NOR justice .

Is plan is still in design phase? Or is it to sell half truths ???

Every Telegram truther ….eg 347 Whiplash General Flynn..all

Are sell USA half truths…also censoring Humanitis truth…Why ???

USA patriot site have blocked

World truth to state USA UK zionist BS

Censorship is fear …you all are hiding real truth by selling yourselves only and never accounting that You, USA has been the mother or father of the Illuminati,  the Cabal that has enslaved all humanity to a fake paper called USA dollars many leaders where assassinated coz..

No Truth in any way for USA, today 21 September 2021…

Your Patriots are selfish egos protecting their space, when the trample upon this world for decades…

Truth is the result….FIAT money’s are everywhere in fortune 500 companies…

Corporate Kleptocracy lives only coz USA protect the Illuminati…Fact

All others are beggars within this system of insider trading 

Dinar No1 insider central Bank Games

Today fact 

To recap my account we have an old article published by a real Goldmann Sachs pro…

Liquidity will drain in October…

Now we have a massive black swan …

300 billion dollar default …moving the market in the next 30 days..


Iraq dinar insider trading where 6 billion of Humanity CAN NOT PARTAKE, either by law or by hiding realities as the USA has protected this for themselves…

Vnd…Vietnamese dong also not by law to be exported to the majority here in Africa,  by law or system…

This blessing is definitely NOT FAIR FOR ALL AS I’M barred by geography…my vibration has no effect…

Add that Covid19,  cancers etc 

Knowing frank26 is going for oncology operations of man…our only Truth for real, irrespective of his patriot account for his nation above us all who have no representation as all our governments are BOUGHT by London USA or Zionist bankers know OWN ALL, AS ALL FAKE MONEY IS PRINTED,worthless upon confidence as its primal valuation method of the actual Satanic order LBMA or Swiss resource houses eg Glenmore Etc..buys everything and everyone…

While Truthers are selling trinkets and declarations of very known lies…

Bill of rights are for everyone…when you selling fake paper bs dollars,  your guns killing who digresses …

Your military…with Miller another Clinton bush Obama delay…

While everyone starves watching this fake known game…

6 billion of us …ask you…wake up and address your damages you have allowed in the American Century 

History will record as pure SATANIC 



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