(Reader: Dan) Response to “Did America Just Become Ephraim?”


Reader Post | By Dan

America, was always the Promised Land for his people. So the answer is No. Is it going to be Ephraim’s inheritance, the answer is Yes. The Birthright line and the Priesthood line went to Joseph instead of the first born, because,  His brothers at the time were unrighteous. After the days of Methuselah, Priesthood line went to the most righteous Son. In this case was from Adam to Enoch to Noah on down to Abraham and Isaac, Jacob then to the Children of Israel.

The Birthright line went to Jacob in his line. A second tribe came out of Joseph, (he received a double portion) Hence the animosity between the children of Jacob and Ishmael. Though the Arabs shared in some  Blessings of Abraham, but not all of them. America was a promised land reserved by the Lord until today. In the past he brought many people to America and they all fell within 3 or 4 generations. The last of those people were killed off by the diseases the Spaniards brought with them. The Chachapoyas were the last Caucasians from the days of old.

The conquistador scribe said their women….” Probably the most famous quote about the Cloud People comes from the Spanish conquers Pedro Cieza de Leon, he wrote that the Chachapoya were ““the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas’ wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple.”

God always used this land to bring the righteous people to it, so they could prosper have happiness and peace and freedom to worship Him. And He warned all the people He brought over, that if they left Him he would give this land to another people. This promise is still with us today. If the vast majority of us leaves God, then he will give this land to another people. In the Book Brendan the Navigator.… A seventh Century abbot prayed and fasted 40 days for the Lord to show him the promised land. It is clear in his account the land he was shown was this land. And the Angel said for him to return home and write, because he would soon die. He did say this land was reserved for the saints of the last days. (Not necessarily Latter day saints of the last days in Utah).

IF anyone wants to share in the promises of Abraham, Isaiac and Jacob they must be Spiritually adopted into Israel. The blood line ended with the New Testament. Afterwards it became so that the Righteousness would be worthy to remain and receive a portion of it for his inheritance. The Holy City of Jerusalem will have only 12 gates one for each tribe of Israel. There are no Gates that says Christians, enter ye here. Or Muslims enter ye here. Each Gate is guarded by Angels, and contains the tribe stone and the Apostle in charge of that tribe.

The Day is Coming that there will be two great Religious Centers on the Earth, One in Israel and One in North America….Jerusalem on one site and Zion on the other site. God will give counsels on one sites and Zion will give the commandments of God. God is in charge of this world and he owns every bit of it and He will give it to anyone he pleases.  The Earth will be divided into twelve parts. As the parts get filled up with the Righteous the wicked will find no room to stand on until they have all died. It is your right to fast and find out which Tribe you will belong to if you have been Spiritually adopted. The Book of revelations make it clear that the Holy City Jerusalem that is coming down will have only 12 Gates. One for each Tribe of Israel. I could write more, but I do not wish to take all the fun.



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