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Give me a (adjective) break!

I agree with Ron Giles.  Man of God… What god? Who’s god?!  The (C)abal’s god? Which one of the b-l-m trinity, baal, lucyfur or molech? Those baby-burning names don’t deserve to be capitalized. F’ em! 

Though I’m a heathen, even a heathen knows God doesn’t address man as, Man-of-God, he addresses man as, “Son of Man”

So, not only do you NOT know anything about the QFS or QC you know nothing about the TRUE  יהוה.  That’s pronounced, Yod Hey Vav Hey, since you (K)hazarians only speak Yiddish.   

יהוה is the name of God, that YOU Erased 6800+ times from the Torah. Because Lucy-goosey doesn’t want people saying the TRUE name of God. 

means, I AM THAT I AM. 

You see  יהוה is written in the DNA of every TRUE Human BEing. That’s why the MRNA in the va(x). It’s to break your internal connection to  יהוה, So Lucy-goosey can take control from within.

I typed God’s name for you 5 times, to get it through your senses. That’s why David chose 5 smooth stones and why Christ took 5 wounds, why 5 Virgins were invited to the Wedding Feast/Passover Supper that takes place, “a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him into the house that he entersLuke 22:10


It’s all about a war over the control of your mind and senses.

Government: Govern = Control, Ment = Mentality, Control You Mentally.They’re doing a great job too, so far. Look at yourselves, you’ve never heard this… stuff before. Because you have…

“Your Proctologist called, they found your head!”

The Bible is about the Mind and your consciousness with “The All That Is”. The Kingdom of God is inside you. Luke 17:21

You need to shut down your senses and emotions to hear his voice. “Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.” Genesis 22:30

Peniel/Pineal when spoken, they’re ‘vibrationally’ the same. 


Michaelangelo painted God in the Right Hemisphere of the brain with 12 Angels / 12 Cranial Nerves.“Cast your nets to the right side…” John 21:6

Like the name Jesus. It’s not a translation, it’s a transliteration. It means the same thing in one direction but not the same meaning going back.

Jeshua is Hay! Zeus! in Greek meaning Savior in both Greek and Hebrew. But Jesus, Hay! Zeus! means, The Horse translating back from Greek to Hebrew.

Jeshua also means, “The Hand That Destroys The Establishment Of The Eye“. But they don’t tell you this. Who is the Establishment Of The Eye, You ask? Thanks for asking, let’s take a look, shall we? 

 Choose for yourself, from the many examples of The Establishment Of The Eye…

Sticking with religious rituals of the K(h)azarian (ma)fia let’s talk chemtrails. 

Did you folks know that they spray us with chemtrails? They use Aluminum and Barium, to reflect the light of God’s ascending sun. 
Look at the sun! You can’t even look at it, it’s so bright white, it’s too bright. Though when we were kids you could look at it because it was yellow and not as bright. 

So they’re spraying Barium and Aluminum to reflect the light away from the earth realm, like (K)-Impossible tries to do, reflect the light. ‎

Look at those two metals on the Periodic table…Barium = BA Aluminum = AL 

So in other words the Ca(BA’AL) (Not Redacted) are spraying us with BA’AL, the name of their ‘FAKE’ wanna-be god!   
Lastly, if the event is based on our hearts and not on dates, why the… (another adjective) does it have to happen between Tuesdays and Fridays? Are these because of BANKING HOURS? 

\What, are our hearts are too Weakened by the weekend? 

Speaking of different words that sound alike when spoken have the same vibration, hence the same meaning. Like Birth Certificate and/or Berth Certificate …

K(a)Baal, have Bidet. Everyone else, have a good day.



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