Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 22, 2021


“Keep your distance!” – So am I approached for quite some months now from time to time in the supermarket or elsewhere, when I am caught thought-absorbed and in subconsciously longing indulgence and in memories of not at all sooo distant memories, when I dare to come closer than 1 meter to a fellow human being.

“Would you please keep your distance” – when this comes, I can still remain polite, but honestly, the other day with the first version I had to laugh out loud.

A good looking man, about 60 years old, looked sympathetic, was standing in front of me in the queue. I was standing about 1 meter away from him when he mumbled something to me through his mask, which I didn’t understand (because of the mask), so I leaned forward to come bit closer and asked. “Hold DISTANCE!!” he shouted then not at all friendly to me.

Normally with me within the last months at this point a small Tsunami at pent-up aggression discharged and I would have him possibly a “To you? ALWAYS gladly!” towards him.  But I had to laugh. So much that the mask almost fell off my face.

I said to him then this times “you should inform yourself urgently, what is going on here REALLY” and placed me again on my starting position, while he then mumbled something like “you know the rules” and then advanced a place further in.

“What a shame!”, I thought. The man looked really intelligent and interesting. Why on earth do so many just go along with it without thinking.


And then a thought came to me. I remembered various situations in the supermarket, in which I was approached by people “50 years upwards”. Partly at the checkout (“keep your distance”), partly at the bread counter (“take gloves”), sometimes outside in the pedestrian zone. Never on the bus oddly enough, or on the train.

I remembered unpleasantly clearly the kind of educational undertone of these words with which they were hurled at me.

Then the other day in the sauna. Each sauna had a sign in front of it saying that only so or so many people were allowed in there at the same time (about 20% of the normal capacity of “before Corona”) and for each person there was a small wooden figure that you had to take with you when you entered, and which you had to put down again when you left the sauna.

Now there were some guests (including me) who did not immediately figure this out because of the  routine of the past years and entered without a figure.

You can imagine what happened then.

There were always one or two who sat in the sauna and kept a watchful eye on who entered and how many and immediately pointed out to everyone that a figure was missing or that the sauna was already full.

This aggressive mood of these selfinaugurated saunacontrollkings and their nnrelaxed way of waiting, counting, watching was really disturbing and therefore this time going to the sauna was accordingly then not at all relaxing for me. Constantly I had to pay attention that in no case I come too close to anybody and not to violate any rule.


And there it appeared to me all at once clearly before eyes:

Each of these people, who act as voluntary block wardens (which was a word in German language “Blockwart”, people chosen by the secret police of Eastern Germany, STASI, to report and control each one a complete street or block and tell the STASI what was going on there, who did what with whom when where whatfore), finally had a little bit of “power-to-go” in his or her hands through Corona. Finally, he or she could tell others what to do. Exercising power, superiority, “being on the right side” and with the awareness that no one could do anything to them, because this game is even run from the very top in the government, every frustrated person could quickly unload every frustration at the expense of others and felt not only in the right, but even in the duty to do so.

“To serve the society for the good of the whole”.

What a shame!

When I imagined (and I wish these people would also become aware of this) what it means for our social coexistence if this continues and becomes so established and holds—- creepy.

We have long since reached a stage of mutual surveillance. STASI, GESTAPO, KGB, OSI, words from the past that usually keep us in mind how things should NOT be, are now completely erased from memory and it is blithely insisted “for the good of all” on compliance with even the most contradictory rules and verbally (or even correctly) beaten up on anyone who thinks differently.

“Vaccinated people have to wear a mask, because they can carry the virus”.
“Vaccinated people don’t have to get tested anymore because they are no longer contagious”
please explain to me where these two fit together in a logical way…

It goes even further.

Do you remember the experiments in which students were supposed to give electric shocks to other people at the behest of someone else? To the point of lethal doses?

“The Milgram experiment(s) on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience. Participants were led to believe that they were assisting an unrelated experiment, in which they had to administer electric shocks to a “learner”. These fake electric shocks gradually increased to levels that would have been fatal had they been real. The experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of subjects would fully obey the instructions, albeit reluctantly. Milgram first described his research in a 1963 article in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology[1] and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.”


We have now reached a point in our social coexistence where some people feel compelled to inflict suffering on others “just because” or “because they don’t deserve it any other way” or even “because the rules want it that way”.

I was shocked when I read these comments.

Translation from German (marked parts)
only a dead critical thinker  is a good critical thinker

(“Querdenker“ (= “Crossthinker”) is the word the mainstream in Germany has chosen to name for those people who do not simpy follow the given narrative but seem or dare to have their own opinion based on facts, which are not discussed in the mainstream)

“it would be best to put all those in concentration camps who do not follow the governments opinion where they shall sty until their death”

“those people (the nonvaccinated) have chosen to be assholes and must face the consequences for this now”
“we should arrest those all, take away their children, put them in concentration camps. Don’t employ them, don’t let them work, only with covid passport we will be safe in future”

Etc etc etc etc

Imagine: normal people in Germany talking about concentration camps for people that do not follow the given narrative. People with a very good education probably, and excellent final exams, with Phd or Engineer grade. People who you would most probably honor in daily life talk about shooting other people, because they dare to not want to be vaccinated.

Isn´t it terrific, that the manipulation of the massmedia works so perfect, that normal intelligent people are brought to this level of communication?



It all works a second time.

It seems people worldwide have not learned A BIT from history.

No wonder, as it is rarely taught in school. And if taught, only by letting them learn meaningless chains of lies.

it has come a long way under this Merkel, Biden, Johnson, Macron etc government.

The authors quoted above are presumably “against racism” and “against the right” and “against Nazis” and I am convinced that they actually write the above lines in the best conscience and in the conviction that they want to do a service to society, while a few hours later at some commemoration ceremony on the occasion of the building of the Berlin Wall or the end of the war they nod at each other in agreement, admonishing each other with raised forefinger and head, saying something about “RESIST THE BEGINNINGS!”


” R E S I S T       T H E       B E G I N N I N G S !”

This is exactly the sentence that everyone must remember NOW.

We are already past the starting line again.

This time not only in Italy and Germany, this time it hits the majority of the world.


Let’s realize that the same background powers are behind it again and again.

Those who do not want to believe this should familiarize themselves with the thought that “man can also be mistaken”.

Increasingly clearly the school education of each of us turns out as annoying ballast, which one cannot hurry enough to throw off, increasingly more annoying the duty and necessity of a paid work, since it prevents each of us from occupying itself with the really important knowledge, in order to fill the gaps, which a school world picture thrown overboard leaves.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to come to terms with the deep-psychologically anchored self-image that has suggested to the vast majority of us that the chosen or assigned role in society is the core of the “I”. Because a person with a so the own world view anchored “I”-understanding CAN NOT allow a change of the world view, because then the core of the I starts to waver – what NO subconscious will allow ever.

So now in laborious work first the own “I” has to be decoupled from the own world view to finally be able to adapt a new world view to the more and more openly emerging reality while letting the inner core untouched and safe. Which again then would have the allowance of every subconscious.

The discrepancy between the school world view, the role of the “I” and the reality is getting bigger and bigger.

The balancing act between “Never again Nazism”, “No to racism”, “Every human being has the right to free expression of opinion and to the integrity of his own body” and on the other hand the radical handling suggestions expressed by more and more “cross-thinkers” “right-wing unvaccinated extremists” or “anti-social vaccination-opponents” becomes ever larger and more unbridgeable.

Each individual who writes as shown above is literally torn apart inside – and doesn’t even realize it.

Our social life rots before our eyes!

And for this reason I wrote my books for you!


Let’s be honest: do you have the time to read hundreds of books?

Maybe you can do it in 20 years?

Do you have the motivation to dig through thousands of sources, while on the other hand your children want to go with you to the playground, on vacation, the household must be made, the PayTV has to be paid, the health insurance writes the 1029th letter to you, which must be answered “until the day before yesterday”?

Our social system is not designed to give you this time.

Nor is it designed to motivate you to deal with these things.

My books are designed to save you time and to show you in a very condensed form what you need to know.

what you should know in order to understand what is going on.

And not just on a level that affects Germany, or the vaccine industry, or the background powers that finance and control all of this.

You have the right to the big picture!

You have the right to know in which mess we have just landed here together.


And you have the right to get this knowledge, even if you have actually “no time” for such a thing.

Actually, you know that it would be important to deal with these things, but for heavens sake  WHEN!??

Believe me: I know EXACTLY what situation you are in.

Everyday life is the biggest enemy of real education.

And the more rules that are set up in everyday life, the more complicated everyday life becomes.

For everyone. For those who are supposed to follow all the rules and for those who think you have to deal with following them voluntarily or professionally.

We have so incredibly many rules to follow that even without “Corona” there was already enough “bureaucracy” to prevent us from expanding our knowledge freely and without resistance.

With “Corona”, however, the everyday worries and annoyances are so omnipresent that hardly a clear, calm thought can be grasped.

Even if you don’t read my books, I would urge everyone to at least look into other sources to find out what is going on here, why and why.

Should you decide to read my books, I promise you to do so here and now:


All what you read there, has originated in a research work over 20 years of my life, which I was allowed, could, had to spend from the most different circumstances with it to investigate these things. I stood there, just like you, with a school education that I quickly realized was of no help in answering my questions. More. I found that answering some of my questions was socially undesirable, because the very act of asking them put the questioner under suspicion of being somehow “right-wing” or “against” or “anti.”

And before I started writing the first book, I didn’t know what insight it would lead me to. Had I known – I might not have pursued it, out of bias. In the books you will find facts, facts, facts. All hushed up and filed away in the social consensus as “not to be questioned further”.


Starting from whom?

Since when?

I used to think, a little with a bad conscience towards society, that I would have had certainly made a career in the Third Reich. I was also said to have done so. Appearance, look and statue were obviously decisive for this in the eye of those who told me so. I agreed to some extent, because the idea of being part of such a powerful apparatus was “interesting”. (The “dark side of power”….)

Today, looking at the state in which we in Germany and also in the USA live and which now, in times of Corona, has revealed its true face, I know one thing for sure: NEVER EVER would I have made a career in such a state.





The Tirade of “Non, merci!” from Cyrano de Bergerac

And what would you have me do?
Look for a patron or else someone in power
To crawl up, as ivy a trunk or a tower,
And licks the bark of its guardian who sets it on course,
And climbs up by trickery instead of by force?
Non, merci. Dedicate my verses as all others do
To bankers? Become a buffoon
In hopes to see on the lips of a minister
The curve of a smile that is all but sinister?
Non, merci. Dine each day upon a toad?
Have my stomach worn out from slithering down the road?
And from kneeling, soon dirty the skin on my knees?
Bend over backwards for naught but to please?
Non, merci. Be caressing the neck of the goat with one hand,
Meanwhile with the other be watering the land,
And when asked for milk, dish out the cream,
Always be perfuming someone, it seems?
Non, merci! From lap to lap be grown and spawned,
Be a small fish trapped in a big pond,
And propel myself with madrigals for sails,
Blown slowly on by old ladies’ wails?
Non, merci! At the editing house of Sercy
Be paid to edit his verses? Non, merci!
Become christened a pope amongst the councils
That, in the cabarets, become house to imbeciles?
Non, merci! Work hard to insert a name
Into a sonnet, not for joy, but for fame?
Non, merci! Have to search for talent where there’s none to be found?
Be terrorised by every newspaper around,
And incessantly say “Oh how I wish
To be in the papers by Monsieur Francis”?
Non, merci! Calculate, know fear, be pale, or worse,
Prefer making visits over written verse,
Draw up petitions for every last thing?
Non, merci! Non, merci! Non, merci! But… to sing,
To dream, to laugh, to move on, to be free, on my own
To have a keen eye and a voice of strong tone,
Wear my hat awry as I prefer,
For no reason at all engage in combat or pen a verse!
To work without worry of glory or fortune
Such a voyage of which we dream to the moon!
Pen not a line that from myself departs
And comes from anywhere except straight from my heart,
Be satisfied with flowers, leaves, fruits of the land
If they’re in your own garden and grew by your hand!
And, if at all, you should triumph by chance,
Don’t give unto Cesar, take up your stance
Stand up for yourself, you merit, ‘ti’s thee
In short, the parasitic ivy I disdain to be
So even without the tree or the stone
I won’t get very high, perhaps, but alone and free!


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