Pattie Brassard Answers Questions (Part 2)


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 3, 2021

This was a v good interview and clarified so much …

Here are some of the keypoints …

Trump won every state. (Godbless him and keep him well. Not being my saviour doesn’t stop him from being the best President ever.)

Trump is not Black Sun but a good hearted President with a worthy team and it is explained why there is a divergence of opinion between Pattie and Kim’s intel re this (no hints here, check the interview …)

Pattie makes a remark (about 19mins in) that without the operating system the nanotech cannot be controlled and this (we know from the first half, interview one) refers to the second jab, which is the one delivering the operating system, (the nano being the first.) Also see first interview for medbed being mooted as treatment for vax participants.

A timeline split is mentioned where those who require a second coming and 1000 years of peace etc, the christos group, (those of a moral disposition who are not inner directed enough by their own higherself/holy spirit connection but look to mediatorship?) peal off to experience this. Pattie says this is being called the ‘slow bus’ ascension/graduation route – so allgood, no-one ultimately missing out. As for the fate of the rest … some details given, check interview.

(I would say this is a topic ‘the timeline split’ that Pattie will develop further as we progress … )

Self governance is recommended via assemblies coming together (as per the Kim Goguen model) as the way forward for those impatient and wishing to speed things up.

Pattie reports on the flat earth with artic walls and extra continents outside them as being an inner earth phenomenon – hence evidence being produced of same. If you actually mistakenly believe that such a model represents our experience of the planet on the surface then you are already mentally an inhabitant of the same inner, flat earth (which is actually a control system so … not advised.)

Haarp is being used on the ionesphere to stop us seeing 5d i.e. the cities in the clouds that have been videoed and appear on youtube. The interview talks about how 5d presences appeared in our history and what happened to ‘those assholes’ after the flood.

Only skimming the surface here of this great interview. It needs to be said that pixie-fey pictures if they are the Collingwood fairy ones have been debunked and while it is possible there is a yet a further backstory it is more likely Pattie plucked them off the net because they looked real, without researching.

If this point is a stumbling block for you, by all means stumble away, but do yourself a favour and take in the interview first.
Pattie is an intergendered shaman with twin functioning pineal glands and a heart portal (also bearer of the Midas Ring which, to the best of my memory, is the weapon that trumps all others on the Tree of Life, only granted to a very high being working for our liberation … ) She does not dream, but migrates immediately in rest to either of her two other avatars (as per interview number one) at least one of which it must surely be safe to say, is an inner plane one – if not both. Anyway here she is courtesy of Gail of Gaia …


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