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Reader Post | By Danbloon

NESARA – Information Guide

What more can I bring up? I have repeated some things. We are still waiting for things to happen. Maybe I can call myself as your teacher or your representative as the new info or the items that must be changed, which you can push through with your community, is similar as what I could push thru as a bill in Congress, as it is something that could be done for the benefit of all.

For speaking about Congress is when NESARA is announced then there needs to be NEW elections at all levels as the present officials will no longer have any jurisdiction to do anything and they will be out of office, if not already indicted and sent to prison. For the candidates that wish to run for office at that time they cannot be from those that have already held office unless they qualify as being in compliance with the Title of Nobility Act, they are not associated with any Foreign Government. There needs to be a transition and not just an out right shut down of the old laws and wait 120 days or more till new laws are put in place as then we would have utter chaos as then some that want to commit crimes will claim that since they are Sovereign and no laws are in place then they cannot not be charged for what does not exist. Wait! This is a Transition till the New Laws will take place and put into effect.

Maybe I should have started with this in my earlier postings, yet the elections are a major part of this transition for the people selected to be your ‘representatives’ in the governing authority By We The People, subject To We The People, and therefore we must verify who they will be and really start from scratch with those that have some knowledge of the Republic. By the way they should be following some regulations that they serve only one or two terms with minimal pay and compensation for their costs.

There should be layers of things going on at the same time as to bring in the ‘Bearer Bond’ Treasury Direct Account funds and that process, along with the indictments and the 2020 election results all coming out in public, so there will be massive downsizing of the governments at each level which the people are to be informed of what agencies and/or positions will be removed from the US CORP. Notices of those agency funds should be coming out from those to be closed down agencies and to where those funds will be going on the Republic side, including open records of every Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Since the states were set up to start with and they pulled themselves together as a Union then it should be that the states work on their own as a part of the Union to minimize the Federal authority and relieve the US Military of their duties once they have established themselves as a Constitutional state again.

Now with the 1776 Commission put in place to organize this transition then what I see is not only are we going back prior to 1871 to remove the US CORP, but we are going back prior to the 1861 Civil War in which then there were only 34 states that were Constitutionally Ratified, Kansas being the last one on 1/29/1861, and the Confederate states, yet we are going back to 1776 prior to our 1789 Constitution, thus we are going back to start all over again the proper way as there was no Union with a Constitution for them to be Ratified into, so it basically comes into a Catch-22 in our history. Did you know we had 8 presidents prior to Washington, and that has been basically wiped from our history?

We have 50 states today of which all are incorporated and franchises of the US CORP, along with they are bankrupt and dissolved, and thus do not meet the qualifications of the US Constitution for which there will be some disagreements on what we are to do, and which are to be verified as the original Ratified states of the Union. These are the original 13 Ratified states of the Union; Delaware 12/07/1787, Pennsylvania 12/12/1787, New Jersey 12/18/1787, Georgia 1/02/1788, Connecticut 1/09/1788, Massachusetts 2/06/1788, Maryland 4/28/1788, South Carolina 5/23/1788, New Hampshire 6/21/1788, Virginia 6/25/1788, New York 7/26/1788, North Carolina 11/21/1789 and Rhode Island 5/29/1790. I would imagine that we still keep the layout in the order of when they were Ratified into the Union to keep these on record in our history for all 50.

Yes, all 50 states will no longer be able to be incorporated, but the businesses we have now that still want to be incorporated must deal with how they are to be registered for which those incorporated states no longer exist. Thus they must re-register with the Republic states, and that may be a whole nother process as many like THE STATE OF NEVADA, INC. or THE STATE OF DELAWARE, INC. have more leeway with their laws or they are easier in their process. Maybe 10 million companies may have to do this process all over again or the rules and regulations will just be dropped, like for the 501(c)(3) churches, and they will not have to even bother to be incorporated. Who thought of all this, as the mega corporations will fight for their way of being incorporated and not let any others get involved.

What about the New US Constitution and then the Original 10 Amendments which were completed on December 15, 1791, how are these going to be implemented together? There is a video out there that reads through the New US Constitution in dealing with the present day action and removing all control of the US CORP. Yet what is coming first as the announcement of NESARA or the signing of the New US Constitution, or will it be on the same day?

So this has been another side of what is about to come and not just dealing with your day to day necessities with your funds, but maybe you can try to meet your neighbors to bring all these issues up, however it may be too soon with all this Pandemic malarkey going on that they may not want to even be near you, but you will have to act ASAP once the announcement is made. Yet for what NESARA and the Republic will be doing is placing controls on the governments at every level to halt them from denying anyone’s Constitutional Rights.

Here is where an officer tried to use ‘Qualified Immunity’ and it backfired nearly 3 years later as he thought they could do anything against the People:

Court Sides With Gun Owner Over Cop In Carry Case
By Cam Edwards | Sep 15, 2021 1:30 PM ET
“Finally, as a fail-safe, the officer claimed that he was entitled to qualified immunity, which shields government employees from any legal liability for violating someone’s constitutional rights, so long as those rights were not “clearly established.”” So in the Republic we will not have to worry about this any more, and if it is used at any time prior to this whole transition is complete then those officers will surely be going to jail.

This is a video that was just posted Saturday that shows what a Federal Homeland Security agent can get away with, even to the possibility of the people’s murder, and reject your Constitutional Rights, this is where there may be more delays with many more indictments as they show up even with judges being involved, the Republic must come NOW:

A federal agent tried to shoot an innocent man. Will the Supreme Court allow accountability?
152,668 views  Sep 18, 2021  4:51 minutes

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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