WhipLash347 Telegram Update: Research, Julian Calendar


Telegram 8/1/21

If you still think the government has been telling you the truth & they have your best interest in mind…you might want to look into these. 


Project Bluebird

Project Bluebeam

Project Evergreen

Project Artichoke




Project Monarch

Operation Chaos 

Operation Gladio

Operation Mockingbird 

Operation Paperclip

Operation Northwoods 


Operation Ranch Hand

Operation Popeye

(Doomsday Project)


Operation Project Seal

Operation Stargate

Operation Highjump

Operation Delirium

Project Rainbow

Operation Midnight Climax


Project Woodpecker 

Project Stagate – Grill Flame,  Sun Streak

Operation Cloverleaf

Operation Fishbowl

Project Bluebook

Project Coast.

Musical Control ( Rockefeller )

Project Groom Lake

Jekyll Island.

The creation of the Federal Reserve.


Fiat currency.

Operation High Jump.

Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd.


Operation Paperclip.

Flouridation effects.

Agenda 21.

Agenda 30.




The Getty Research Institute.

B G H (Bovine growth hormone).

Rothschild’s family history.

Albert Pike.

Adam Weishaupt.


Council of Foreign Relations


Committee of 300.

13 families.


Skull and Bones Society.

The Bush family’s business dealings.

General Wesley Clark.

Bill Cooper.

William Guy Carr.




Nibiru (Planet X).

Ninth Circle Cult.


Nazi eugenics.

Council of 13.

Council of Nicea.

Library of Alexandria.

Vatican Catacombs.

Emperor Constantine.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


Knights of Malta.





Sabbatean Frankists.


Phil Schneider.

Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion.

Tavistock Institute.

Frankfurt subversion techniques.

Fabian society.

Satanic ritual abuse.


Elm St Guest house.

788 – 790 Finchley Road, Hampstead.

Christchurch Primary School, Hampstead.

The Samson Option

Telegram 8/1/21

After the reset of Mother Earth we will be be using the Julian calendar instead of the cabals Gregorian calendar. 

Right now we are at July 19, 2021 on the Julian calendar which is day 200. On August 1, 2021 (per Trumps 2018 EO all declass must be done on or before August 1, 2021) this will be the 213th day of the year. If you add Aug 1st (1+2+1+3=7) which is Gods divine number.  

I say buckle up folks the ride is about to get bumpy. The dominos are about to start falling. Please remember through these intense times we must always live in our heart center and be there for others. I believe it is our responsibility to help others over the finish line. If you get tired take a break and then get back on the battlefield. We are dragging ourselves over the finish line with love in our hearts. We are creating our new world with every thought and action of our being. 

We are the energy that creates change. 

Please be kind to everyone as we don’t know who is manifested in the human body.


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