Human Decency and the Honest Center


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

September 12, 2021

Human Decency and the Honest Center

There was no Reval and no announcement of NESARA on 9/11.

It’s time to start back on the road again that takes us through the remaining chaos and mayhem.

I actually don’t want to talk about Trump and Biden supporters, right or left.

But I do want to talk about what I call the “honest center.”

In any rally there’ll be that group of decent people. They’ll be sincere, concerned enough to protest, and yet all the while straightforward in their relations with other people.


One way you can tell a false-flag rally dressed up to look like a Trump rally (as is being predicted for Sept. 18) is by the absence of this honest center.

We have to grow that middle group of us, independent of partisan politics.

It won’t come about by talking about the Self residing in the center (that is, the heart), everything else of importance located in the middle, the center (spine, nose, mouth, etc.).  Who the heck cares, man? Gotham City is burning.

I think the only way to grow it is to appeal to it itself – to appeal to decency, to awaken it in those in whom it slumbers. And not when the Man is about to pull the trigger, but now, well ahead of the expected mayhem/black swan events/climactic false flags. We must re-awaken decency in ourselves. (As within, so without.)

We need a League of the Decent. A new Peace Corps. (Yes, I know about the abuses.) Something that befits walking into a new golden age, rather than the streets of our gang-ridden cities.

The very least we can do is to take our honest and decent minds and apply them to the very best sources (the Constitution, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, etc.) and become knowledgable.  The same in areas like the pandemic, fraudulent elections, financial theft, etc.

We’re already honest and decent. We have that base covered. Now let’s start spreading out with our new knowledge and humility and begin to inject a note of truth and decency into every discussion we’re a part of. No force exerted. Just being honesty and decency.


There’s a line drawn in the sand – by the Law of Karma, not by us. On one side are people prepared to be honest and decent. On the other side are people who are not.

Given the deep state’s willingness to go so far as to depopulate the globe by a number of means (all of which have been prevented) (1) it’s as if we’re on two islands, which, as the energies rise, are irretrievably separating.

Archangel Michael told us that the Divine Mother did not intend to wait forever for the recalcitrants to stop. (2) On every front their designs are being defeated. Their island is drifting apart from ours, (3) although much chaos is attending the parting.

When this planet is free of child sexual trafficking, satanic sacrifices, adrenochrome production, fraudulent elections, pandemics, chemtrails, weather warfare, censorship, captive media – where do we stop? – the lift, the release will be phenomenal.

I didn’t say free of people; I said free of behavior. People and behavior are two different matters. People can change their behavior and that’s what has to happen.

And the people with the best chance of teaching by simply modelling are what I’ve called the decent middle, the honest center, people committed to basic human decency above all else. Our voice lies in the kindness of our actions.


(1) See for instance “This Planet Would Have Died Without the Galactics,” September 5, 2018, at “Thank You, Star Brothers and Sisters, for … Well, Saving the World,” March 11, 2013, at

Nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, SARS, oil spills, hurricane redirection, etc. – the galactics have been keeping us from destroying ourselves.

(2) Archangel Michael:  That does not mean that, yes, in the infinite and eternal existence of the Mother, she will wait forever because this is the unfoldment of her Plan. This is what the penetration with all of our voices into each and every one of you is about.


There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical forms rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation – leave?

AAM: That is what I mean and I do not mean being spun off into an alternate world or Earth or Gaia or planet. I mean simply, abandoning the body, dying, leaving, and coming home. There is no penalty or shame or guilt. It is simply a decision.

But it is not the desire of the Mother that this [Ascension process] simply continue [forever] because what she also sees (what we all see) and what you’ve repeatedly said to us, even though we operate often in terms of eons rather than years, many of you are tired. (AAM, July 22, 2016.)

(3) See Not Everyone will Choose to Come with Us: The Time of Separation at and Some will Choose not to Ascend: The Time of Separation at

As a pillar, I’m responsible in my soul contract to remain to assist the last stragglers and clamber aboard.  Then turn out the lights and shut the door.

It may be of interest to hear Michael discuss the role:

Archangel Michael: I remind you that you are a pillar, that you [are] not [to] venture too far ahead of where people are, both individually, in terms of your smaller circle but also in terms of the collective.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.)

AAM: As to the pillar, you have an expression, “the last man standing.” That is it. …

It means that you wait until the last, until everyone has gone through and you turn out the lights, so to speak. (AAM, Sept. 21, 2015.)


AAM: You will act at the end, to help many, many through. (AAM, Nov. 16, 2011.)

“Not to venture too far ahead”: To that end, my spiritual experiences are usually truncated.

The doors will not shut dramatically and finally. There will be a wait factor for recalcitrants, parents who’ve stayed with their children, and others. Michael discusses it in relation to recalcitrants:

Archangel Michael: Now there is a wait factor here, which you have also spoken of. That wait factor is for those that are strongly, not only reluctant, but still resistant or recalcitrant to such a shift in the very definition of what it means to be human. (“Archangel Michael on the Progress of the Planetary Heart Opening,” August 13, 2019, at


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