Charlie Ward Presents the Fourth Man of God Document: Success, Prosperity, Health, and NESARA/GESARA from Kat


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 16, 2021

This Fourth Man of God Document outlines millions of Dreams Come True for all on this path.

Juan O Savin has been waiting for this all his life.

I have been waiting for sixteen years.

Thanks to the wonderful Sheldan Nidle, I first read NESARA / GESARA in 2005. 

It was also from Mr. Nidle I learned about the Revaluation of Currencies and Global Currency Reset.

The moment I read NESARA and the moment I learned about the RV/GCR I KNEW it was God’s Plan for Humanity. This was God’s Word, I had zero doubt.


I excitedly told EVERYONE I knew about this wonderful law that was coming…… wait for it…… soon.

That was early days in this Patriot’s life before the words “soon” and “imminent” took on disheartening meanings.

Nevertheless, I told everyone I knew about NESARA, the RV and GCR, and what a beautiful peaceful, abundant, healthy world God had ALWAYS planed for Earth and Humanity and watched as everyone I knew considered chucking me in a paddy wagon and hauling me away to a looney bin.

I would not be deterred. I Emailed. I Texted. I blogged. I wrote articles. I talked. Eventually I shut up because there were no takers. So I just kept blogging.

It wasn’t until March 2020 and the lockdowns — when Charlie Ward said out loud for the entire planet to hear, that the lockdowns, covid, 5G, riots and possible Alien Invasion were all DISTRACTION for the Global Currency Reset — that I finally had verification from someone other than the few I’d listened to.

Charlie Ward restored my sanity to those who were willing to listen to him because he verified everything I had been saying, including NESARA and GESARA.

Thank you, Charlie. Jesus loves ya and so do I.

Meanwhile, we’ve all had to put up with countless “truthers” naysaying NESARA / GESARA, naysaying the RV, naysaying the GCR, naysaying gold-backed currency, naysaying miraculous tech, naysaying EVERYTHING.

But we would not be deterred.

It isn’t in my nature to say “I told you so” so I’ll just gently confide in you all: I frickin’ told you so!!! [That feels better.]


Now — to the document. It’s wonderful. Yes, there is some disheartening news for those who have been vaccinated but ultimately, the deep state demon agenda to depopulate Humanity down to 500 million CAN and WILL be reversed, just not HOW we’d originally thought.

I’ve copied the pages for those who cannot access the link to the pdfs.

There is much to consider but the bottom line is — we’re nearly there:

A demon-free Solar system, where all is Divinely restored to God’s immaculate Blueprints: a pristine Earth and Kingdoms, a Healthy, Happy Humanity, a radiant Galaxy and Solar System for planets and civilizations I know nothing about but suspect are there.

The quote for these times for me, will always be this one:

I will post the second and third documents over the next days, but I wanted to get this one out as soon as I could.

Much has been happening in the world:We had the rigged California “Recall Newsom” Election on Tuesday, September 14th, which was another Sting Operation for Q-Team. Everyone who participated in it will be arrested and thrown in the slammer thanks to Executive Order 13848.

I deeply appreciate Q-Team’s diligence in making sure every single Treasonous Seditious deep state demon and their minions are gathered up and dealt with.

If Q-Team has a mantra, this is surely it.#1226

When Creation considers this war of wars, this Spiritual battle between God and his angels and the devil and his demons, Q-Team doesn’t want to be seen as a bunch of outlaws that razed a civilization willy-nilly, but as a group of Divinely inspired and guided, level-headed, legal and methodical warriors that demolished an evil horrific global demon prison “by the book.”



Therefore, regards the Newsom Faux-Recall Election, this EO kicks in: EO 13848 on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election, September 12, 2018

“…persons located, in whole or in substantial part,


to interfere in or undermine public confidence

in United States elections,

including through the unauthorized accessing of

election & campaign infrastructure

or the covert distribution of propaganda & disinformation,

constitutes an unusual & extraordinary threat

to the national security


& foreign policy of the United States….”

Just today, 9-16-21, Special Prosecutor John Durham, who many had long despaired of, indicted Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann. OO-RAH!!#2332

We’re in the end game. We can all feel it.

Juan O Savin

“They make meaningless wars up

& send your kids to war all over the world

& keep em there for decades.

Now that that ruse is up

they’re making war right inside your own house


where they control you

where you can’t change anything.

You’re just a kid, what can you do?

The government’s bigger than you.

You can’t fight City Hall.

No attorney can win against em.

No judge’ll let you win.

Before this is all over—THE ONLY ANSWER


are the people that invited President Trump to run.


[Q-Team, U.S. Military]

They’re coming.

Stay out of their way.

God bless em.

Support em.

It’s coming.

They know it & you know it.

You can feel it in your heart

& you can see it in the country.

We’re coalescing.


We were in the high 60%

we’re now in the 70% right now

& very shortly, very soon,

80%+ of the population will be in agreement

that the government

as it’s currently operating

isn’t working Constitutionally

on behalf of the American Citizens.”

So we’re almost at the magical 81% of Americans who can agree that Bidan and his horrible awful revolting “administration” is disastrous:-Rising prices across the board

-A crashing Stock Market 

-A dire Economic report coming in October


-A catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, that left Americans dead and behind enemy lines. 

-Increasing tyrannical vaccine mandates and proofs required

-Not being allowed to travel, to work, to live unless your vaxxed, etc.Q-Team needs 81% to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Meanwhile, Romana Didulo, Head of State for Canada, has been posting a great deal about Martial Law in an attempt to accustom us to the idea that we will have that while Q-Team finishes the job they started from the assassination of President Kennedy, November 22, 1963.

I chose to put the images of both JFKs at the top of this blog because President Kennedy implemented a form of NESARA with Executive Order 11110. He was going to create a bloodline-banker-free, debt-free currency for America and was killed for it.


Page 7 KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Juan O Savin

After the Bay of Pigs and various other events that President Kennedy either dealt with or witnessed, he came up with a solution: On June 4th, 1963, he signed Executive Order 11110, which is an interesting number because World War I ended in the 11th month, on the 11th day, and at the 11th hour of the day. That is precisely when those in control stopped the war. Why? It’s because of the numerology: 111111 is symbolic for them. President Kennedy, being knowledgeable about their codes and numbers, sent them a little coded message with 11’s. It said, “Hey, we’re going to stop your wars.” It was Kennedy’s answer to World War I and World War II, as well as a message for those trying to get us into a WWIII. And running our country’s finances, that executive order gave President Kennedy the legal authority to create money that was interest and debt free; currency belonging only to the American people. It was just what Lincoln had done with his greenbacks. 

Page 12

John Kennedy understood all this as the bankers tried to start another war with him sitting as president. He presided over the Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba. They were stirring up trouble every time he turned around. JFK knew these sorts of global threats were being dealt out by the secret societies infiltrating America, as opposed to any potential doomed, overt invasion against the strongest military on earth. Most everyone around him was compromised, leaving Kennedy not knowing which of his aids, officials, and even cabinet holders, were good or bad. There were also issues with the Dulles brothers, CIA, State Department, and most everywhere else in the government. He couldn’t win for losing. And when Kennedy was killed, what happened to the real money (not phony Federal-Reserve-banknote currency) he had created with Executive Order 11110? The day after he was assassinated in Dallas, the no-interest U.S. currency that Kennedy had created was all revoked and bought back up. As payback to those behind the assassination, one of the very first acts of Lyndon Johnson was to revoke that non-central-bank money.

When we look at the “Q” project in light of what’s happening in our country right now, we have to remember that the central focal point of the whole operation is to reverse the effects of a coup that occurred at the killing of President Kennedy. And in order to do so, it’s not just a political issue or military fight; and not only a way to wake up the American people to what’s really happening. It’s also about removing the sharp teeth of these money monsters; getting their fangs out of us as a country that is being bled dry by vampires as they take the wealth out of America to make themselves stronger, in order to do their globalist mischief around the planet.



It is sweet beyond words that the very same demons that assassinated that magnificent President and Abraham Lincoln, are themselves being rounded up and sent to oblivion and that NESARA and GESARA will bring a tsunami of happiness, abundance and health to a long suffering Humanity.

Praise God. Praise Q-Team. Praise President Kennedy and Praise his son, John, who has finished what his father started.

Here is the fourth Man of God document:

Here is a link to Simon Parkes website with all 4 document pdfs:

We’re definitely in for some big things… perhaps next week?

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing, 

This is Kat,

over and out.




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