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Reader Post | By Ron Giles

My response to Nick Fleming for his disparaging remarks about me. I wish he had better things to do. As the saying goes, “I must be over the Target” whatever the target is. Why would you ever disparage a Humanitarian when they are doing their work?

What is a Ponzi scheme, Mr. Fleming? Our Love Won Society has created a set of five programs that we created to use for our own Humanitarian Projects. We solved many problems associated with the appropriate sharing of funds to the masses. It was suggested a few years ago that we open up to other Humanitarians to use our Internet-based platforms for their Humanitarian projects, so we did.

We charge nothing to use the programs and have not taken in any money to create them with the exception of a friend that gave us expense money to create our website. Other than that, we are waiting for the Redemption funds just like everyone else. I fail to see how anyone could justify calling our programs a Ponzi Scheme as you accuse me or Love Won Society of doing. We take in no money and we do not promise any return as in a Ponzi Scheme.

Yes, Nick, we are being monitored as are you. The difference is that I am fully aware of Me being monitored by the Alliance. I do not post on any public forum or blog before my writings and their content are given full approval by my Alliance representative, even on my website. That’s why I do not give out dates for the RV. My predictions are squeaky clean, I have never been wrong because I don’t predict things I know nothing about.

Your accusation that I take people’s currency could never be proven by you or anyone else because I have never taken anyone’s currencies. I have never been in the business of being a Paymaster who takes other people’s currency with a promise of a rate contracted with a Bank. I abhor the tactics that are being perpetrated on currency holders. The rates to be contracted are set at the time of the contract and can not be arbitrarily changed as the guru types suggest. The real problem is if there is an expired date on the contract. Have you seen the contract, Mr. Fleming, or is it just a pass-through idea that gurus have glummed onto? Where’s the meat?

I have no need to take other people’s currency or Zim to exchange because I know the Alliance requires a person-to-person exchange or redemption appointment. The Alliance is redeeming the Zim Bonds and currencies with their new Gold Backed Quantum Financial System funds. You should already know the QFS funds will not be used by the present banking system, as the Bank’s antiquated computer system cannot deal with QFS Digital Currencies. The reality exists that the Banks cannot revalue currencies because they have no real funds to redeem or exchange any Zim or currency, they are going bankrupt. The RV will put the final nail in their coffin, but you already know that don’t you?!

It makes no sense for me to exchange or redeem other people’s funds because the funds are given to me to do the Humanitarian Projects that I explain to the interviewer at my appointment. Exchanging or redeeming for others would be attempted fraud and I would forfeit my chance of getting funds for my Humanitarian Projects. The Alliance would nail me in a minute if I attempted such a stupid thing as trying to redeem or Exchange for another person. Each Humanitarian must show up at their own Redemption Appointment and be vetted as a Humanitarian in order to get their funds. This is what I have been told from my Alliance source.


Finally, Mr. Fleming, I wish you had someone in your organization, like your DoD Military Intel Contact to check me out to get the truth, but then, maybe you did. Regardless, you should be more careful of what you accuse other people of doing. You are being monitored as are all other intel providers. If there is one time you get your date(s) wrong you should vet your sources again or find someone who has inside knowledge like a real Military Intelligence Officer. Maybe you don’t care, but your false predictions are damaging the very people you are targeting with your predictions. 

Again, Why, Mr. Fleming?

Ron Giles


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