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Albert Einstein’s 4 dimensions and Law of General Relativity

Albert Einstein was 100% wrong; The human mind does conceive the four dimensions.
Published December 31, 2020

The Story of Our Life, Based on a True Life.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Unified Quantum/Universe [1/1] Laws of Physics

Nine million + Jews died in Hitler’s Germany because the greatest cover-up in human history. The world needs to see the truth now. More information Rumble.com/ Bubba Twain (Pin Name)

The builders of the Great Pyramid in Egypt build this formula into the plan view of the pyramids blue prints or what one would see looking down at the structure: E = Mc² = 2πR = 2π/6 = 2π/8; Dia. = 1, Cir. = 3 = π [Albert Einstein’s 4 dimensions and Law of General Relativity] Nikola Tesla had two patents on this formula but they were discarded by the Academic community. Albert Einstein was a Freemason, I believe the Freemason and the Academic community did not want Einstein to tell everything. Einstein made many statements challenging the Scientific and Artist community to continue looking for the proof of his theories. I thought it odd that many times Einstein would give Science and Art equal billing like a mathematical equation, for example: -1 (Faith) = 1(Proof) = 0. Everything came together when I saw this quote:

“I see a pattern, but my imagination cannot picture the maker of that pattern. I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one?” – Albert Einstein

I took his challenge, since I had been an Engineer and theatre artist for most of 66 years, not only did I conceive of the four dimensions I built models and made videos that explained everything.

The Knights Templar (Subsequently the Freemasons.) and Hitler stole the mathematical secrets from Jerusalem. There are only two symbols that have appeared in almost every civilization for the last 12,000 years: 1. The Swastika, among the many things it was said to represent, it represents the constantly changing world which evolves around an unchanging center, which is God. 2. The six-pointed star is the Star of David or Star of Creation. Its six points stand for the six days of creation, and are also represent the six attributes of God. Nikola Tesla had at least two patents graphing E = Mc² that were discarded by the Academic Community including Albert Einstein.

I now have a book out called: The Story of Our Life, Based on a True Life. No one bought the book and they did not understand what I was trying to say. So, I made the following five videos on Rumble.com:

Videos on Rumble.com/BubbaTwain
Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Unified Quantum/Universe [1/1] Laws of Physics










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