What’s the Plan and What’s at Stake here?

The Allies at Yalta

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

August 22, 2021

What’s the Plan Here?

At the Yalta conference in World War II, when President Franklin Roosevelt had only a short time to live, Russian Premier Josef Stalin joked that, at the end of the war, 50,000 Germans must be shot.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill shot a glance at him. Stalin repeated himself.

Churchill rose to his feet and exclaimed:

“I would rather be taken out into the garden here and now, and be shot myself, than sully my own and my country’s honor with such infamy!”

Roosevelt, who wanted to placate Stalin, from whom he was trying to extract a promise to join the war against Japan, joked that, yes, it should be only 49,000.  Churchill stormed out of the room.

I’m not the only one flabbergasted by what I hear. I’ve been sitting back and saying to myself, the military have the situation completely in hand. Trust Q. Trust the Plan.

What is the plan? Executing Harrison Ford, Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, etc.? Is that the plan? And yet documents circulate with long lists of the supposedly dead.

What will a generation do and say when it wakes up to the orgy of bloodshed just engaged in.

What will that make us?

I draw the line here.  Like Churchill, I’d rather be taken out into the garden here and now, and be shot myself, than sully my own and my country’s honor with such infamy.

Protesting against the people I support is the last thing I want to be doing. But it feels like something I must do. For my own honor.

Killing our enemies en masse is not part of democracy’s way of handling its foes or its problems.  We don’t bury our mistakes, do we? President Kennedy said that’s what the cabal does, not us.

Killing our enemies is a statement of our own bankruptcy in terms of rehabilitation. We don’t know how to work with people so evil and so we kill them.

What’s the difference between us and them at that point? We’re a little more polite about it. We hear them out before we pronounce sentence. But they’re dead just the same.

  • I believe we’re emphasizing dispatch in these proceedings – getting them done quickly. That risks perverting justice.
  • How can we be so sure that our sentences in all cases are just? We are after all doing something final, something that cannot be undone – we’re killing someone. Why the rush?
  • A judicial proceeding has safeguards to protect against a perversion of justice. The right of appeal is one of them. We seem to be dispensing with safeguards.

We’re losing sight of the long view. We’re acting like empirical materialists, who see only this physical life, failing to see that life has eternal continuity and a larger purpose. (1)

Jesus knew that and, because he did, he didn’t say kill your enemies. If you were living in his times, he’d be standing between you, with your swords drawn, and these condemned prisoners. That is not the way.

Yes, they’re guilty. Yes, they did heinous, heinous things. But life in prison, where they can ponder their crimes, is enough.

It represents our failing as a people that we must exterminate our enemies, that there is no other way to handle this than killing, that we have no conception of rehabilitation.

George H.W. Bush once joked to his secretary that, when we find out what the cabal has done, we’ll lynch them from the nearest lamppost. We all laughed. We wouldn’t do such a thing. But evidently he was right.

Human history is a history of war. War is the business of killing. Human history is the history of killing. Haven’t we had enough?


(1)  See The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at http://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Purpose-of-Life-is-Enlightenment.pdf

A race to the bottom (seen from above)

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

August 23, 2021

What’s at Stake Here?

Let me go over for readers of the blog what I believe is at stake if we are, as the news report say, executing numerous members of the cabal. (1)

If we (not the cabal) become vengeful and get behind mass executions, what’s at stake is our ability to contact, connect with, and claim as our own the divine states of love, bliss, and ecstasy.

Vengefulness is a vibration that’s low and dense. We become defensive and solid.

Our awareness plummets and our morals go out the window. We say “We did what we had to do.” “We followed orders.” (2)

The vengeful person will have made their consciousness too dense to be able to detect and enter into the vibratory regions we call the higher dimensions.

I know this because I watch my own movements in and out of the various divine states. I’m not in a place to enter them when I’m angry and hostile. There’s nothing divine about anger and hostility. They compete with love; they prevent a still mind.

Sadly, the people who fan these feelings within themselves are writing themselves out of the play.

People used to chide me about being a global policeman. I’d wade in wherever there was a crime or a fight. It’s been a long walk back from aggressiveness and hostility.

But I know now what I stand to lose. Do I want to trade the divine states for getting even? For taking revenge? For “giving it” to them? No, I don’t. And neither would any sane person who’s spent time in them.

If we sentence large numbers of people to death as is being rumored and reported, we become the perpetrators. That is not how this was supposed to turn out.

I urge us all to express our opposition to mass executions and to demand a return to the ways of justice, foresight, and compassion.


(1) “Nuremberg 2 Tribunals are in full swing: 2,700,000 executions have already been carried out.” I don’t believe the figures but the very idea raises alarm bells.

See also, for example, “Arrests and Executions of Famous People at GITMO,” Nov. 24, 2020, Rotter News, at  https://steverotter.com/arrests-and-executions-of-famous-people-update/. See also Michael Baxter’s reports on Real Raw News. If a tenth of what is being said is true, we are creating a humanitarian crisis. Why are we doing this?

(2) As one Arizona panel member at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium put it, we did our job but not our duty.


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